Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Personal Alphabet

My Personal Alphabet. I was reading through a book of journaling ideas for those times when you want to write but are having that awful thing called Writer's Block. One of the ideas was to create a Personal Alphabet. You just write something using each letter of the alphabet. It can be anything. How you feel, what you like, what you don't like, what you want, what you are thankful for, (get the point?) etc. It also said, a good idea is after you do it, put it away and then redo it again in 6 months and compare your answers. Just don't look at your old answers until you finish the new ones.

I have decided to put a different twist on it this time. I may do the original one, one day, but today I am going to write the very first thing that pops into my head after I say the letter. Kind of like the ink blot test. just write the very first thing that pops up in your brain.

So here goes....My Personal Alphabet....

A- A is for Apple
. J is for Jacks Cinnamon Toasted Apple Jacks.

B-Be there...Or Be square.

C- Oh cannonball, oh cannonball ....Yes, I realize the song is Oh Tannenbaum, but I wrote the first thing I
thought of when I said the letter C. I'm following the rules!!

D- Delaware (don't ask, I have No Idea why)

E-Walk Like an EGYPTIAN

F- Frontal Lobotomy (maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all)

G- Gee Whiz


I- I spy with my little eye...

J- Jamestown

K- Krackle (as in Snap, Krackle, Pop....hhmmm am I subconsciously wanting some cereal?)

L- Lan' Sakes (My Grandmother used to use that expression)

M-Mellow Yellow


O-Open your eyes

P- Perhaps....Just Perhaps

Q- Quality vrs Quantity

R- Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down (Karen Carpenter)

S- Sanford and Son (I didn't even like that show!)

T-Tardy--haha--now that's funny. Describes me to a "T"--T...get it ..T (I can't tell, are you laughing?)



W-Why? Why Not??

X- X-Ray

Y- Yonkers (never been there, never even thought about it..or have I? It was the first Y word that came to my mind)

Z- Zanadu-- actually I think it was spelled Xanadu but it is what I thought of when I said Z. It was an old movie (flop) with Olivia Newton John. I never saw the movie, but remember the song.

Now I know my ABC's , Next time won't you play with me?

This was an interesting thing to do. Kind of makes one wonder what's going on up there in those brain cells....

Hope you do it sometime. I'm interested in seeing all of your answers. Just remember...You MUST write the VERY first thing that pops into your head.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teenage Boys.....Not The Brightest of The Bunch

Well, Teenage Boys. You gotta love em. (don't you?). How young men survive long enough to populate the earth is beyond me. You know what? They're crazy! They're just plain CRAZY!!

Here's a story that JM told me about what happened a while ago in the parking lot after school.....(ok, I'm grateful that for once he was a spectator and not a participant!)

(Sidenote: I Googled Teenage Boys just to find a picture to add to the post and found this book. It looked interesting so I checked it out. It is a realistic biography about a young man in college that strays from his faith but eventually finds his way back. Looks interesting for JM. I may order it.)

ANYWAY, Back to the story.

After school the kids were hanging out in the parking lot. A guy that is a football player was getting ready to drive away. As he starts driving, his friend jumps in front of his car. I think JM told me the guy yelled something like "Hit Me!". Well, the guy mashes on the gas pedal and slams into his friend! (not his friends car...but the actual kid!). When the car hit the kid, he literally was knocked up, his body did a complete flip and he landed on the ground behind the car.

There were gasps from other kids, the driver stopped and ran to check on his friend, the friend stood up and laughed and then everyone laughed and cheered.

I tried to get more info about this from JM but he is in training to be a man, so he never gets all the details.

I did find out the next day that the kid that was hit, went home and told his mom about it. ("Hey mom, a funny thing happened today...."). He was only telling her because he thought it was funny. From what I hear, she wasn't laughing and made him go with her to the ER.

SO, the football team is going to be short one player for now. it is hard to play with a broken rib.

Perhaps he should switch to electric football. My brother used to have that game many years aog. If I remember correctly, you set your men up, turned it on, and then the game shook and vibrated until either everyone fell over OR one man happened go wobble across and make a touch down.

That boy is lucky to be alive. So I say again, "How young men survive long enough to populate the earth is beyond me!"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

30 X 5 (or was that 5 X 30?)

I'm In!!

It's the newest challenge at 2
nd Cup of Coffee.
There is ABSOLUTELY NO reason why I cannot move for 30 minutes, 5 times a week.....well, there is one reason....procrastination. Actually, there is more than 1 reason. In addition to procrastination, there is laziness, non-prioritizing, not writing it down (if it isn't on my list, it doesn't exist), and did I mention laziness?

AND, this isn't a lifetime commitment. 2 WEEKS! That's all she asks. Just 2 weeks. I think she's trying to trick us into starting a habit that will continue on after the 2 weeks are over. Pretty sneaky, eh?

Go on over to her blog and check it out. As for me, well, I'm off (I KNOW I KNOW, You already knew that!). ANYWAY, I'm off to go MOVE!!

(right after I clean the cobwebs off of my Wii Fit)
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Time to Organize

Today is the day! I have been putting it off for too long. I MUST get organized! things are getting out of control. there really is no excuse. I probably know more about organizing than most people. I had read just about every book on the subject....including being in the middle of a few right now. Well, not this very second. If I was reading it this very second I wouldn't be typing this post. It is obvious I am typing this post right now because the letters are showing up on my computer screen. But I do have a bookmark (I mean a real bookmark, not a computer bookmark) in a book or two, which means I am in the middle of reading them....just not at this very second.

I do enjoy reading. I should be the most self-helped, organized person in the world. That is if reading about it made it so. And as for daily routines, schedules and lists...well, I have multiple notebooks, journals, and 3 ring notebooks with dividers devoted to just that. And let me tell you, those notebooks are organized PERFECTLY. We're talking indexes, laminated sheets to mark off things on a daily routine list, and lists of anything a person could possibly list. I even have separate email accounts to organize separate things such as one devoted just to kids and school, one for organizing tips, one for everyday stuff etc. (which has proved to be a HUGE mistake...more on that later!).

I'm not 100% positive but I think that the lists and routines may just be a starting point. I could be wrong, but perhaps there is this thing called "Following through", you know, actually DOING the things on the list. HHmm, that's something to think about.

There's another thing that comes up fairly often in these books and websites. Finish one thing before you start another! What a novel idea! (get it, "novel" idea, book, haha, I crack myself up).

But the biggest part of getting anything done is JUST DO IT! Nike knew that all along. That applies to almost anything, except of course drugs, then you say JUST SAY NO. Otherwise, JUST DO IT. Maybe that is my problem. I get ready to JUST DO IT and somehow end up with the thought JUST SAY NO!

But today is the day. Today I am going to JUST DO IT! (that is, organize, not drugs) I am going to open up my main e-mail account and try to clean it out. Not ORGANIZE it, but delete everything over a month old...well, almost everything...I have to be sure it isn't important. Although, hopefully not urgent. Since I started blogging I got behind on my e-mails. Then it got so far out of control that I stopped opening the email account. I am positive I have HUNDREDS of unopened emails. The thought of opening it up is overwhelming. But that is what I'm going to do today. (right after I go write it on my To-Do List!)

On second thought, I'm going to skip the email account thing today. I can do that any time. Today I am going to go find all my to-do lists, need to do immediately lists, things that aren't urgent lists and The MASTER list of things I want to get done "one day". I am going to consolidate them. I'll put it all together in ONE notebook. I'll have A, B and C pages. A = Urgent, B= ASAP but not Urgent and C= Someday. Then I'll go to my A list and MINIMIZE. I'll A , B, and C THAT list.

I'll have everything together in one binder. I'll re-do my index tabs with A, B and C. Maybe I'll even add a D. D could be for things I want to get done around here, but realistically know that they really aren't going to get done. Still having them written down will get my a feeling of maybe....just maybe.... just one day ......(you never know....yes you do.).


Hhhmmm, this is a much bigger ordeal than I realized. I just pulled out all my lists, notebooks etc.

I have the large 3 ring notebook that is going to be my MASTER will have almost everything else combined in it.

I have 2 notebooks with medical info for family members, (one is for me and the other is for everyone else ....Mine is still thicker). They have all sorts of little slips of paper in them to be updated. I think I'll put that under B.

I have 2 books for recipes. One has tried and true recipes in it (under the dust). The other has clippings of recipes from magazines etc that I want to try one day. If they turn out good, I'll transfer them to the Tried and True book. I think I need a section in my MASTER PLAN notebook for B 1/2.

4 more various binders with lists. Fire Dept info, certifications, duty crew info in one. Disaster Prep info in another (I'm big on Being Prepared), A book I'm writing for my dad in another, and one more for...hhmmm, nothing in it but blank notebook paper. It was probably for some great idea I had once upon a time. My dad's book will be under B. The rest can go under C.

4 more notebooks and journals. These won't go in the binder of my MASTER PLAN but still need to be updated. One is my journal where I keep Bible verses that talk to me, quotes I like, and happy things that happen. I'll write that on the MASTER PLAN under A. The other is a notebook of lists I keep in my purse for things I need to get while I'm out doing things and a few addresses that I forget every time I need them. I need to purge this one and then be sure it goes back in my purse. Definitely goes under A. The other 2 stay near my computer. One is e-bay info and the other is wonderful blog ideas that strike me from time to time that I may even get around to writing about one day. Hhmmm...A.

2 Portfolio Clipboards. One has info for the children I babysit and the other has...hhmmmm... more of my medical info...CONSOLIDATE!! A 1/2?

Last of all is this stack of various folders. One for each of my kids school info, one with college info, phone lists that may be needed one day, however, I don't think I'll ever need the class phone list from JM's (17 years old) preschool class. Maybe they could use a little bit of purging. We'll label that B. The others have various excersizing tips, magazine articles to read etc...file 13?

Also, in my MASTER PLAN notebook I already have lists and lists of projects, cleaning ideas, organizing articles, things that should be done, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally and maybe one day. Lots of C and D things.

Oh yeah, here is a sampling of my organizing books. I sold some on e-bay but still have a few I'm not ready to part with. I've even read a few of them...ok, skimmed through. I'm not going to buy any more...well, there is this one I just heard about, Organizing Solutions For People With ADD. I MIGHT get that one...but after that...NO MORE ORGANIZING BOOKS!!

Well, I'm exhausted. I'm going to go make a short list of things I must do today. I'm going to put all these notebooks and binders in one spot so I can get started on them and TOMORROW I'll start consolidating them. Maybe this week some time I'll even be able to get started actually DOING something on one of those lists. Not today though. I've done enough on this project today. And after all Tomorrow Is Another Day!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random ADHD

Linda, at Mocha With Linda (I guess that was redundant) wouldn't have made sense to say. um, something like Carol at mocha with Linda or Lisa at Mocha with Linda...

Monkeys are Funny.

Anyway, she has tagged me to write 7 random things about myself. HHmmm, Me....random? Isn't that like Oil and Water? (or maybe more like Peanut Butter and Jelly). I'm such a consistent person!

The definition of Random in Wiktionary is "All outcomes being unpredictable, and in the ideal case, equally probable". "Typical, average, UNEXPECTED. lacking context, *Apropos* content (look it up), undefined, unknown".

SO, as I was saying, Me?....Random?....well, it may be hard to do this one, but I'll be a good sport and try.

By the way, I should have named my blog MyRandomADHDMe!

7 Random things about me that, after having read them, you will be no smarter, no more informed of world events, and possibly a bit confused.

1. Sometimes I take a long time to get to the point!

2. I take notes on EVERYTHING! I make lists for EVERYTHING! If I ever find them again, I think I might just consolidate them into one notebook.

3. I probably own, have read, and checked just about everything available on Organizing. I am probably THE MOST organized, disorganized person you will ever know.

4. I love projects (household), I love to plan then, I LOVE to make lists of what I need to do to complete them, sometimes I even buy the necessary equipment. I think I once even finished a project.

5. I love to listen to Karen Carpenter. I know, I know, but I can't help it. It's one of those things that when it comes on the radio (which it seldom does...but that is ok, because I have the CD) , that i roll up the window so I can LOUDLY sing right along with her. I had a Carpenters Christmas CD that I just loved and used to play it at our Christmas Eve Party....but out of respect for my father-in-law (who would probably rather hear ANYTHING else) AND (and probably everyone else that just didn't say it out loud) I now save it for my own personal listening.

6. My 17 year old son says that every one of my blogger friends are probably really 51-75 year old men that are stalking me. I told him that I have seen their pictures...hhhmmmm, that's the same thing he told me, many years ago when we had a My Space issue. When he found out I got gifts and correspondence in the mail and that I had given a few of you my address, he just shook his head and walked away. (He was smiling with that "I told you so look". Good thing I love him so much!

7. My 12 year old can do more on the computer than most adults. His computer teacher at school even asks for his help sometimes. When Kelly and I were a little bit later than expected, coming home from Jesus Christ Superstar, he said he wasn't very worried because he tracked my cell phone and was able to see what road I was on.....that is scary! he can remember specific HTML codes, Linux operations, all kinds of programming why can't he remember to bring home his daily agenda from school each evening!!!

NOW! I'm done....are you feeling ENLIGHTENED?

8. Enlightened- aware, broadminded, cultivated, hip to, instructed, learned, savvy, tuned in, wised up.

Or Maybe you are feeling UNENLIGHTENED?

9. Unenlightened- confused, confounded, in the dark, misled, perplexed, uninformed.

10. I LOVE my Thesaurus.

11. I'm not always big on following the rules...this was supposed to be 7 things. Oh well....there are more...

12. .......
13. ................
14. .....................................................
15. .............................................................................

I could go on all day.................

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday, March 14, 2009

One Man's Trash AND It's A Small World After All!!

Last week I spent any available time working on my e-bay account. It never (ever-ever) ceases to amaze me what people will buy and what they will pay for it. I really think it becomes like a gambling addiction and once someone bids against you, you have a real NEED to outbid them. I didn't have any outrageous sales this time but did well and just about everything sold. However, there have been times when you just wouldn't believe what people paid for certain items. Well, maybe you would believe it. It's not like I would lie to you about it. What purpose would that serve? That's right...none at all.

Anyway, there was a pair of jeans, previously worn, that my friend had owned and then cut off into shorts. I don't have the original picture that I put on e-bay any more but it was something similar to the picture of blue jean cut off shorts that is floating around on this page somewhere. (Chatty Kelly HELP!!) I can't figure out how to put the pics in the correct place!!!!

Now it wasn't like the picture ( that is somewhere on this page ) of the thin, statuesque model that is gazing off into space thinking about when she will be allowed to eat her next piece of celery. It was just a picture of the shorts laid out on a tablecloth. I started the bidding at 99 cents. The next day the bidding was around $4.00 and I was thinking that was cool. I had hesitated even putting them up for auction because I was pretty sure they wouldn't sell. WRONG. They ended up selling for $42.00 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. AMAZING! That isn't the most expensive thing I've sold but it is definitely the most surprising.

Here's something else that was VERY surprising. Last year when I was doing some e-bay work, Kelly sent me a post from a lady's blog who had also sold a few things on e-bay. Kelly thought I might enjoy reading it since I was working on ebay too. At the time, I had no idea who this lady was but her story was interesting, so I bookmarked it. The title of her post was "Cash Cow" (do you know who you are yet?). Months later I happened to come across the post and that is when I realized that it was written by none other than our very good friend, (insert friend's name here). I was going to write out who it was, but I worked so hard at learning how to link, that I think I'm going to make you click on the link to see who this lady is.

I guess the saying is true...It IS a Small World After All!!! Oh, and by the way, I'm NOT the one that paid $810.00 for the cow......but I wish I was the one that had been selling it!! : )