Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If You Could See Me...

My sister, Chatty Kelly, made me shoot a video so I could participate in 2nd Cup of Coffee's "I See What You Are Saying." (Yes, I know I am the oldest, but she is the bossiest!) So blame her.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Adventure at Sea

I'm sitting here now realizing that other than our exciting mini-series visit to my sister's house over the summer, none of you have ever heard about any of my adventures of previous summers. There was one last summer that I think you might find exciting.

This is probably the most exciting adventure that has ever happened to me or anyone in our family. We had decided to go on a boat trip. Calling it a boat is an understatement. It wasn't quite an ocean liner but it was an incredible ship. The furnishings were beautiful and the crew was there for one reason. That reason was to make sure that this was a wonderful and memorable journey.

This wasn't one of those weekend trips or even all day. Just a short get away for the family. I think the entire thing was probably supposed to last 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

It started out just wonderful. It was one of those days that are actually beyond your expectations. We were listening to music, enjoying the scenery, being waited on by the crew and meeting some really interesting people. The small group of passengers was about as diverse a group as you would ever meet. Yet on this trip, it was like one big happy family.

We were probably out for about 2 hours and it was incredible. No matter where you looked, all you could see were waves, water and sky. The waves looked huge. I wasn't really nervous because I thought that the waves were supposed to be like that out in the ocean.

When I looked toward the captain and the first mate, however, they had looks of concern on their faces. All at once the beautiful day started to look dark, the waves were still getting bigger. The weather really started to get rough.

Suddenly our huge ship felt tiny. I was certain we would capsize as we were tossed around on the waves. I truly feel that if not for the courage of the fearless crew our little ship would be lost.

The ship set sail on the shore of some deserted desert isle. With Gilligan, The Skipper too. The millionaire and his wife. A movie star, the Professor and Maryanne (previously referred to as "the rest"), There on Gilligan's Isle!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Once Upon A Time.....

One More Post before Drawing....

Once upon a time there was a woman named MyADHDMe. She was trying to write a post for her blog but couldn't come up with an idea. She had so much to say but at the moment her mind was a blank. She thought about calling her sister, Chatty Kelly, for an idea because her sister knew how to Create:Making Something of Today, but it was late and her sister usually went to bed at a descent hour.(and tends to be very grumpy if she doesn't get enough sleep). She had already called her sister once that evening to chat but it was later than she had realized. Even though she didn't call that late On Purpose, she felt bad that she may have woken up Kelly's children. Plus, MyADHDMe was completely capable of coming up with her own ideas. Her blogs weren't exactly Rich Gifts but they were written from her own whirling Dervish thoughts.

Had she married into royalty, she could have just told someone else to write it for her, because she would have been His Princess. But that wouldn't have been a good idea because the blog was her own, not someone else's thought.

She definitely wasn't royalty, she was actually just happy to be Surviving Motherhood. So, she sat and thought. When she got tired she had a diet coke and then she had another. She wasn't a coffee drinker but if she had been, it would have been her Second Cup Of Coffee.

Maybe singing a song would help. Skip, Skip, Skip to my Lou...makes me think of beverlydru.

Well, that didn't help. Maybe if she went to Rebecca's Place she would come up with an idea. But she just didn't feel like going anywhere.

What a Quandary!

She could post anonymously, but everyone knows that anonymous is ET, her sister. (tried to link, couldn't)

Actually, she should have been in bed anyway. It was getting late and she had to babysit in the morning for a Bible Study group. There would be numerous children for her to watch, Including some who had brothers and sisters. She was pretty sure, though, that the entire Patterson 5 wouldn't all be there.

Even though it was late at her house, she was quite sure that due to time differences, that somewhere in Spain a Notorious Missionary might be still up, perhaps even fixing dinner. MyADHDMe was glad she wasn't there because she really really doesn't like to cook.

It was dark outside, she looked out the window at the creek behind her neighbors house but because of the rain and the tiny moon that night, she couldn't quite make out the Streams of
Living Water.

Then her mind started to wander....so unusual for her. She was thinking about what she was going to wear the next day. Almost all of her clothes are black, brown or army green but she had Chuck Taylor high top sneakers in many colors. maybe tomorrow she would wear her pink ones and then she would be a Pink Shoe Lady.

Then she had a wonderful idea. She would write a post, plugging all her blogging friends......she better hurry up and get started...............

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Witch Doctor

I am not a paranoid person...hhmmmm. We've been hearing that phrase a lot lately. Irritable Mother said it in her post I'm Not Paranoid. I just said it in my Conspiracy Theory, I'm starting to be paranoid that you are thinking I am paranoid. I'm not, you know.

I really am not paranoid (who said I was?). HOWEVER, I don't think I'm the only one who would start to wonder...hhmmm, let me start at the beginning.

I'm sure this comes as a shock to everyone out there but I do take Adderall, (a medication for ADHD). Not only do I take Adderall, but I take the highest dose allowed by the FDA. By the way, I could probably be the poster child for advocates AGAINST ADHD medication , as many people would say it obviously isn't working, but it is doing the best it can. Believe it or not...I am the calm and focused person that I am today because of this medication. Ok, reword that, it was worse before the medication. (picture the cartoon with the cat on the ceiling hanging on by his claws).

So I had a doctor. A regular Primary Care Physician can't dole out the kind of dosage on a regular basis, so I see a, um, you know, one of the doctors that specialize in, um, er, uh, "mental" problems. OK, I SEE A SHRINK!! There! Are you happy? I said it...bet you never would have guessed.

So about 10-12 years ago I start to see a well established doctor. After trial and error we finally got to the appropriate amount of medication for me. Each appointment is supposed to be 15 minutes. I was always in there at least 45 minutes. We would laugh and talk and tell each other outlandish stories, me about the fire service, him about the war, and both of us about crazy people. He wasn't my friend (you don't pay a friend to talk) but he was a cool doctor. (He had actually heard of my mother!..I think she is probably a case study for doctors). And then, All of the sudden, he has transferred away after 40 plus years at the same practice.

I find another doctor, at a different practice that is closer to home. He is SHOCKED at the amount of medication I take. He immediately tries to "heal" me. He had a completely different style. Stiff, uptight, precise and to the point,however, sometimes I WAS able to make him chuckle). He was a good doctor and there were no problems. He had been with the practice for quite a while, I'm not sure exactly how long. After 13 months he had lowered my dosage, changed my diagnosis, changed it back, put me on a different medication, raised the dosage and then he put me on a different medication that he said was as effective as the Adderall but safer. In other words, after 13 months I was exactly back where I had started, taking the same thing, just a different name.

So the time comes for my next appointment and they say he has taken a "leave of absence"! OK, here we go again. I schedule an appointment for a different doctor in that practice and they tell me they will mail me my prescriptions (it's one of those meds that cannot be called in) to keep it current until my first appointment with the new doctor.

3 days later I get prescriptions for half my dosage in the mail.

I call them and they say that are not "comfortable" writing that script in that amount before seeing me. Ok, it IS the same practice. They are the ones who cannot see me immediately. They say they will call me back. After numerous calls back and forth I end up speaking with the "executive director" (the head suit...haha...get it...head doctor...head suit...haha....I crack myself up). Anyway, he says perhaps I should go to ANOTHER practice as there is no way they are going to write a script for that much. When I question the competency of the doc I had been seeing, they "assure" me he was a great doc and they didn't doubt his methods.....they just aren't sure if he'll be back or not.

OK, BACK TO SQUARE ONE. I find ANOTHER doctor. this one looks at my history and calmly puts me BACK on the medication that I had been on from the FIRST doctor! He had been a doctor in that practice at least 15 years. I asked him if he planned on retiring or going on a leave of absence any time soon. he smiled and said he was there for the duration. Meanwhile, I'm starting to wonder if there is a little clinic out there somewhere, set aside for past doctors of MyADHDMe. Maybe a support group?

So, believe me when I tell you I'm not paranoid.....let's just see where this doctor is a year from now.

NOW, back to the contest. I am still trying to figure out what the prize will be. I have been asked to omit the options of children and pets so at least it is narrowing down. Also, CK, I will make sure it isn't anything vanilla due to the vast array of chocololics out there....see, I'm not the only one with issues. And remember, even though "I'm not paranoid" I just want to remind you that this is a small prize. It could be anything. Isn't the suspense driving you crazy? (crazy, who said I was crazy?).

Drawing will be after 2 more posts.

P.S. That picture at the top is from an old Scooby Doo cartoon. "Those darn kids!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Notorius Missionary in Spain.

Many of you are aware that Irritable Mother, from Surviving Motherhood is having a give away drawing for her new book. Well let me tell you, I was going to be the winner. I had it in the bag. I entered multiple times (although it wasn't necessary and wouldn't help) I figured it showed my enthusiasm. Yep, I had it in the bag.....

Then under one of my many comments, on her post, comes one that read like this, "I'd love to get your next book. I would gladly buy it. Would you be willing to ship it to a Missionary in Spain who's at her wits end with two toddlers?"

The last time I looked, there were 67 replies, and yet the Missionary in Spain had her comment come right after mine....story of my life. Like I said before, how do you beat a missionary in Spain? Oh, well, of course I did send in 10 requests, so the chances of hers coming right after mine weren't THAT rare.......Even so, I WAS going to win, But then....

Then this lady, this Missionary in Spain shows up.
I went to check out her blog just to see how legit she is.
She is VERY legit. He has 2 YOUNG boys. She is in a foreign country.
She had a fire in her apartment--no injuries but big mess.
He son fell and broke his 2 front teeth.
She's driving a vehicle that is bigger than she is used to and parking is the pits.
She visits Nursing Homes....

Don't believe me? Just go and visit her, I call her the Notorious Missionary in Spain, but her Blog is actually The Carr Family Chronicles.

For Pete's Sake (there he is again. Who IS Pete?) I'm going to do some research and find out who Pete is and why his sake is so much more important than everyone else's.

Anyway, this is really just a plug for an interesting blog that I think the writer could use a little bit of encouragement. We have a great group here and I've read some great things, so lets "pass it on" or "pay it forward".

And yes, I think I totally think I lost my chance to win the book, but if I ever go to Spain to be a missionary, I expect to win something!!

NOW, About these give aways. They seem to be popping up all over the place. Give aways, bonus', free gifts etc. So I am going to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone that adds a comment to this post and/or my next three (that's 4 posts total for those of you that are mathematically challenged) will win a prize. I'm not sure what it will be. Perhaps a copy of my book. I have lots of books on my bookshelves......oh, you thought I meant a copy of MY book written by me....ha, no you didn't. Think about it.

So maybe the prize will be a book. maybe it will be something else. It could be a piece of candy or maybe even a clothespin, or a Shrinky Dink---(if you have kids or at least know someone who does, you know what a shrinky dink is) Maybe the prize will be a brand new PENCIL!. The options are endless.

This is what I will do. I will write all your names down, (only one entry per person, My ADHD Me,---oh wait, that's me )ANYWAY, I will put them in a bowl and will honestly pick out one name for the winner. Regardless of who I chose, that person will win. Whether they have read my blog once and hated it all the way through to even if it is Chatty Kelly who started this whole blogging phenomenon. (I will say, that if the winner is the one that read my blog once and hated it, then they have a better chance of winning the pencil,). Gee, this is almost like Let's make a Deal!
So put on your costumes and enter. Isn't this exciting? Just think! You could win a, a, a, well you could win something......just don't get TOO excited. Don't forget, I never promised you a rose garden.....along with the sunshine....there's gotta be a little rain sometimes......

If you win, you'll have to email me your mailing address,........don't be scared.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shut Up and Listen!

How Do You Recognize When God Speaks?

That is the Random Question of the week at Edie's blog.

I don't always answer her Random Questions. I'm not the "Put your Heart on a Platter For the World to See" type of person. Somehow I don't think I got that analogy right. I am too literal and when I picture my heart on a platter, well, let's just say it isn't a pretty picture. I think I better leave the analogys to Chatty Kelly.

ANYWAY, back to the question.
This is one I can answer. As a matter of fact I answered it in an email I sent to Chatty Kelly back in April, before I had ever even considered blogging. I was going through some "issues" and had sent her an email. She later asked me if she could post that email on her blog, anonymously. I had no problem with that so some of you may have already read it. I think a few of you may have recognized it as me and now that I have begun blogging, a lot of you would have recognized it as me. I believe my writing "style" (or lack of style) is a bit unique. Unique--different, individual, unexampled, lone, particular, strange, unprecedented, weird----ok, putting away the Thesaurus....again.

ANYWAY, back to the question (is there an echo in here?)

How Do You Recognize When God Speaks?
Here is the excerpt from the email I sent to Chatty Kelly;

"......I was feeling really awful the last few months. Not eating, hurting all over, no energy and just plain miserable. So very very unhappy. I went outside very early one morning (couldn't sleep). It was around 5:00AM. I was sitting on the porch and just almost reciting (to myself) over and over and over again for God to show me a sign that he was there for me and would help me. I would not shut up in my thoughts though. It was almost as if I was frantic, just saying it over and over again. I kept just asking and asking and not listening. All of the sudden it hit me that how could He answer if I didn't listen? So I just all at once said out loud "Shut Up and Listen!".

After a moment or two I gently said "God, I didn't mean for you to shut up, I meant for Me to shut up".

I SWEAR I heard him chuckle---He knows me so well.

Anyway, I closed my eyes and tried to think of nothing (a very difficult feat for me). I could hear the birds and there was a very slight very comfortable breeze blowing. The temp was perfect. I felt my feet start to relax and felt as almost they were floating. I felt my mind begin to start rushing again but quickly stopped it. Slowly that feeling in my feet worked its way up my legs. Eventually it went up my body, down my arms, up my neck and then to the top of my head. I felt like my whole body was floating. I was afraid to move. I didn't want this feeling to go away. It felt SO good! I felt RELAXED! Yes, that's right, ME! I FELT RELAXED. My brain wasn't buzzing with the millions of things, and monkeys, that are always running around in there. I felt at peace. There is absolutely NO DOUBT at all that the Holy Spirit entered me and reminded me that he's there. I just needed to shut up once in a while to hear/feel him.

I must have sat there like that for 10 minutes. Then I knew I had to get up and start breakfast and get the kids up. I stood up slowly, hating to move, but do you know what? When I went inside, although the feeling wasn't quite as peaceful as it had been, it WAS still there. I did the things I needed to do and felt relaxed while doing them. I NEVER feel relaxed. It was such a wonderful thing. It was a miracle that I needed. I was at the end of my ropes. I was hurting SO badly mentally and physically.

Yes, my back still hurt afterwards but I was able to stand up straight and not crouched over. I smiled at the kids and didn't yell "HURRY UP, HURRY UP". (I still said it, but I didn't yell it).

Well, of course over time the thoughts came rushing back and I still don't feel great, (but I do feel better). And every now and then when I remind myself to SHUT UP AND LISTEN I can feel it. It hasn't been as completely consuming as it was that one time but now that I have been reassured that he is there, I can relax just a bit and every now and then even remember to "Give it to God". (now if I could just get rid of those monkeys!!).............."


When Kelly printed this in her blog, she did leave out the part about the monkeys because it would have sounded SO very odd at the time. But, you know me now and you know about the monkeys and you also realize that if you accept me, then you accept the monkeys too. We're a package deal.

And that, my friends, is how I recognized when God spoke.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Conspiracy..Local, National, Wordwide?

I am definitely not a paranoid person. And generally I am not a worrier. I feel it is a huge waste of time to worry about something when there is a good chance it won't even happen...and even if it does, what good did worrying do?

But I am starting to think that maybe something strange is going on. Not my typical , Whirling Dervish, strange, but I think I am on the brink of finding out about a huge conspiracy. I'm not sure if it is a local, national or worldwide conspiracy but something is definitely going on.

The conspirators are trying to make us, the conspiratees, feel like something may be wrong with ourselves. It is a very gradual thing. But after years of meticulous scientific research, I've noticed that the process usually starts when we are around the age of 37 or 38, tends to speed up sometime when we are around the age of 40 and once we pass 40 it takes off at full speed.

According to my calculations, here are a few examples.........

1."They" have changed the size of the print on everyday ordinary things. Things like directions on a can or box of food. The tv channel with the listings of upcoming television shows, even newspapers, books and magazines. Not only are "they" tampering with the size of the letters but "they" have also, somehow, been converting neatly and readable words and letters to blurry, tiny, and sometimes unreadable letters and words. Somehow "they" even got int0 my computer and have adjusted the words on it so that they sometimes are blurry also.

2. The Water! There is something in the water that makes your clothes shrink. I don't mean your typical wash it in hot water and it shrinks. Again, it is a slow and gradual thing that happens slowly as the years go by. The clothes are shrinking and shrinking. The water also must have some strange chemical in it that changes ones hair color. I was born with dark brown, almost black hair. But this chemical must have some sort of bleach in it as some of the hairs are turning a whitish or perhaps a grayish color? I just don't understand.

3." They" are using a different type of material to make mirrors. They have somehow made the mirrors so that it APPEARS as if our pores are larger than they use to be. The mirrors have secret cracks and those cracks reflect on our faces in some sort of a wrinkled look. I don't like this at all.

4. There is DEFINITELY something strange going on with the food. If we eat the same amount that we ate 10-15 years ago, somehow it doesn't metabolize the way it used to. "They" have changed our food so that it makes us gain weight much faster!

5. There is even a change in the atmosphere. Do you remember back in the days before "they" changed the atmosphere? You could stay up late, get just a few hours of sleep and then still get up at an early hour. There must be some kind of drug in the atmosphere that makes us get tired faster and require more sleep.

6. Whatever "they" have done to the atmosphere is also affecting the earths gravity....need I say more? The gravity is affecting our whole body! If you don't believe me, then I'll show you an example. Go and get a hand mirror.

Go on, get it.

For Pete's sake! (who is Pete?) Every time I ask you to go and get something or do something while you are reading my blog, you just sit there and keep reading. now PLEASE, go and get a hand mirror. I promise We'll all wait for you. Just remember that some of us have laundry to do and cannot sit here all day.

Ok, you're back? (as opposed to front?)

Now stand up and bend over at the waist so that your body is at a 90 degree angle (that would be an upside down L in this case). You should be looking at the floor. Now take the mirror and look at your face. Do you see it??? I am SURE there is something in the atmosphere affecting the gravity. There is just no other explanation!

Why are "they" doing this? Is it just my local area? Is it happening all over the United States? Has it become a Worldwide dilemma?

And Who Are "THEY"? Well, I'm glad you asked that because I believe I have stumbled on the answer to that question.



A Yahoo is (in addition to being an internet phenomenon) a race of brutish, degraded creatures subject to the Houyhnhnms and having all the vices of man. A Yahoo is also considered a vicious, coarse person.

So THAT must be who "They" are...The Hordes of Evil Yahoos.

We Must Stop Them!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Whirling Dervish

Do you know what a Whirling Dervish is? I didn't, but because I was "lovingly" compared to one by 2nd Cup Of Coffee, (notice how I threw in that linking skill?), I decided I had to Google (more skill) it. I also checked the dictionary and the encyclopedia.

After a bit of researching, I learned 2 things.

First I learned that a whirling dervish is a member of any of various moslem orders who is dedicated to a life of poverty, chastity and dancing by whirling and spinning.

Second I learned that EXCEPT for the fact that I am NOT a member of any various moslem order who is dedicated to a life of poverty, chastity and dancing by whirling and spinning......my brain could very well be compared to a whirling dervish. Hhmmm...interesting.

I learned something else today. If you are a female firefighter and a tree falls on your house, it is almost completely impossible to convince your husband that you are not strong enough to help saw and haul wood. Regarding my back---ouch. I see doctor visits in the very near future. It's just a matter of time before I'm going to need to make some important decisions regarding firefighting Vrs walking, sitting, standing and or moving. Well, I refuse to think about that today...maybe I'll think about it tomorrow.

Do you every do crossword or other types of puzzles. Sometimes throughout the day I will sit down and work on some of these for a while. It helps when my brain is spinning around like a whirling dervish.

I started out on the easy ones. ie:
The Addams Family butler-5 letters..................................... Lurch.

Not Busy-4 letters............................................................ Idle

Well, they got boring pretty quick so I moved up to ones that are a bit more challenging. Do you want to know how to feel like a complete idiot? Well, if you are like me, you try to do crossword puzzles that are not for beginners. I'm not talking about expert puzzles or genius puzzles. I'm talking about puzzles that are one step up from easy.

Some of the answers aren't too hard. ie ;
Negotiators Skill-9 letters................................Diplomacy.

Baby Food-6 letters.............................................Pablum.

Then it just gets ridiculous. Ok, yes, there are some of you, not to mention any names, Sue J, (who has a picture on her blog of her working on the New York Times crossword puzzle) that could complete these puzzles while carrying on a conversation, cooking dinner and sewing new curtains all at the same time. By the way, that is 2 separate links up there. One is her blog, and one is the specific post with the picture of her doing the crossword puzzle. But this is me. Just your typical ordinary MyADHDMe.....

Some of the questions are, in my opinion, a bit more difficult than just a step over easy.

10 letter word for Ferocity.......................................... Truculence.

Andirons hold them..4 letters.....................................Logs.

7 letter word for an anagram of a name of an African Nation................ Regalia.

8 letter City on the Yangtze River..........................................Shanghai.

9 letter Tibetan Bread Spread.......................................................Yak Butter ???
(is that something like peanut butter?) Sue?

and one of my favorites...

7 letter word for single or double eyeglass......................................................... EPERGNE.
(By the way, Epergne gets The Little Red Line. (you'll have to read that post to understand the significance of the Little Red Line.)
Did ANYONE out there know that an epergne is a single or double eyeglass? Dictionary.com must not know, they give it the little red line. Webster says an epergne is an ornamental dish or stand with several compartments for fruit, candy, flowers etc, used as a centerpiece for a dining table. To me it sounds like some kind of skin rash, such as Eczema.

I MUST stop blogging at night when I am so tired. I'm going to nod off right now in the middle of a sentence. Then my head will flop down on the keyboard and hit post or enter at the wrong time. Perhaps some of you would read my blog and think, "Wow, her mind spins around like a whirling dervish. (note how I referred to my original thought? That's what writers do, you know.)Then I'll end up posting something really dumb. That would be just awful.

P.S. Go back up there and read those links. It took me FOREVER to learn to link. Just grin and bear it. By "bear" I mean endure. Not a partly carnivorous quadruped. Did you know that a bear is also a person who believes prices on the stock market are going to decline, especially one who sells shares etc in the expectation of buying them later at a lower price---opposed to a bull, which is a person who buys stocks in the expectation that their prices will rise in order to sell them at a profit. (wow, it's a jungle out there!). Oh, and when I said grin and bear it I definitely didn't mean bare, so please put you're shirt back on....this is a G rated blog!!

Did you know that a Barefoot Doctor in China is a worker trained as a medical auxiliary in a rural area who dispenses medicine, gives first aid and assists at childbirth? I wonder if their are any other pre-requisites other than taking off your shoes. I mean, I had to go to months of classes and training just to be an EMT and these guys just take off their shoes and BAMMO they are qualified?!

So did you go to the link and read The Little Red Line? You know, had you done that in the first place it would have saved me A LOT of typing. So what are you waiting for?


OK, it is morning now. I wrote most of this last night. This morning after I woke up (geez that is redundant I sure didn't do it before I woke up...although it may seem that way.), anyway, after I woke up I re-read what I had written....shook my head in dismay....edited a few obvious spelling errors......and decided to hit PUBLISH POST anyway.

Have an outstandingly, glorious day!

Later All.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

There's a Hole....

There's a hole in the roof of my house.
There's a hole in the roof of my house.
There's a hole.
There's a hole.
There's a hole in the roof of my house.

There's a branch in the hole in the roof of my house.
There's a branch in the hole in the roof of my house.
There's a branch.
There's a branch.
There's a branch in the hole in the roof of my house.

There's a tree on the branch in the hole in the roof of my house.
There's a tree on the branch in the hole in the roof of my house.
There's a tree.
There's a tree.
There's a tree on the branch in the hole in the roof of my house.

There's an insurance adjuster by the tree on the branch in the hole in the roof of my house.
There's an insurance adjuster by the tree on the branch in the hole in the roof of my house.
There's an insurance adjuster.
There's an insurance adjuster.
There's an insurance adjuster by the tree on the branch in the hole in the roof of my house.

And an appraiser.....and a tree removal service...and a stump removal service.....and a roofing contractor to patch the hole.....and another roofing contractor to replace the shingles.....and a great big tarp....and a sea of sawdust......

......and I'm trying to write a new post...
......but I'm tired.....
......so I think I'll go to bed instead.....
......I guess I'll wait and post tomorrow......

......go ahead and disregard this evenings post.
......go ahead and disregard this evenings post.
......go ahead.
......go ahead.
......go ahead and disregard this evenings post.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Hanna

You KNOW I have to say this...

The wind began to switch,
The house to pitch,
And suddenly the hinges started to unhitch...........

Friday, September 5, 2008


Let me start out by saying that I'm not complaining...........

I can already tell that by the 3rd week of school (if I make it that long), I am not going to be able to help Alberquando with his homework. Bless his little ADHD heart. It is truly the blind leading the visually challenged. His organizational skills are..um...err..lacking (to put it kindly). I have absolutely no idea where (or who) he got these traits from. You can't end a sentence in the word "from", can you? I know you can end a question with it because the question would be "Can you end a sentence with the word "from"?. But I am quite sure there is a preposition law out there somewhere and "from" is part of it.

Anyway, I just don't understand how he gets so distracted.....and over the littlest things....
little things
tiny things
tiny people
little people
Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick, follow the yellow brick road.

Follow is an odd looking word. Take a moment to look at it. No, I'm serious. Oh alright! If you won't go back and read it, I'll write it again....pay attention....FOLLOW. Low Wow. Hhhmmm. Check this out...Crow Chow. (not puppy chow). Why does the R give the word the nice long O sound but when the R is changed to an H, then the word gets the ow sound? Take away the R and the H and then they both get the ow sound, Cow. Change the C in cow to a B and it gets the long O again....BUT, only if you're wearing the Bow in your hair and and not using the Bow to scrape your nose on the floor. OK, OK, I get it. So my Random Questions aren't quite as deep as some other ones we are all aware of. What? You're not aware of other Random Questions? Want a deep one? Click here. opps, try again. CLICK HERE!

Oh Great. Now how did this happen. I obviously clicked somewhere that I shouldn't have. This happened once before and CK walked me through fixing it. I think I am supposed to go to Edit Html. Problem is, she told me to NEVER go to Edit Html unless she is either here with me or on the phone with me.

There is absolutely NO way I can continue to write like this. The line under all the words is messing up my thought process....that's right....blame it on the line.

That's OK, I have to go help Alberquando with his homework anyway.
Not that I'm complaining.....

Before I go I'm going to try something bold. (I would write that in Bold letters but at this point, I'm afraid to change anything. ANYWAY, Here is a picture of my 2 little angels. Well, I say here is is but I'm not sure where it is going to turn up. You may have already seen it at the top of the page, it may be floating around the middle or maybe it will be here at the end...regardless of where the picture is, it is my angels on the first day of school. unless there is no picture at all in which case I couldn't figure out how to do it.

OK, I'm off........bet you already knew that.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just For Fun A through Z

Just for fun A-Z

(CK, I was going to post this tomorrow but am posting it a day early.....because of your nice comment.)

Attached or Single? De-tached

Best Friend? "I am a rock, I am an island......" , ok, my sisters

Cake or Pie? Cake...with frosting....vanilla frosting....an end piece....and pie...ala mode

Day of Choice? Monday---He goes to work & they go to school.

Essential Item? Paper & Pen to write my lists or I'll forget what I wa

Flavor of Ice Cream? Mint Choc Chip or Cookie Dough

Gummy Bears or Worms? Yes, and gummy coca-cola bottles too

Hometown? yes

Indulgences? yes

January or July? No brainer...I'm with the majority. JULY! January is wwaayyyy too cold (unless I lived in Australia, then I would say January, because July is wwaaaayyy too cold!)

Kids? No thank you. I already have 2.

Last Movie at the Theater? Indiana Jones Part 297. I RARELY go to movies but Alberquando has the other Indiana Jones movies and loves them so we went. They should have stopped at number 298.

Middle Name? Think "Pettycoat Junction"

Number of Siblings? Click HERE to see answer.

Oranges or Apples? Oranges and Apples

Phobia or Fear? "Phobia-Morbid Fear, Dislike" "Fear-Dread, Alarm, unpleasant emotion cause by coming evil or danger". as per Webster.

Quote-"Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to." From the movie Miracle on 34th Street. I had NO IDEA this was CK's favorite quote too. Of course we did grow up watching it together every year.

Reason to Smile? Rain drops on roses, and whiskers on kittens, cream colored posies, and warm woolen mittens, Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, silver bright packages tied up with strings.......opps.....losing focus....monkey's are funny.

Season? Oregano

Tag 5 more-You're it!

Unknown Fact about me? Yes

Vegetarian or Meat? MEAT! STEAK! MED RARE!

Worst Habit? Yes and Yes.

X-rays or Ultrasounds? Depends on the letter of the alphabet I'm on.

Your Favorite Food? Dinner-Steak, Baked potato, Salad. Breakfast- Cold Pizza.

Zodiac? No

And that....is that.

Wasn't that fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pretty Yellow School Bus

I'm sure if you are reading my post, then you have already read or are going to read Chatty Kelly's post today but just in case, Go to Chatty Kelly for a fun back to school song. (practicing those linking skills!)

I tried to come up with a fun soundtrack for the other side of the album (8 track, cassette, CD, Vinyl) and the theme song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang kept popping into my head. It's not as well known as the song from Grease to most people, but we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang EVERY SINGLE DAY for about a year around here when Alberquando was about 4 years old so we're still singing the songs.

Oh, You, Pretty yellow school bus,
Pretty yellow school bus we love you.
And, that, pretty yellow school bus,
Pretty yellow school bus loves us too.
Near, far, I don't need my car, to take them off to school today.
Bus, Bus, Pretty yellow school bus,
We know you know the way!
Bus, Bus pretty yellow school bus,
We know you know the way!

Bus, Bus, Pretty yellow school bus,
Our fine four fendered friend!
Bus, Bus, Pretty Yellow school bus...

There's only one problem....our fine four fendered friend was really really late....so I took them in the car after all. haha. I passed the pretty yellow school bus on the way home.

No big deal. School is less than 2 miles away. I was smiling the whole way there AND THE WHOLE WAY BACK HOME!

Yes, Yes, I'll miss them.......sorry, actually, I won't. I mean I love them more than anything in this world but as CK said, "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!" They'll be home today. They'll be tired, hungry, have books that need covered, papers to be filled out, lists of MORE supplies they need, and projects already assigned. I WILL be glad to see them. We'll talk about their day. They'll eat everything in sight (that reminds me, I need to go to the grocery store), they'll hang out, do homework, make phone calls, go outside and play kickball, watch tv, play on computer, eat dinner, do whatever, go to bed AND THEN........WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW!!!! YEA!!!!

Our Fine Four Fendered FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!