Friday, March 6, 2009

Just Call Me Billy

Have you ever wondered what it felt like to be Billy Carter? (ahem..that would be Jimmy's Brother).

How about Jeb Bush?

I did a little bit of research on the siblings of a few famous actors and actresses. It seems that MANY of their siblings were ALSO actors and or actresses.

TOM HANKS ... (I just LOVE him. He is definitely in that Top 5 list of my favorite actors that I haven't created yet!). Tom Hanks has a younger brother named Jim. JIM IS AN ACTOR TOO!

Jim Hanks had a role in Forrest Gump. He was a double for Tom when he was running. Jim also is the voice of Tom on various Toy Story and Polar Express video games. Not to mention, he is the voice of Geoffrey on the Toys R Us commercials.

JOHN TRAVOLTA- I was in high school when "Grease" was released. That was when I took down my poster of Henry Winkler and replaced it with John, I thought he was the coolest of cool.

John Travolta has quite a few brothers and sisters. All actors and actresses. Here is a sampling of their work. His Sister Ann was a member of the wedding party in Urban Cowboy. She was also the pizza girl in Saturday Night Fever. His sister Margaret was "Reporter #1" in the movie Michael.

HARRISON FORD- Just as cool today as he was 25 years ago. When it comes to action flicks, he can get the "begeemas" beaten out of him and still make an incredible come back and save the day.

Harrison Ford has a brother. His name is Terence Ford. He's also an actor. In Wikopedia under his name for Trivia, it says..."Brother of Harrison Ford". You do have to give him credit though. In his list of credentials, there are no Indianna Jones or Star Wars movies.

Terence Ford..
Beverly Hills 90210- 1 episode- Jack McKay
Dynasty- 1 episode-Guest #1
Falcon Crest- 1 episode
Scarecrow and Mrs King- 1 episode
Knots Landing- 1 episode- cell guard.

BILL MURRAY- I think he is HILARIOUS! He has that quirky sense of humor. You know, the kind that can ONLY be acquired from being a member of the Original Saturday Night Live cast. He had quite a few siblings. All actors and actresses. His brother Brian had roles in Caddyshack and Groundhog Day(hhmmm). Brian and 2 other brothers all had roles in Scrooged. One of them played Bill's brother and the other 2 were guests at the Christmas party.

Julia Roberts- One of the highest paid females in Hollywood. Her older sister Lisa is an actress. She played in..
Mona Lisa Smile as Miss Albini and
Runaway Bride as Elaine from Manhattan.

Are you starting to notice a trend?

Remember the famous brothers Daryl and Daryl? "Hello. I'm Larry. This is my brother Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl". Still need a hint....The Bob Newhart Show.


OK, where is this all going? Monkeys Are Funny......

What made me think of all of this?

Did you all read 2nd Cup of Coffee's excellent interview with Chatty Kelly? Chatty Kelly aspires to AND is well on her way to becoming a known Christian Writer.

1st of all, don't worry, there will no books titled "Growing Up With Chatty Kelly", but I have to chuckle as I picture this....

Flash forward about 5 years and picture the front cover story of the National Enquirer.

"Famous Christian Writer has Monkey For Sister!"

"Famous Christian Writer's Sister Tried to Drown Herself in Bathtub by Sticking Her Hair In The Drain"

"Famous Christian Writer Denies Her Sister Ever Thought She Was A Junebug"

"Famous Christian Writer's Sister Condemns Children Books"

HAHA....Maybe It will be safer for me to write that book after all.....

Congratulations Kelly on your Interview at 2nd Cup and on your stories that are sold and selling.
And if I ever decide that I want to be a writer....well, untuck your shirt and that will be me, hanging onto your shirt tail, getting dragged across the floor....


Debbie said...

Now don't sell yourself short! You can be the one to break this streak:)

Beverlydru said...

Well look at you - You had a makeover!! I'm thinking I know who's behind this Monkey Business! It looks terrific.

You crack me up. Totally. I think it's pretty interesting that I share a name with a famous Christian writer who writes books I don't even like to read. She's obviously a good writer and I'm safe to say that here. It does make me a star in my local library. : )

Chatty Kelly said...

You crack me up! I will totally let you be "guest #1" if I ever star in a movie.

And when I'm famous I'll give you an exclusive interview on your blog. Really.

Thanks Billy, ah, um, Mary.

Edie said...

You are quite the research artist!

It's exciting to watch the way God is ushering Kelly forward in her writing. But that doesn't mean He will leave you behind.

Look at Kirk Cameron and Candace Cameron (Bure). They both shared the spotlight at the same time.

Ya just never know what God will do.

Sue J. said...

First, LOVE the make-over! (Edie, it's outstanding!! You really captured her essence...well, actually, things might be all black then, but it would be hard to see the essence if you went with all black. So, good choice!)

My ADHDMe.... You need to come out from your sister's pink shadow and realize that's there's room in the world of publishing for you both. I love your sister and I'm amazed at God's working through her. But I'm really taken with what He's been doing through you! And it's not just the writing, either....

The bookshelves at the Christian book store have lots of room. Chatty Kelly may find herself in the devotional aisle. But venture on over to the Christian humor section sometime.

Personally, I want to see "Car Wrecks, Alcohol Checks, Dictionary Treks...And That's Just This Week: Still Very Symptomatic and Loving the Lord" on the end aisle at Family Christian soon....

My ADHD Me said...

Isn't the make over AMAZING!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I just LOVE the way I look in animation!!

Anonymous said...

I totally read that article about being the brothers of stars on fox news


Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

your blog looks great!

I once met Kirk Cameron (He was a special guest speaker at a youth conference) I went to get his autograph all I could manage to get out was "I was in love with you when I was 9."

I'm still humiliated...

Edie said...

Girl you look good in real life too. Both inside and out.

Look at you honoring your sister all this week. That's beautiful. God made you both pretty special.

Thanks for letting me make you over. You know I had fun doing it.

Sue J - She wanted lots of black so I was going to do a black and white tv look. When she saw it she decided it needed a little color. Guess she's peeking over the rainbow. Right Dorothy? :)

God's girl said...

I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!!!! Edie did a great job with the cracked wall! Woo hoo!!! Girl's breaking free! Watch out world, here comes ADHDme ready to conquer the world, one crack at a time!

I have a feeling that while you are feeling like you are sitting in Chatty's shadow, she is feeling like she's sits in your shadow as well. That's the way things work with sisters. MOST of the time, but not always. I found with my sister, I longed for her beauty and charm and she longed for my perseverance and strength. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Whenever you feel like you are sitting in someone else's shadow, there's always someone who feels like they are sitting in yours. Be who God called YOU to be, not Chatty or ET or even me. Yep, that's right, not even me.

I know that's a hard one to swallow, but you just can't be me. It just wouldn't work. You're in the wrong profession to try to be me. I vomit over any body stuff and have a really queezy stomach! Ewww, for real, serious, not kidding one bit! If you want to be like me, quit being a firefighter and then maybe you will have a chance. If you really want to be like me, then you need to clean houses and fix meals for people for a living. Yes, get that kind of job and then it will work. Then you would have to spend a lot of time you shouldn't be wasting commenting really long comments in comment boxes everywhere you go. It's really exhausting. Trust me!

Do I sound silly or just plain stupid? Yep! God made you YOU and no one else, and you know what, YOU are going to be able to reach people for God in ways that no one else will ever be able to. And the same for all of us. Although we live for an audience of One, there are more than many audiences out there that we have to reach, and one person can't be it all for everyone. YOU are you! Celebrate because Monkeys are Funny!

WHEW! See how exhausting it can be to be me! j/k


Chatty Kelly said...

By the way, I love the layout too. It is AWESOME! (good job Edie!)

Chatty Kelly said...

I just noticed your scripture tag too. So good! Yay you! yay Edie!