Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bed Time!

I really tried to go to sleep.
I laid down on my bed.
But just as soon as I was snug.
The thoughts raced through my head.

They start with any little thing.
I try to block them out.
But just like all those other nights.
Soon they start to shout.

Everyone has thoughts at night
Some may get them up
Things like "Did I lock the door"
Or "Did I feed the pup".

But mine are whirling dervish types
That jump from left to right.
They twirl around and up and down
And keep me up at night.

Perhaps there was a tv show
That I had seen last week
Or a song that's in my head
Whose lyrics were unique.

It could just be the ticking
Of the clock upon the wall.
Or water that is dripping
From the bathroom down the hall.

Next thing you know my mind is racing.
Brain on overdrive
From there, who knows what's coming next.
As new thoughts come alive.

I know I NEED to get some sleep.
I'm not a morning person.
But if I stress about the time
The thoughts will only worsen.

I think of things I need to do
I think of things I've done.
I think of times that weren't too good.
I think of times of fun.

I've tried to write these things all down
Before I go to sleep.
That never helps (no, not one bit)
Into my mind they creep.

Tonight I thought of Kevin Bacon.
Please don't ask me why.
I played that game named after him
Of that I can't deny.

I finally put that thought to rest.
It's almost 3 AM.
I think I spend most every night
In perpetual REM.

I'm going to try again.
But I have a nagging hunch.
That if I don't sleep very soon.
I might just sleep through lunch.

Good Night...hopefully!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do You KNow Where Your Computer Is?

I am Afraid. You should be afraid. Be very afraid.

This thing we call a computer has more control than you may realize. I discovered this yesterday when I tried to turn mine on. First of all, I had not
turned it off, but it was off anyway. After I turned it on, the only thing I could get to come up was a screen that said....

"Your computer is unable to start. We will attempt to find and repair the problems. It could take a few minutes."

1st of all, that shoul
d have been my first warning. If my computer won't start up, then how can it send me a message telling me so.
THEN, it asked me if I want it to run a scan to try to find an fix the problem.

"Click YES or NO"
(Reminded my of those love notes from grade school, "Hi. I lik
e you. Do you like me. Please check YES or NO).....whew, glad those days are over.....

Monkeys Are Funny

Well, I am usually very wary of clicking on any buttons that I've never seen before but I clicked away. Then this little bar appeared on the screen that had a blue dot running back and forth across it. It said it was checking
for the problem and then would attempt to repair it. This happened for about 10 minutes. Then it stopped and said that it could not repair the problem but if I entered more information, Microsoft might be able to crack the problem. It would try again.

"Please click....
Send additional information (recommended).......
Don't Send

was another box. It said "Click here to review problems."
That seemed safe.
I clicked that button and this is what I got. (The numbers have been change to protect the innocent)


Bad Batch

WELL, thank goodness they cleared THAT up!!

I decided to try to old standby. Turn off the computer and then try to turn it back on.
I tried that.
It asked me, "Are you su
re you want to turn off your computer?"


With b
ated breath, I turned it off...waited a few moments....and turned it back on.

Is the suspense killing you yet??

Well, that was enough excitement for one day.
I'm exhausted!!!!

Never-the-less, I cannot help but wonder, when I am asleep at night. What exactly is my computer doing? It is chatting with other computers? Is it video taping me? OR is it just trying to think up ways to drive me crazier.

I'm not afraid.
No sir-ee.

I'm gonna live to be 93.
I play safe for you and me.
Cause I'M No Fool!

P.S. The video says it's about 8 minutes but it's really about 40 seconds.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

More of The Dreaded WVB

I know the anticipation has been driving you crazy.
You've laid awake nights wondering and hoping
"Will I ever get to learn any new words?", you whispered aloud.
You probably caught yourself saying out loud,"I NEED to broaden my vocabulary".

Well, you can put your worries to rest. Today is the next installment of The Dreaded WVB.
You know, that little box at the bottom of the page with random letters that, until now, everyone thought were just letters that had no meaning.

The Word Verification Box.

So now, without further ado....busy activity, fuss, excitement, commotion, flurry, hub bub, turmoil.....oh, sorry, I've missed my Thesaurus and just had to use it.

Monkeys Are Funny

More definitions from The Dreaded WVB.

1.fulsigi - Little Sigmund Freud after Thanksgiving Dinner.

2. batspot - Batman and Robin's cool hang out place.

3. kerses - those awful words that tend to pop out of our mouths when we drop a brick on our foot.

4. phu ma - When you accidentally say the RIGHT thing. (The opposite of foo pah (an Irish word for faux pas meaning a slip or blemish in etiquette, manners or conduct).

5. readist - a professional reader (ie chemist, pianist, artist)

6. focas - puleeze!

7. haten - obviously the opposite of lovin'.

8. hottow - what you get when you step on asphalt with bare feet in the summer. Opposite of what you get when you step out in the snow with bare feet....cold toe.

9. dpaynt - What Tom Sawyer used to paint de fence.

10. prolocks - an advocate for curly hair.

That's all for now. Have an outstanding day!!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey There, Georgie Girl!!

So here I am.

I'm trying to get back in the zone.
The Blog Zone. Picture, if you will, a woman. She is sitting at her computer...wait a minute. I said The BLOG Zone, not The Twilight Zone.

I'm trying to figure out how
to get back in the rhythm.

How about a simple, "I'm Back!"?

Do I just start writing like I've been here all along?

Do I try to play catch-up? By the way, A Merry Christmas to Us All; God Bless Us Everyone!

Do I just start rambling along and see what happens? No, that would be silly and SO out of character for me.

Do I fill everyone in on my surgery.
OK, I'll do that.
I had surgery. Am doing well.

Now what?

Do I pretend I never stopped writing and pick up where I left off? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Do I talk about why I haven't been blogging? That gets old.

Maybe I'll start off with a m
eme. Memes, Memes, Memes Oh My! No, Somehow I get the feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore.

I could start off with a
song. Then again, I wasn't singing when I left. Never even said "So Long". (or farewell, auf weidersehen, or adieu. To you, and you, and you and you and you.)

Then again, I could always just slide in quietly. With so many people switching over to Facebook these days, perhaps nobo
dy even noticed. Of course I haven't really been around there either. And it's been so long since I've checked my email, I'm afraid to even open that.

I don't know. There are just too many options. I think I'll just sleep on it and start back another day. After all, tomorrow IS another day!

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