Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
you know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!

So put on your ears.
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!

I cannot believe it is already Tuesday.
The days drag on but as soon as I turn around it is Tuesday.

What if I were rich?

I wonder if I would be able to buy someone to wear this back brace for me.
Somehow I doubt that would work.

Even if it did work, I'm quite sure that insurance would never cover it.

Actually, I'm pretty lucky. I think we fall into the hardworking middle class American.

We pay our bills and still have enough for a few extras and even try to put away a little bit here and there.

But still, "what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune"....hhmmm




Mocha with Linda said...

Love this clip - in fact I posted it a week or so ago in response to the question "what is your favorite movie quote?"!

When I think the grass looks greener on the mansion side of the fence, I remind myself that those folks still have morning breath, get stomach bugs, etc.!

Ace said...

We're in the same class, I guess, but it would be nice to have some mad money to just "blow" now and then.

You know I'm going to be singing that all day, right?

Sue J. said...

I'm sure I've said this before--maybe even here--that I need to watch this movie again some time. It's such a deep story, when you get past the fiddlin' part....

[Actually, I'd like to see Tevye take on Charlie Daniels!]

WV: anoffedn

As in: "I've had anoffedn liberals...."

KrippledWarrior said...

When I pray, "Lord deliver me from evil and let me win the lottery." I'm sure He says "Which one?"

Jenny wren's nest said...

This is one of my kids and my favorite songs we danced and sang to it, how fun.

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Two of my favorite things! :)

Edie said...

It's a re-run! :)