Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Old to Play with Dinosaurs

There is a dinosaur in my house.

I've been working with it for years. It never really bothered me because I don't know that much about dinosaurs anyway. The only problem is, that whenever I wanted to play with the dinosaur, someone else was already doing it. Even when I was the only one around, my dinosaur was very stubborn and would just sit, refusing to allow me to play.

My neighbor had an old dinosaur that she no longer played with, so she gave it to me. Well, that was wonderful until "Alberquando" took it over. He knows more about dinosaurs than just about any one I know. Unfortunately, he fed the dinosaur so much food that the dinosaur got fat. It got so fat that his skin didn't even fit.

"Alberquando" didn't mind, but whenever I went to play, I guess this newer dinosaur was so full that it refused to do anything for me.

Well, times are hard. Even though I wanted a pet of my own, I knew I couldn't get anything other than another dinosaur. SO I got my very own BABY dinosaur. Baby dinosaurs are worse than adult ones. They are just as stubborn. This one had barely learned to walk and it would take him 20 minutes just to walk across the room. It was SO S-L-O-W!!

Not only that, but his scales started to fall off!!

And his tail was so long that it was always in the way!

I gave up. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. I stopped playing with the dinosaur almost completely. I felt like "Little Jackie Paper". I loved the dinosaur but I just didn't have time to play with him. Then it actually stopped working altogether. "Puff that mighty dragon, ceased his mighty roar." (ok, dragons- dinosaurs....close enough)

Luckily "Alberquando" coaxed Puff out of his cave. That is great for them. But I was over it.


Sometimes a person has to break down and do something for themselves. I can't remember the last time I bought something NEW for myself. Oh yes I can! It was just this week.

"Painted wings and giant rings. Make
way for other toys..."

But don't worry about our dinosaur. "Alberquando" still loves him. He's even taught him a new language. It's called Lenux. Believe me, I got out just in time!

Have a great day!!


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means...

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!!

Did you forget to buy a special gift for someone this year? Don't worry. It isn't too late!!



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the MORN After Christmas

Twas the MORN after Christmas.
I lay in my bed.
I smiled as I thought of the day up ahead.

Christmas Day had been grand.
Of that there's no doubt.
But busy with tidings and running about.

I thought of my calendar
Hung on the wall.
Not a single thing on it
Nothing at all.

I went from my bed
to my family room first.
It looked like a giant
pinata had burst!

The previous days beauty
Had somehow slipped out
There was barely a spot
for me to walk about.

The lights on my tree
that had been oh so bright
Looked crooked and sagged
A sad looking sight.

The room had looked lovely
But not any more
I looked but could not find
A clear spot on the floor.

The snow out the window
had now turned to rain.
My dog lay there chewing
on a wrapped candy cane.

I trudged in the kitchen.
By now no surprise.
Yesterdays dishes
All greeted my eyes.

My thoughts went from resting
to cleaning this mess
But where to get started
I couldn't process.

A game plan was needed.
I was on a mission.
To get this place clean
Would take a magician.

But I couldn't get started.
Overwhelmed I just stared.
I stared and I stared
And I stared and I stared.

But then it just hit me.
And once and for all.
I knew why my doctor
prescribed Adderall.

I then took my meds,
Diet Coke was my drink.
Eventually my brain
was able to think.

I started to clean.
But still no desire.
I went and sat down
with a book by the fire.

I couldn't get settled.
Was edgy at most.
So I sat at my computer.
And wrote out this post.

Now that I'm finished.
The meds have kicked in.
I'll conquer the clutter.
It's time to begin!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Surprise in the Mailbox......For ME!!

So I go outside and there sitting on the grill is yet another package from the post office.

I order many of the gifts I give on-line so this was no surprise. I barely looked at it and was about to put it in the chest with all the others, to wrap at a later date...but wait! I recognize the return name and address. This is for ME!! EXCITING!!

I rush into the house and begin to open it.

Exciting! And beautifully wrapped!!

What a beautiful card AND bookmark!

It is a handmade original Rich Gift!

But WAIT!! There's more! How Cool Is THAT!! A fire engine Christmas tree ornament! I LOVE IT!!

I decided to hang it right on the front of the tree. Do you see it?

Zoom in......There! That's better.....Actually, it's

Thank you so much Edie.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Encore! Encore!! Christmas Canon

Although this is the same orchestra as yesterday's post, this song is much calmer. I think it is just beautiful. The talent these people have is unbelievable. This is a very popular song that is played on the radio very frequently for Christmas.
I love this song.
Christmas Canon">


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means


Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!

Every year at Christmastime my kids and I go to this concert. (except this year as it came much earlier than usual and we missed it).

The Transiberian Orchestra is a 60 piece orchestra that combines rock, metal and classical music along with an awesome light show.

In 2007, one of their members, Mark Wood (a graduate of Juilliard), came to our county and combined the orchestra members of all of the counties elementary, middle and high schools and put together a concert that is still talked about today. The schools had been individually practicing the pieces for 2 months. The idea was to teach kids that "Orchestra Rocks".

Afterwards he signed autographs and posed with each kid for a picture. "Alberquando" was in the 5th grade and played the cello

Anyway, this is the Transiberian Orchestra. The title of the song is Christmas Eve/Sarajevo, Carol of The Bells.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Superior Writing of 8thGradeADHDMe

I am just sure that many of you must wonder how I ended up with such incredible writing skills. After all, this type of writing isn't taught in schools...thank goodness.

Well, I believe I have had this gift most of my life. I ran across a poem that I wrote in 8th grade. Sadly, I believe 8th great was my acme. I will say that my writing "finesse" hasn't changed one bit.

Before I show my poem, I'm going to write out a few of the lines from some of the poems that were written by other kids in the class,( the teacher had put a book together of everyone's work). Reading these also will make it obvious I was never really in a group of my peers.

They all wanted to be so deep or so serious.....

"Show yourself, I won't laugh. I scarce remember how..."

"They sway to the slow music of the wind, as if dancing to a waltz....."

"Short people are the same as, anywhere we go. They even wrote a song about us. I may be the shortest everywhere I go, but I'm the tallest in my mind...."

Pretty deep stuff for a bunch of 8th graders.

OK, That was a short sample of a few clips from a few of the other students poems.

Here's Mine

While walking around a store one day,
A person I happened to see.
I knew who she was. But wasn't quite sure.
Oh, who could that cute person be?

As I stared at that person in wonder,
One thing I noticed of she.
That person was making fun!
That person was mimicking me!

And then I saw the frame.
I laughed right out in glee.
I looked in that mirror and said.
"That cute little person is ME!"

The End....I got an A+

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means!!

Today is Tuesday. You know what that means. We're gonna have a special guest!! Last weeks Special Guest was the Heat Miser and the Cold Miser. NOW, back by popular demand..... Today's Special Guest is Chatty Kelly's and My version of the Heat Miser and the Cold Miser. Make sure you watch both clips. You may remember we did it last year for 2nd Cup of Coffee's I SEE WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. Believe me, it takes A LOT more courage to show this than to step into any burning building!! Have a great day!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Day In The Twilight Zone

Do you ever get that feeling like you are living in the Twilight Zone? Yesterday was definitely one of those days. It started off normal enough. Well, normal for me anyway. I got up, got "Alberquando" on the school bus and started to clean the kitchen. I hadn't slept very well the night before and decided to lay down on the sofa for 15 minutes. I had a doctor's appointment at 11:00 and it was about 8:30 so I had plenty of time. I set the timer, laid down, and was out like a rock. (Out like a rock? I don't know. That's what people say.) Anyway, the timer probably went off. I wonder how long it rang before it just gave up. I woke up at 10:00. It takes 30 minutes to get to the doctor's office. That gave me 30 minutes to change from "just woke up and look like something the cat dragged in...or the dog since we don't have a cat" to someone that at least wouldn't scare off the entire medical community.

Somehow I got ready on time...whew.

So I'm rushing to put the dog on her cable before I walk out the door. I double check the calendar and my appointment wasn't until11:30! (shoot, I could have slept longer!)

Since I had some extra time I sat down at the computer. Just 5 minutes. How did 5 minutes turn into 30 so quickly!!

After the doctor's appointment I stopped at Fas Mart, a convenience store, to get gas for the car. I went inside to pay. The clerk had a cigarette burning in the ashtray and as I was getting out the money, he had inadvertently rested his arm over the cigarette and the next thing you knew his arm was on fire! He started screaming and running around. I tried to stop him...HELLO!....STOP, DROP and ROLL! He wouldn't stop and ran out the door. A policeman was out there. The man went running towards the policeman. He was screaming and waving his arms. Finally the policeman and I got to him, threw him down and got the fire extinguished. The policeman went to his car and made a call on his radio. I expected the ambulance to be arriving any moment but instead, the policeman grabbed the man by his good arm, put him in the back of the police car and arrested him!!

The charges???? Waving a Fire Arm at a Police Officer.....

Have a great day! ; )

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means!!

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!!

I can't let the month of December go by without playing my favorite animated Christmas song.
So today's guest star is an encore from last December.

Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!!!!!!



Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hug an Honest Mechanic

November was the month that JM, 18, had to get his car inspected (must be done yearly in Virginia). It was his first experience at this. You may remember that he totaled his first car before it needed inspecting and he totaled his 2nd car before it needed its 2nd tank of gas.

Being the typical responsible teenager that he is, he promptly took his car in on the 30th of November.

Now even if you are older or if you drive a newer car, you still NEVER take your car to an "unknown" for ANYTHING! Especially an inspection. Ah, life's lessons. But if you are 18 AND driving a 1989 New Yorker (Mary Kay PINK-haha), you should be especially careful.

SO, he drives into the crooked car dealer...I won't mention their name....TUFFY'S........and asks for an inspection. He had known ahead of time that it needed a tire, so he had already taken care of that. So, he thought he was going to pay the $16.00 fee and be done with it.

He called to see if he could pick it up.

Tuffy's-"Well, we did find a few problems but we were able to find the parts needed and can gladly repair them for you"......."Did We mention how difficult it is to find parts for your car?"

JM- "What does it need?"


"1.The steering column is cracked. This is normal in older cars because people don't know how to get in and out of the car properly. I can get you one for $250. and install it for another $150.

2. There are 2 separate seals that are leaking in the fuel tank. They will be hard to find but we think we can. (NOTE-We replaced the fuel tank a few months ago!!!!)

3. The front brake hoses need replacing.

4. The rear brake wheel cylinders are leaking and need replacing.

5. The rear brake shoes are soaked due to the leaky cylinders and they need replacing."

JM-"I'll call you back".

He hangs up the phone and looks just MISERABLE!!

Mom takes over.

I called Tuffy's and told them not to fix ANYTHING. (By the way, the total estimated estimate was $800-$1,000.)

I talked to JM and told him that taking your car to a trusted mechanic is somewhere in the top 5 of important life lessons. I told him that I have a great place....hhmmm, the same place I had recommended to him originally.

He told me that he did know of another place where he knew the people and had also heard good things about them. He had gone to Tuffy's because it was at a convenient location.

SO, he picked up his car (with the REJECTION sticker screaming at every police car in town) and took it to the other place.

Note: He can legally drive for 14 days with a Rejection Sticker, but when you are 18 and are driving a pink New Yorker, you are already standing out just a wee bit.

Bottom Line- The other place inspected it. I need to ask him what their name was so I can give them praise.

TOTAL COST -$16.00 for inspection sticker. It passed!
Life Lesson- Outstanding!!
Mom to the rescue- PRICELESS!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That means!!

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're Gonna have a Special Guest!!

In 1969, the slogan for Coca Cola was "Things go better with Coke". In 1971 Bill Backer, the creative director for Coke, was sitting in an airport. He was watching a group of people sitting around drinking Coke while they chatted. he grabbed a paper napkin and wrote "I'd like to buy the world a Coke and keep it company."

That was the beginning of what Campaign Magazine, in 2007, called, "One of the most loved and most influential ads in tv history".

Sung by the Hillside Singers and also by The New Seekers, this ad was so loved that it was expanded to 3 verses, dropped the brand name reference and released as an album that sold 96,000 copies in one day and eventually selling 12 million copies. The Coca Cola Company waived all royalties for the album and instead donated $80,000 in payments to UNICEF.

And yes......I have a copy of the

Here is a clip from the Christmas Version,
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!