Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Superior Writing of 8thGradeADHDMe

I am just sure that many of you must wonder how I ended up with such incredible writing skills. After all, this type of writing isn't taught in schools...thank goodness.

Well, I believe I have had this gift most of my life. I ran across a poem that I wrote in 8th grade. Sadly, I believe 8th great was my acme. I will say that my writing "finesse" hasn't changed one bit.

Before I show my poem, I'm going to write out a few of the lines from some of the poems that were written by other kids in the class,( the teacher had put a book together of everyone's work). Reading these also will make it obvious I was never really in a group of my peers.

They all wanted to be so deep or so serious.....

"Show yourself, I won't laugh. I scarce remember how..."

"They sway to the slow music of the wind, as if dancing to a waltz....."

"Short people are the same as, anywhere we go. They even wrote a song about us. I may be the shortest everywhere I go, but I'm the tallest in my mind...."

Pretty deep stuff for a bunch of 8th graders.

OK, That was a short sample of a few clips from a few of the other students poems.

Here's Mine

While walking around a store one day,
A person I happened to see.
I knew who she was. But wasn't quite sure.
Oh, who could that cute person be?

As I stared at that person in wonder,
One thing I noticed of she.
That person was making fun!
That person was mimicking me!

And then I saw the frame.
I laughed right out in glee.
I looked in that mirror and said.
"That cute little person is ME!"

The End....I got an A+

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Bonita said...

You deserved that A+! You showed originality and style, instead of trying to be overly deep. I'm glad your teacher realized that you were true to yourself...and you still are. That's why we keep coming back and reading more!

Mocha with Linda said...

That is ADORABLE!! Just the kind of poems I like to read and write.

The pensive deep free-verse stuff is so not me.

Jenny wren's nest said...


Kelly Combs said...

That ranks right up there with my award winning 2nd grade jack-o-lantern poem. Who knew we'd become famous bloggers. LOL!

Sue J. said...

Isn't it great to go back in time, sometimes.... because you really do get an idea of who you are as an "artist" by what you did back then. And, really, isn't it kinda deep to look across the way and see yourself, and have the ability to laugh!? You weren't just deep, you were CONFIDENT!

Keep it up, girl!!

KrippledWarrior said...

The stuff I wrote in 8th grade would have gotten me a psych-eval in school today. But teachers back then weren't pushing a social agenda.
You make me grin. A lot.

Edie said...

I knew it was you right away! LOL! That was great! I agree with Bonita, you deserved the A+.

I tired to write a funny poem (or maybe it was a short story) once in 7th grade. My teacher actually chose it to read to the class. Not because it was funny but because it ended up being deep. LOL!

Debbie said...

You should have gotten an A+. I loved it!

God's girl said...

Love it! :)

Beverlydru said...

Creative, original... you're right, they don't teach that. You've got it and we love you.

On Purpose said...

Hey you beautiful was SO wonderful for you to send a Christmas card to me! What a true gift from your heart. Thank you! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

really?? too cute