Thursday, March 26, 2009

Teenage Boys.....Not The Brightest of The Bunch

Well, Teenage Boys. You gotta love em. (don't you?). How young men survive long enough to populate the earth is beyond me. You know what? They're crazy! They're just plain CRAZY!!

Here's a story that JM told me about what happened a while ago in the parking lot after school.....(ok, I'm grateful that for once he was a spectator and not a participant!)

(Sidenote: I Googled Teenage Boys just to find a picture to add to the post and found this book. It looked interesting so I checked it out. It is a realistic biography about a young man in college that strays from his faith but eventually finds his way back. Looks interesting for JM. I may order it.)

ANYWAY, Back to the story.

After school the kids were hanging out in the parking lot. A guy that is a football player was getting ready to drive away. As he starts driving, his friend jumps in front of his car. I think JM told me the guy yelled something like "Hit Me!". Well, the guy mashes on the gas pedal and slams into his friend! (not his friends car...but the actual kid!). When the car hit the kid, he literally was knocked up, his body did a complete flip and he landed on the ground behind the car.

There were gasps from other kids, the driver stopped and ran to check on his friend, the friend stood up and laughed and then everyone laughed and cheered.

I tried to get more info about this from JM but he is in training to be a man, so he never gets all the details.

I did find out the next day that the kid that was hit, went home and told his mom about it. ("Hey mom, a funny thing happened today...."). He was only telling her because he thought it was funny. From what I hear, she wasn't laughing and made him go with her to the ER.

SO, the football team is going to be short one player for now. it is hard to play with a broken rib.

Perhaps he should switch to electric football. My brother used to have that game many years aog. If I remember correctly, you set your men up, turned it on, and then the game shook and vibrated until either everyone fell over OR one man happened go wobble across and make a touch down.

That boy is lucky to be alive. So I say again, "How young men survive long enough to populate the earth is beyond me!"


Meredith Leigh Knight said...

I know what you mean. The first week my daughter started driving, she had a boy (a friend of hers) jump on the side of her (our) Ford Explorer. Instead of stopping, she drove around the school at a rather high rate of speed with him hanging on. Oh, yeah, and she ran a stop sign in the process. Where was she going? Cross Country running practice on the other side of campus. Couldn't she have just run over there? That was a fun phone call from resource officer!

My ADHD Me said...

Oh Meredith...could I tell you a few stories about teenagers driving....

Greg C said...

I could tell you stories too but it boils down to stupid stupid things. I can say that when you are that age, all your thinking goes out the window and you are only thinking in one direction. Well at least that is how it was for me.

My Army Brats and Me said...

I really love reading your blog. I guess that is why you have so many awards. Well deserved:) Your funny, happy and positive to be around.

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

my only thought after reading this was "Dear Lord, you gave me 2!!!"

Chatty Kelly said...

I don't understand how they thougth this was funny. BOYS?!?!? SO thankful I have 2 girls, although I'm sure they have stories too.

Edie said...

I agree with CK, I don't know why they would think it was funny. And coming from a family that doesn't know how to make boys I have to say yes girls have their own stories.

I have missed you guys this week! Sorry I haven't been around. I've been organizing a Tea Party in my area.

Gotta get some sleep now. Goodnight!

Edie said...

CK - My daughter and some of her friends drove under a semi when she was 14. Only the driver was hurt with a broken arm. They drove completely under it and backed out.

God's girl said...

I'm with Valerie!!! Just the other day I told God, "You gave me two boys why????" (Although He definitely knew what He was doing because there's no way I could handle two whiny girls on top of my own whine).

This is totally crazy! Just crazy...

Thanks for continuing to stop by even though I haven't been here for awhile. I appreciate your kind comments:)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Just checking in. Or checking up on you, one should say. How's the 30 x 5 going?

Leslie said...

Ah yes, the joy of boys! I have two....14 and 11. I'm not looking forward to the adventures of teenage boys with their driver's licences! My younger one constantly rides his bike looking backward rather than forward...yeah, I can't wait until he can drive.

Debbie said...

Oh, it just makes you crazy. How in the world do they survive. I worry every day.

Beverlydru said...

Yeah, FEARLESS would be a kind word. STUPID would be more accurate. I don't even want to know all the things our son did when he was in high school. Never did drugs aor drank but he jumped off high things and surfed with sharks and CRAZY stuff. He has always liked "extreme sports". Now he just runs into burning buildings for starters.

PS It has POURED rain since Thursday morning. ARGGH

Irritable Mother said...

I was all set to comment on your ABC post, but I saw the first line of this one, and had to keep reading.
See what you do to me, ADHD? You're getting me off task!!! *grin*

Anyway, I enjoyed this one. It'll be a couple years until I have teenage boys, but I'm preparing myself. Ha!

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