Saturday, February 5, 2011

More of The Dreaded WVB

I know the anticipation has been driving you crazy.
You've laid awake nights wondering and hoping
"Will I ever get to learn any new words?", you whispered aloud.
You probably caught yourself saying out loud,"I NEED to broaden my vocabulary".

Well, you can put your worries to rest. Today is the next installment of The Dreaded WVB.
You know, that little box at the bottom of the page with random letters that, until now, everyone thought were just letters that had no meaning.

The Word Verification Box.

So now, without further ado....busy activity, fuss, excitement, commotion, flurry, hub bub, turmoil.....oh, sorry, I've missed my Thesaurus and just had to use it.

Monkeys Are Funny

More definitions from The Dreaded WVB.

1.fulsigi - Little Sigmund Freud after Thanksgiving Dinner.

2. batspot - Batman and Robin's cool hang out place.

3. kerses - those awful words that tend to pop out of our mouths when we drop a brick on our foot.

4. phu ma - When you accidentally say the RIGHT thing. (The opposite of foo pah (an Irish word for faux pas meaning a slip or blemish in etiquette, manners or conduct).

5. readist - a professional reader (ie chemist, pianist, artist)

6. focas - puleeze!

7. haten - obviously the opposite of lovin'.

8. hottow - what you get when you step on asphalt with bare feet in the summer. Opposite of what you get when you step out in the snow with bare feet....cold toe.

9. dpaynt - What Tom Sawyer used to paint de fence.

10. prolocks - an advocate for curly hair.

That's all for now. Have an outstanding day!!

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Mocha with Linda said...

You are back in true form! Love how you come up with these. To me the letters I get just look like a bunch of mish-mash.

Sue J. said...

dpaynt? Seriously.....

And 'phu ma' -- that's classic! Good for you....

Hope you're saving these for you book!

WV: meryno

Kelly Combs said...

heeheehee. Loved it.