Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Very Merry Late Birthday!!!!

One of our blog friends had a birthday this past Monday. She may think I forgot but I didn't. I even got her a card.....ahem....and it is sitting here right beside me.

I wish I could link you to her but I am having computer-user problems. You all know her anyway.

I have, however, written a few special short songs to let her know how special she is. I wasn't able to write the actual melody because of the countless hours I spent on the lyrics. I wanted to make sure it "spoke" to everyone that read it. So I sat down and I wrote, I deleted, I pondered and I wrote some more. Finally I was able to come up with exactly what I wanted to say.

So, Happy Belated Birthday Edie.
And these songs are especially for you!!

(Sing to the tune of Three Blind Mice)

Edie E
Edie E

Edie Edie E
Edie Edie E

E-Edie Edie E-E-Edie
E-Edie E-Edie E E Edie
E-Edie E-Edie E-E-Edie


(This next song is sung to the tune of Ring Around the Rosies)

E-Edie Edie Edie
E-Edie Edie Edie

.............I had to stop and wipe a tear from my eye while typing that. It just touched me and at the risk of sounding proud, I just think that the lyrics to these tunes are so touching and paint a beautiful picture of our good friend.

(This is my last song. Please sing it to the tune of I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy)

Edie Edie Edie Edie
Edie Edie Edie E
E-E-E-Edie Edie E-Edie.

E-Edie Edie Edie Edie.
Edie Edie E-Edie.

Edie Edie Edie E
Edie Edie Edie


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!

So put on your ears,
Like good Mouseketeers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!

Last week's Special Guest (Chatty Kelly, Chatty Kelly, Chatty Kelly) THERE Now the Link is working...actually I still had to get her help. Anyway, Last weeks Special Guest was Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water. I used it after I read Chatty Kelly's blog about the same song. I was feeling kind of yucky and her blog just really helped me out.

Chatty Kelly, Chatty Kelly, Chatty Kelly. THERE! (just practicing)

ANYWAY, although Simon and Garfunkel are no longer a duo, Paul Simon went on and became a superstar. (A shame really, not that he made it so big because I really like his music, but a shame because Art Garfunkel's voice was amazing).

There is one song by Paul Simon that stands out in my mind. Not so much because of the song itself, although it is really a fun song. The lyrics and the melody are really catchy in that wonderful 1980s way but it is the video always cracks me up.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the video, watch it closely. The entire thing is lip-synced by Chevy Chase. And Paul Simon acts like his little (excuse the pun) sidekick. But Paul Simon is really the singer. BTW, Chevy is 6'4" and Paul is 5'3".

By the way, if you have a good eye, take a look at Chevy Chase when he is drinking a sip of water. Watch what happens when he puts down his glass.

A bit of trivia, the names in the song, Al and Betty, were chosen by Paul when he went to a party with his then-wife and the host of the party mistakenly called them Al and Betty).

OK, Paul and Chevy are sitting here so patiently waiting for me to stop rambleing on so they can do their song. It was very nice of them to come by. Of course how could they resist. Everyone knows that this is the next best thing to being on The Ed Sullivan Show. "Why" you ask. Oh come on, you have to know why by now....Cause Tuesday is Guest Star DAY!!!!!


Friday, November 5, 2010

Jingle Bells.....Uncompromisin' Enterprisin' Anything But Tranquilizing...

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way...

All the way to the mall, shopping center, Target or Walmart.

I received the Walmart TOYLAND Catalog 2010 in the mail yesterday.

I don't do very much toy shopping anymore. My youngest is 14 and most of his "toys" come from a computer, music, or video game store. As for my 19 year old, I don't have a clue what to get him.

ANYWAY, I glanced through the catalog anyway and I cannot believe how much the price of toys has gone up since I shopped for them!!

Remember NERF? You could get a Nerf bat and ball for a few dollars and have hours of fun! Well, maybe not hours. The bat usually broke after 20-30 minutes. But now you can get a Nerf N-Strike Stampede with 60 darts of automatic Nerf-Firing Fun for ONLY $49.97!! Of course if you get the gun you also HAVE to get the Tactical Vest for $29.97.

Fisher Price sells an Imaginext Space Shuttle or Pirate Ship for ONLY $40.00 (actually $39.97). Put a name on it, like The BatCave, and the price goes up to $44.97.

The Little Mommy Walk and Giggle Doll........ $69.97!!

LEGOs seem to be about the same price as when I bought them for my boys. They were the most expensive toys around back then. Now they are on the lower end of the price range AND NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!!

An Easy Bake Oven seemed to be reasonably priced at $18.00, on sale from $28.00. But wait don't forget the Easy Bake Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit for another $24.00!

Video Games and Game Systems are outrageous but they have always been. They cost about the same as they did when I was buying them for my kids. Remember the Atari 2600? I had one of those sometime around 1983 (I think) and even back then it was about $125-$150.

Bicycles seem to have DROPPED in price. There were some nice ones for $88 and $99. Well, that makes sense. Who would want to have to go OUTSIDE to play?

And then there's BARBIE.

And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
That uncompromisin' enterprisin', anything but tranquilizing.
Right on Maude!

oops, sorry...Monkeys Are Funny

And then there's Barbie!
I have never bought a Barbie in my life. Thank Goodness!! She is the most spoiled girl (woman? Young adult?) that I have ever seen! AND SNEAKY!! You can find the Barbie Fashionistas for just $10. That's reasonable, right? And For $25 you can get one with a light- up fairytale dress. But Barbie is Never Ever satisfied! There has never been a woman alive with wardrobe anything close to what is available to Barbie. And for just $49.98 you can get a kit to "Glitterize" her wardrobe.

Would Barbie be happy with a Sedan? No WAY! She HAS to have a convertible. AND a Camper! Come on, how could she hike in those heels?

It's bad enough that she has to have her own pets (and you KNOW she isn't the one cleaning up after those dogs). But now she also needs a $25. Puppy Swim School with Pool. Of course she has her own pool too.

Naturally she also needs somewhere to live. There it is! The Barbie 3 Story Dream Townhouse with Pink Personal Elevator and Furnishings With Lights and Sounds on Every Level! $145.00!

Now that Barbie has everything she is going to want to have a party! Welcome Ken, and 20 of her other closest friends......they'll need new clothes too won't they? If You Give A Pig A Pancake......

Oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse opened sleigh-hey!

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle All the Way
Oh what fun it is to ride on a One Horse Opened Sleigh!!!!!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
Were gonna have a special guest!
So put on your ears,
Like good Mousketeers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!

As you know, these last few months have been a bit rough for me. I havent gotten back into my old blogging routine. After I have been scanning through a few of your posts, I realized that I won TWO (not one) , but TWO awards!!

(insert drum roll and cheers from the crowds)

....better known as Krippled Warrior has blessed me with the One Lovely Blog Award (on October 14, 2010) . Now I've been called a lot of things in my life. Some good and some not so good. However, I don't recall the word "Lovely" ever being sent my way. Thank you Kurt. If anyone was going to call me lovely, I'm glad it was you!

Award from Krippled Warrior 10/14/2010

My second award is from Samurai's Dojo. Way back on August 11, 2010 he sent me The Inspiring Masterpiece award. Now, as I said earlier, Lovely isn't a word often heard when I am being described. (By the way, by lovely I am thinking of the definition "Spiritual beauty, highly pleasing, having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind).

But "Inspiring"? Wow! That's one I don't recall hearing either. Inspiring......" Exalting influence, to produce confidence in others, to influence or guide". Me? Oh wait, INSPIRING also has another definition, "to produce breathe/life by breathing into" CPR? I must confess that on the occassions I was doing that, I never once was thinking I was inspiring. More that likely I was thinking, "BREATHE please BREATHE!"

Somehow, I do think Samurai was talking about the first definitions. What an honor!Thank you!

Award from Samurai's Dojo 8/11/2010

I do feel a bond with these 2 gentlemen. There is something about their posts that will just keep you going back. One, who refuses to believe or admit that he is a hero (read just one of his posts and you will see that he is). The other does tend to ramble (haha). Now who does THAT remind us of? And both of them have a stong, unrelenting faith in God that, more than once, has caught me off guard as I will be reading their blog and feel the Holy Spirit saying to me, I'M TALKING TO YOU!!.

You can find my 2 awards in my sidebar, (thanks to Chatty
Kelly) doesn't this just figure. I finally was able to get the other 2 linked and can't get Kelly linked. So much for my award from the school of linkology! I won't let her off that if you read my post, you probably read hers.....actually most of you found me though her. Just in!

So who could be a special guest today? You've all heard me quote this lady. I've never invited her to be a guest on Guest Star Day. But it is time for her to grace us with her appearance because, thanks to these awards, I get that warm fuzzy've heard me say it before.

"You Like Me!
You Really Like Me!!"

Hmm, Sally can tell you better than I can. So here she is. Why, You ask? You know why, Cause Tuesday is Guest Star DAY!!!!!!

I couldn't find the actual clip but I did find a clip with those famous words......



Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hurry!! Limited Time Offer!! Act Now!!!!!!

ANYONE who has ever sent me an email knows that I have issues about remembering to check my email account. I have good intentions (and we all know what good intentions can get you), but the days slip by and I completely forget.

A few months ago I went to my email account and cleaned it up a bit. I deleted most of the 1800 unread emails (I kid you not).....I kid you not (ha, I'll refrain for now on that....but come on, "I kid you not"? Who came up with that?)

So anyway, I deleted most of the 1800 unread emails. I stayed up to date for a while and then the next thing you know days, weeks maybe a month had gone by and once again the unread emails started to add u
p. I think my SPAM control button turns off intentionally if I go too long without checking.

The sad thing is that
I have missed out on SO much!

If I had checked my emails regularly, I could have...

1. Won $40,000 in gold

2. Found the Fountain of Youth.
3.Made $24,000 in 24
4. Won numerous new computers.

5. Started a job as a Medical Biller.
6. Learned to be a nurse in 6 months.
7. Won a prize a day for 100 days.
8.Found out what my future holds.
9. Won 1 of 100
,000 bottle openers.

10. Found out that there are hundreds of single people in MY area that are waiting to meet me.
11. Won a Harley Davidson.
(I could have given it to Krippled Warrior!)

ALSO, I had so many friends out there that I wasn't even aware of. You know, People looking out for me. They sent me
SO many emails with such enticing subject lines!

1. Just wait til you see this!!
2. If you Twitter, You'll Love TWITTER DATE!
3. Bankruptcy May Be My Answe
4.Want to rebuild your future?

5. Last Chance to Act Now.
6. This is your LAST CHANCE to ACT NOW!

8. Hurry! Act Now before Time Runs out!!
9. CONGRATULATIONS! Your Reward is Waiting!!

Wow I won the reward without even doing ANYTHING!!

And so many more!

I wonder what they did with all those prizes I never claimed.

I wonder if they found someone to fill all those job positions that I missed out on.

I wonder how many times something can be "The Last Chance" before it REALLY IS :The Last Chance.

I wonder if something says I must respond within 24 hours to win $40,000 in gold, if I would get some kind of consolidation prize if I responded in 25 hours.

I wonder if I mail someone a check for $50 they will send me $1,000 in return just for helping them out of a bind.

Maybe there really IS a great area of oceanfront property in Arizona.

And maybe, Just MAYBE, Money DOES grow on trees......

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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I've Been Labeled!!

I've been labeled..... Which, in my Thesaurus is another word for Tagged.

You see, it really was no miracle what happened was just this (opps, thought I was back in Kansas with my friend Dorothy for a moment. ANYWAY, Samurai's Dojo and I were playing a friendly game of Tag. Everything was going fine when he reached out to tag me. It was obvious that he missed me by a mile but he kept insisting that he had gotten me and that I was "It". I was going to argue the point with him and insist he realize that there was absolutely no way he could have tagged me, BUT, it was just his word against mine. No one else saw it. The consequences of an argument could have been ugly as he has a Sword and I have an Ax. SO, after just a split second pause, I took the high road and conceded.
(Just so He knows, that I know)

1. Why did you start blogging?

Chatty Kelly and Sue J were doing it and both of them insisted I would like it. I actually didn't think I would stick to it. I was thinking that I would not have anything to write. But, even though I was correct in my thoughts, somehow words ended up on the screen. A few of them even made sense! I NEVER expected to have over 2 followers (Chatty Kelly and Sue J).

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world with no restriction of costs, where would it be and why?

At this moment, the moon would be nice because there isn't any gravity and I could get around without wearing my back brace.

3. Did you have a teacher in school that had a great influence on your life? If so, what?

School, er, um, well, um, I never liked school. I was so difficult to stay focused. There wasn't a diagnosis for ADHD. Every year I would start off with such high hopes and expectations. New notebooks, binder, a place for everything. Somehow by the end of week one there would be probably 20 balled up half written pages of notes I had taken in class. I no idea how to study and no guidance at home. As a result, I ended up being that kid that sits in the back of the room, doodleing in my notebook and just getting by by the skin of my teeth. SO, unfortunately, No, I didn't. Oh, and speaking of "getting by, by the skin of my teeth".....

Do your teeth have skin? I don't think mine do. Shouldn't the saying be, "By the enamel on my teeth"? Just a thought.

oops....Monkeys Are Funny.

4. If you could spend the day with a famous person, who would it be, and what would you do?

A retired soldier. No specific one. Hopefully we would sit outside (it would be a nice breezy day), we would drink lemonade, well, one glass of lemonade but then I would probably switch to Diet Coke. He would probably have Rum and Coke after his glass of Lemonade. We would spend the day with him telling me his stories. I would NOT interrupt him (hey, it's my fantasy), but I would give him 110%. I would ask questions though. His stories would be so vivid that I would be able to picture them in my head.

5. Toilet paper - over or under?

Going on a Lion Hunt. I'm not afraid. LOOK! Over there! A big, dark cave! Can't go over it. Can't go under it. Can't go around it. I'll have to go through it.
Oh, Ah, Where were we.....Oh yeah, OVER. Always over.

6. Name one thing in your life that you would do over if possible.

Just one!?! Hmmm, well there are many. One of the top 5 would be that I would not have been such a push-over with my kids.

7. Tell about your pets - if any.

Victoria-Old English Sheepdog when I was a kid.
Liz- Black Lab we got for JM when he was about 8 years old.
Sydney- Black Lab we got after Liz passed away.

Whew, Aren't you glad to finally know that!

8. Do you live in a small town or a large town. (You don't have to name the town

The county I live in was more "country like" when we moved here 19 years ago. It has grown SO much! I don't mean New York City like (or anything close) but it is growing and growing. And I told 2 friend and they told 2 friends and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on.....

Wonder why my print changed? I didn't do it.....on purpose. I'm afraid to try to change anything as I could end up erasing my entire blog and maybe half the blogospere too. (OK, that was a little bit extreme)

Well, that's all. I'm supposed to tag 5 more people but I'm tired and shouldn't be running around in a back brace anyway. SO, if you want to, consider yourself LABELED!! In other words...."You're IT!"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!
So put on your ears
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!

FACEBOOK..A fun way to keep in touch with friends, old and new. I admit I haven't joined the party yet. To tell you the truth, there aren't too many old friends that I have a huge desire to "re-hook-up" with. My younger days I said, there aren't too many old friends that I have a huge desire to "re-hook-up" with. PLUS, I have a hard enough time getting around to reading all of the blogs written by my NEW friends.

FACEBOOK- Kids love it. It is their way of "expressing" themselves. They can chat with their friends, work on computer tech, and keep up with what's what in their circle.

FACEBOOK- These days many kids are more computer savy than their parents. Or in my case.... MOST kids are A LOT more savy! My computer skills fall in these categories......Blogging, e-Bay and e-Mail. That about covers it.

FACEBOOK- My kids have accounts. How sweet...NOT. Chatty Kelly showed me my son's facebook page. Holy Canoli! Who is this child! Obviously someone has stolen his identity. Who are these people he has as "friends"? I've never heard of them. And since when did my little angel learn some of those descriptive words he's using????

FACEBOOK- A friend of mine is a school principal. He says he occasionally goes on Facebook just to check out some of the students in his school. It gives him an idea of the REAL child behind the sweet smile and the Eddie Haskell demeanor.

FACEBOOK- If you have kids, you need a Facebook account. I'm going to go work on one now. I'm not quite ready to actually USE one yet and I won't be updating it YET. BUT, it's time I see what's going on in the real world. Well, not the whole world, but at least what's going on under my own roof.

I'm not sure if my angel still reads my blog so I don't know if he'll know I'm out there. If he does, that's ok......if he doesn't......that's ok too. Either way, He's gonna have some "splainin" to do!

FACEBOOK- "The times they are a changin".....whether I like it or not.

FACEBOOK- This mom's going to be on Facebook.

FACEBOOK-That's my special guest today, so...

Put on your ears
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star (and today it's also Facebook) DAY!!

(a line or 2 of this clip pushes my PG-13 rating, but most of it is a great reminder to get out there and see what's going on.)

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OK.....Now I'm Annoyed

Back surgery puts restrictions on just about every part of your life.
Even computer time is limited as I am not supposed to sit over 30 min at a time.

Before the surgery I was hurting all the time and just wasn't interested in much of anything.
But after the surgery I started to get interested in blogging again.

I'm not the greatest typist in the world but if I watch my fingers I can usually get by without TOO many mistakes.

SO, I'm grateful that I can spend some time on the
computer since there isn't much of anything else I can do.........oops, I MEANT to say that I WAS grateful when I WAS able to spend time on the computer.

NOTE TO SELF......I never would have thought that a knife would actually go THROUGH the glass of a jar. OK, using it to break up the bottom half inch of wax wasn't one of my smartest ideas but I had frozen it and thought it would just p
op right out.

Jar with candle wax + Freezer + Steak Knife + A bored woman trying to clean out the jar = 5 stitches in your index finger.

Poor Chatty Kelly, she took me to get stitches today and taking me to the back doctor tomorrow for a check up....not to mention bringing dinner an
d cleaning my house every week.....when she isn't taking me to pick up scripts and to the store etc. ET has been coming out every week too. Always brings dinner, took me to doctor once and also cleans the house.

Sisters Are Awesome!!

(typing with one finger is the pits!)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Dreaded W V B

The Dreaded Word Verification Box.... Better known as The WVB.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this term, the WVB is the box of scrambled letters on some blogs that is supposed to help reduce spammers. Like many of you, I used to find the WVB frustrating and more often than not, I ended up having to type in the letters multiple times until I got them right.

HOWEVER, as many of you know, I finally realized that the WVB should not be dreaded. It is, after all, the making of a new language. All over the blogosphere (not to mention the Internet) people have been unconsciously typing in these, so called, random letters without having a clue that it is really a whole new language just waiting to be learned.

I am so proud of those of you that have begun to realize this! And there are many of you out there that have taken my teachings faithfully and even forwarded me a few of their own discoveries. To those of you, I give a hearty "Well Done"! To the rest of you that haven't discovered this secret language, I say now that it is never to late to learn.

I now present to you my latest additions to The WVB Dictionary.

1.slymis- a sneaky woman.

2.singiac- a manic singer.

3.chabio- Fabio's chubby little brother.

4. hinee- (hee hee)

5.dunpe- what has occurred when one has finished using the restroom.

6. zywis- a contraction of the phrase "as I was". For instance, "Zywis walking down the street and saw a pretty butterfly.".

7. drophous- What the FOX television station will do when they decide to cancel one of my favorite tv shows that stars Hugh Laurie.

8. stillmed- The newest medication for ADHD, (not yet available to the general public).

9. teeter- A broken Teeter-Totter.

10. bunifies- To make something "Bunny-Like". This term is used by scientists during rabbit metamorphosis experiments.


11. From Edie at Rich Gifts-
exons- ions that have lost their charge.

Have An Incredibly Wonderful Day!!!!!

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