Thursday, July 29, 2010

We interupt this lapse for an update.......


Hello, I'm back (as you can see).
However, temporarily.
Next week I have my surgery.
Then I'll be gone again.

The doctor said my back is whack.
Whitney said the same of crack.
So Monday night I'll have to pack.
To be there Tuesday morn.

The bones he'll fuse with rods and screws.
Don't worry, I don't have the blues.
If I can stand up...that's GOOD news.
I'm ready to be well.

So if you are out and about.
And have a long delay.
Just smile and think it could be me.
That makes you have to stay.

You see, they have machines, to protect us all around.
I'll be the one that makes them blare all around the town.
Security will have to stop and say, "What's going on?"!
I'll have a card to show to him when metal detectors sound!