Saturday, December 26, 2009

Twas the MORN After Christmas

Twas the MORN after Christmas.
I lay in my bed.
I smiled as I thought of the day up ahead.

Christmas Day had been grand.
Of that there's no doubt.
But busy with tidings and running about.

I thought of my calendar
Hung on the wall.
Not a single thing on it
Nothing at all.

I went from my bed
to my family room first.
It looked like a giant
pinata had burst!

The previous days beauty
Had somehow slipped out
There was barely a spot
for me to walk about.

The lights on my tree
that had been oh so bright
Looked crooked and sagged
A sad looking sight.

The room had looked lovely
But not any more
I looked but could not find
A clear spot on the floor.

The snow out the window
had now turned to rain.
My dog lay there chewing
on a wrapped candy cane.

I trudged in the kitchen.
By now no surprise.
Yesterdays dishes
All greeted my eyes.

My thoughts went from resting
to cleaning this mess
But where to get started
I couldn't process.

A game plan was needed.
I was on a mission.
To get this place clean
Would take a magician.

But I couldn't get started.
Overwhelmed I just stared.
I stared and I stared
And I stared and I stared.

But then it just hit me.
And once and for all.
I knew why my doctor
prescribed Adderall.

I then took my meds,
Diet Coke was my drink.
Eventually my brain
was able to think.

I started to clean.
But still no desire.
I went and sat down
with a book by the fire.

I couldn't get settled.
Was edgy at most.
So I sat at my computer.
And wrote out this post.

Now that I'm finished.
The meds have kicked in.
I'll conquer the clutter.
It's time to begin!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mocha with Linda said...

I LOVE it!! Did you write that? So clever!

My ADHD Me said...

Ha. Yes, it's a MyADHDMe original.
(as if you couldn't tell. lol)

Sue J. said...

Oh, that's outstanding!

I keep looking around at the mess, too, but, I'm saving it for after the New Year. I still have baking to do before we go "over the river and through the woods."

But, come the 4th,
There it will all be
No Adderall or Diet Coke
Just some very strong coffee!!

Enjoy that book....

Edie said...

Hahaha! You crack me up! If I was there I would help. I like to clean. Well, mostly I love the end result so it's a continuous motivation for me.

If you would have given the poor dog a Christmas present he wouldn't have to try to chew the wrapper off that candy cane. :)

Merry The Day After!

Kelly Combs said...

This was so excellent! I can see this printed in a December (or Jan) magazine. You should submit it to ladies home journal or something.


Anonymous said...

That was awesome!!


Lea said...

Hey girl,

HAAA excellenTAY!
I had ta laugh at the dog eatin the candycane. Mine woulda worked his way thru the box of chocolate covered cherries too.

Now that your house is cleaned can you come clean mine? I don't know where to start either.
Btw.......... THANKS for the SURPRISE!!!! Made my day!

Meredith said...

That made me giggle! I would have liked to have seen a picture of the mess though:) My cleanup day is today as we just got home yesterday after traveling. I'm waiting on my running shoes I ordered to arrive. Diet coke, new running shoes, and a timer--think that should motivate me.....I hope....

Greg C said...

Great poem. You are a poet and don't know it. I am so ready to get the mess put away and the house back to normal.

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

Very clever! Do you share your meds? Just kidding. Thanks for wishing me a merry Christmas and for visiting my blog! It sounds as if you had a nice holiday. I like the reference to the pinata - great visual! I wish you the best in the new year!

Beverlydru said...

You summed it up for most of us! Said it far better than the average bear. ; )