Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hey There, Georgie Girl!!

So here I am.

I'm trying to get back in the zone.
The Blog Zone. Picture, if you will, a woman. She is sitting at her computer...wait a minute. I said The BLOG Zone, not The Twilight Zone.

I'm trying to figure out how
to get back in the rhythm.

How about a simple, "I'm Back!"?

Do I just start writing like I've been here all along?

Do I try to play catch-up? By the way, A Merry Christmas to Us All; God Bless Us Everyone!

Do I just start rambling along and see what happens? No, that would be silly and SO out of character for me.

Do I fill everyone in on my surgery.
OK, I'll do that.
I had surgery. Am doing well.

Now what?

Do I pretend I never stopped writing and pick up where I left off? Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Do I talk about why I haven't been blogging? That gets old.

Maybe I'll start off with a m
eme. Memes, Memes, Memes Oh My! No, Somehow I get the feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore.

I could start off with a
song. Then again, I wasn't singing when I left. Never even said "So Long". (or farewell, auf weidersehen, or adieu. To you, and you, and you and you and you.)

Then again, I could always just slide in quietly. With so many people switching over to Facebook these days, perhaps nobo
dy even noticed. Of course I haven't really been around there either. And it's been so long since I've checked my email, I'm afraid to even open that.

I don't know. There are just too many options. I think I'll just sleep on it and start back another day. After all, tomorrow IS another day!

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2Thinks said...

I'm trying to picture how long it must take you to generate a post like this. I mean you have to go out to Google, find the right pic, copy and paste it, go back to the post retrieve the pic and put it there, type a little more, repeat. Is this how you do it, or is there a faster way I don't know about? I've practically given up on posts with pictures because it takes me so long to put them up. Then there's the editing of pics taken w/my camera to resize them first so they'll load faster when posting them. By the time I get my pictures ready to post, I've forgotten what it was I was posting about- the text part.

I like this post. It's funny. And it's good to see your blog had a waking moment.

samurai said...

I say just jump back in... ramble and ramble... that's my approach... and it seems to work for me.

Thrown in a theme every now and again to keep "them" off balance. 8)

Mocha with Linda said...

Welcome Back, Kotter!

And no, the names haven't all changed since you've hung around!

Sue J. said...

:Swingin' down the street so fancy free...." That song is so upbeat and fun to sing, but it's so sad, hence the encouragement at the end: "Wake up, Georgie Girl!"

Love this post!!

BTW, some of us haven't switched over to FB, but we are using FB to mention that we have blogs. You should try that sometime....

Way to stay out there!

WV: drachnc (Could be time for one of these, too....)