Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bed Time!

I really tried to go to sleep.
I laid down on my bed.
But just as soon as I was snug.
The thoughts raced through my head.

They start with any little thing.
I try to block them out.
But just like all those other nights.
Soon they start to shout.

Everyone has thoughts at night
Some may get them up
Things like "Did I lock the door"
Or "Did I feed the pup".

But mine are whirling dervish types
That jump from left to right.
They twirl around and up and down
And keep me up at night.

Perhaps there was a tv show
That I had seen last week
Or a song that's in my head
Whose lyrics were unique.

It could just be the ticking
Of the clock upon the wall.
Or water that is dripping
From the bathroom down the hall.

Next thing you know my mind is racing.
Brain on overdrive
From there, who knows what's coming next.
As new thoughts come alive.

I know I NEED to get some sleep.
I'm not a morning person.
But if I stress about the time
The thoughts will only worsen.

I think of things I need to do
I think of things I've done.
I think of times that weren't too good.
I think of times of fun.

I've tried to write these things all down
Before I go to sleep.
That never helps (no, not one bit)
Into my mind they creep.

Tonight I thought of Kevin Bacon.
Please don't ask me why.
I played that game named after him
Of that I can't deny.

I finally put that thought to rest.
It's almost 3 AM.
I think I spend most every night
In perpetual REM.

I'm going to try again.
But I have a nagging hunch.
That if I don't sleep very soon.
I might just sleep through lunch.

Good Night...hopefully!



Sue J. said...

Sh.....I'm not going to wake you. Hope you have a nice afternoon!

Mocha with Linda said...

Love it! Well, I love the poem, not the problem! :-) This is just the type of poem I generally write when the inspiration hits me - love this type of meter.

Hope you get some rest!

Kelly Combs said...

I sleep like a log. ZZZZzzzz!

Hope you got some rest.

Lea said...

You shoulda called me or texted me... I was prolly up too. lol
I woulda even rhymed with ya.
If it happens again...
you could always finish your chairs. :)

samurai said...

Ugh... hope you can get some sleep soon.

Although... sleeping in through lunch does sound good too. 8)

Irritable Mother said...

Love it!
Just wish I could be as creative when my mind is whirling and I wish I were sleeping. I tend to just get frustrated. *sigh*
Thanks for the smile!

Meredith said...

ahhh, who needs lunch!?! LOVE the poem--you are really good at this!!

Edie said...

Let me just say that you REALLY should be writing kids books. You are truly the next Dr Seuss!

I hope you've gotten some sleep since you wrote this.

DWV: deresy

Lori - Surrey, BC, Canada said...

Should I be worried that you're inside my head? You described my night time struggles perfectly!

I've often counted when I am trying to go to sleep. Then I read that, if when you're counting, you start thinking about other things, start back at 0. Lets just say I very rarely get past 20. Okay honestly - often I don't get past 10.