Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Adventure at Sea

I'm sitting here now realizing that other than our exciting mini-series visit to my sister's house over the summer, none of you have ever heard about any of my adventures of previous summers. There was one last summer that I think you might find exciting.

This is probably the most exciting adventure that has ever happened to me or anyone in our family. We had decided to go on a boat trip. Calling it a boat is an understatement. It wasn't quite an ocean liner but it was an incredible ship. The furnishings were beautiful and the crew was there for one reason. That reason was to make sure that this was a wonderful and memorable journey.

This wasn't one of those weekend trips or even all day. Just a short get away for the family. I think the entire thing was probably supposed to last 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

It started out just wonderful. It was one of those days that are actually beyond your expectations. We were listening to music, enjoying the scenery, being waited on by the crew and meeting some really interesting people. The small group of passengers was about as diverse a group as you would ever meet. Yet on this trip, it was like one big happy family.

We were probably out for about 2 hours and it was incredible. No matter where you looked, all you could see were waves, water and sky. The waves looked huge. I wasn't really nervous because I thought that the waves were supposed to be like that out in the ocean.

When I looked toward the captain and the first mate, however, they had looks of concern on their faces. All at once the beautiful day started to look dark, the waves were still getting bigger. The weather really started to get rough.

Suddenly our huge ship felt tiny. I was certain we would capsize as we were tossed around on the waves. I truly feel that if not for the courage of the fearless crew our little ship would be lost.

The ship set sail on the shore of some deserted desert isle. With Gilligan, The Skipper too. The millionaire and his wife. A movie star, the Professor and Maryanne (previously referred to as "the rest"), There on Gilligan's Isle!


My ADHD Me said...

Tomorrow (or Tuesday at the latest, I'll announce the winners to the "Win Something But I Don't Know What So Don't Get To Excited About It" Contest!!

Chatty Kelly said...

I saw this one coming - but only becuase I was pretty sure you hadn't been on a trip I didn't know about.

At least you didn't cast all of us in story line. Who would I be? Mary Ann or Ginger? Don't you DARE say Mrs. Howell.

The Patterson 5 said...

I saw it coming too! And usually I have to read it twice just to keep up! After you mentioned it was a day trip 3-3 1/2 hours I started singing (silently of course) "a three hour tour- a three hour tour- the weather started getting rough.....

Anyway I think you should be Mary Anne and CK should be Ginger but ET can not be Mrs Howell either.

Sue J. said...

Of course, you could have jumped off the boat and been swallowed by a large whale-like creature, only to be spewed out, finding yourselves in Ninevah!

Or...maybe you were living in the whale for a little while with your wooden puppet and a pepper shaker. A few flakes later, you were expelled in a sneeze onto the beach, celebrating that your puppet had then become a real boy!

Or....maybe you are really writing from an island with a bunch of passengers and feeling very LOST.

Or maybe, you ARE the whale and your real name is my (captain) a h'd me.

Why do you do this to us....? I know, monkeys are funny. Do we need another answer!??

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J, "Why?", you ask? You answered it yourself.
Monkeys Are Funny!....or are they?

My ADHD Me said...

BIG DISAPPOINTMENT for everyone that entered my "Win Something But I Don't Know What So Don't get Too Excited About It" contest.

The results will be out Wednesday instead of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day for the "I See What You Are Saying" video from Second Cup of Coffee.
Chatty Kelly MADE me do it.(she's SO bossy!)

SO, Tomorrow Video.
Wednesday Winners Announced.
So Much to Look Forward To!!

Beverlydru said...

Since I am pretty new around here, I am thankful for your comment taters who helped clear my confusion. My husband LOVES to take advantage of my gullibility and tells me all kinds of whoppers.

I haven't even attempted to do the video thing. You have now challenged me. I think I shuold try. With 24 hours and counting I'd better get on the stick.

Edie said...

I wondered why I was singing the theme to Gilligan's Island halfway through this post.

I think CK should be Ginger too, and Sue J is in really good form today! LOL

My ADHD Me said...

If I can look like Mary Anne in those cut off shorts and shirt tied at the waist, I will GLADLY accept.
(CK is definitely Ginger! haha)

On Purpose said...

Hey I too was thinking this "trip" sounded familiar! But I kept reading to see if I was right...

waiting in anticipation to know who the BIG WINNER is!!

HisPrincess said...

I can not believe that I was completely believing you! I even thought the song at the end was just you quoting songs because you do that!

As my charming daughter would say, I was having a "blonde moment". She seems to forget that she too is blonde.