Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ADHD in Virginia

I'm starting to think that Virginia must have ADHD. Specifically, the weather.

About 2 weeks ago I woke up one morning to a gloomy day. It was raining and chilly. I opened the door to let the dog in and saw the rain. As I was wiping the mud off of her, JM walked in the room and said, "Wow, a blizzard!". I glanced up and the snow was pouring down in huge snowflakes and the ground was starting to get covered. Seriously in a matter of less than 2 minutes! Remember, this is Virginia. It can snow for hours before the ground is covered. The snow was coming down so hard and blowing around so much that I finally understood how people could actually get lost in blizzards. Plus the snow has an odd texture. It looked like styrophome. So I took a picture.

5 minutes later I took another picture. The car and ground were covered in snow.
It snowed hard for about 10 minutes.

Then it started to rain. I took a picture.

Then the sun came out. I took a picture.

The temp went up to about 60 degrees. The snow melted. The car and ground dried and it was as if nothing ever happened.

All this happened in a period of less than 20 minutes.

HHmmmm.... is it possible for weather to have ADHD?
We'll talk about this a little bit more on my next post.<span class=MyADHDMe" border="0">


Chatty Kelly said...

Hey - you got the signature in the right place...kinda. I think you typed in teh middle of the HTML, so you can see some of it.

When you get ready to type a post hit the "home" key. That will take you to the beginning (before the signature).

How about when it is 10" of snow on the ground and 10 degrees, and then 1 week later it's 80 degrees. Love it.

My ADHD Me said...

That would be tomorrow's post!

Edie said...

Your html is showing. LOL! I think I need to teach you how to keep your signature at the bottom of the post. Is it ok if I go into your blog again? I will just put a space or two before the signature so that you can put your curser at the beginning of the post. :) Although, watching you try to figure it out is kinda fun. LOL!

It's raining and cold over here today and you show me snow. Ugh! :)

Your weather sounds a little extreme. Maybe you're in Texas. ???

The Patterson 5 said...

The weather has been crazy!

Marla said...

It is crazy weather, but Nebraska is that way. Below zero wind chills on Monday, going to be in the 50's this weekend.

Meredith said...

Are you sure you don't live in Alabama? That all sounded strangely familiar:).....especially the "I took a picture" part. Thank you for the funny this morning!