Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
Were gonna have a special guest!
So put on your ears,
Like good Mousketeers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!

As you know, these last few months have been a bit rough for me. I havent gotten back into my old blogging routine. After I have been scanning through a few of your posts, I realized that I won TWO (not one) , but TWO awards!!

(insert drum roll and cheers from the crowds)

....better known as Krippled Warrior has blessed me with the One Lovely Blog Award (on October 14, 2010) . Now I've been called a lot of things in my life. Some good and some not so good. However, I don't recall the word "Lovely" ever being sent my way. Thank you Kurt. If anyone was going to call me lovely, I'm glad it was you!

Award from Krippled Warrior 10/14/2010

My second award is from Samurai's Dojo. Way back on August 11, 2010 he sent me The Inspiring Masterpiece award. Now, as I said earlier, Lovely isn't a word often heard when I am being described. (By the way, by lovely I am thinking of the definition "Spiritual beauty, highly pleasing, having a beauty that appeals to the heart or mind).

But "Inspiring"? Wow! That's one I don't recall hearing either. Inspiring......" Exalting influence, to produce confidence in others, to influence or guide". Me? Oh wait, INSPIRING also has another definition, "to produce breathe/life by breathing into"....ie CPR? I must confess that on the occassions I was doing that, I never once was thinking I was inspiring. More that likely I was thinking, "BREATHE please BREATHE!"

Somehow, I do think Samurai was talking about the first definitions. What an honor!Thank you!

Award from Samurai's Dojo 8/11/2010

I do feel a bond with these 2 gentlemen. There is something about their posts that will just keep you going back. One, who refuses to believe or admit that he is a hero (read just one of his posts and you will see that he is). The other does tend to ramble (haha). Now who does THAT remind us of? And both of them have a stong, unrelenting faith in God that, more than once, has caught me off guard as I will be reading their blog and feel the Holy Spirit saying to me, I'M TALKING TO YOU!!.

You can find my 2 awards in my sidebar, (thanks to Chatty
Kelly)....now doesn't this just figure. I finally was able to get the other 2 linked and can't get Kelly linked. So much for my award from the school of linkology! I won't let her off that easily....plus if you read my post, you probably read hers.....actually most of you found me though her. Just in case...www.chattykelly.com!

So who could be a special guest today? You've all heard me quote this lady. I've never invited her to be a guest on Guest Star Day. But it is time for her to grace us with her appearance because, thanks to these awards, I get that warm fuzzy feeling.....you know...you've heard me say it before.

"You Like Me!
You Really Like Me!!"

Hmm, Sally can tell you better than I can. So here she is. Why, You ask? You know why, Cause Tuesday is Guest Star DAY!!!!!!

I couldn't find the actual clip but I did find a clip with those famous words......




Mocha with Linda said...

Congrats on the awards. The second definition of inspiring cracked me up!

Besides thinking, "Breathe!" I also would always think "Hurry up, EMS."

KrippledWarrior said...

Gentleman??? You were talking about that other guy. Cause we don't want to go giving me a good rep or something. Actually I found you through another blog and found out that you and the Chatty one were sisters much later on. It has been a pleasure meeting you on the blog-o-sphere. Be well. Be blessed. And be a blessing to others,

Nichole said...

You are liked by me!

samurai said...

KP - I was pretty sure she was talking about you. 8) You may be rough around the edges, but you are sincere and to the point.

ADHDME - you are both liked, and inspiring. Anyone who puts thought of self aside to tend to the injured and/or those in danger, is an inspiration. Just because you body will not allow you to do all of those things right now, does not mean that has waned.

Keep with the regimen the doc has you on, and it is good to see you blogging some again.

Sue J. said...

I really have to wonder who came up with the concept of a flying nun. Seriously.... But, we liked and watched her then, and still do now. Kinda like someone else we know :-)

WV: imper

Kelly Combs said...

It's about time we had this one. We've quoted it enough!

On Purpose said...

Hello Friend! As a follower of the Living My Life on Purpose blog we would like to invite you to its new location.


Please come visit us!

We want to continue doing life together on purpose!

Kelly Combs said...

It's Tuesday...again.

My ADHD Me said...