Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hurry!! Limited Time Offer!! Act Now!!!!!!

ANYONE who has ever sent me an email knows that I have issues about remembering to check my email account. I have good intentions (and we all know what good intentions can get you), but the days slip by and I completely forget.

A few months ago I went to my email account and cleaned it up a bit. I deleted most of the 1800 unread emails (I kid you not).....I kid you not (ha, I'll refrain for now on that....but come on, "I kid you not"? Who came up with that?)

So anyway, I deleted most of the 1800 unread emails. I stayed up to date for a while and then the next thing you know days, weeks maybe a month had gone by and once again the unread emails started to add u
p. I think my SPAM control button turns off intentionally if I go too long without checking.

The sad thing is that
I have missed out on SO much!

If I had checked my emails regularly, I could have...

1. Won $40,000 in gold

2. Found the Fountain of Youth.
3.Made $24,000 in 24
4. Won numerous new computers.

5. Started a job as a Medical Biller.
6. Learned to be a nurse in 6 months.
7. Won a prize a day for 100 days.
8.Found out what my future holds.
9. Won 1 of 100
,000 bottle openers.

10. Found out that there are hundreds of single people in MY area that are waiting to meet me.
11. Won a Harley Davidson.
(I could have given it to Krippled Warrior!)

ALSO, I had so many friends out there that I wasn't even aware of. You know, People looking out for me. They sent me
SO many emails with such enticing subject lines!

1. Just wait til you see this!!
2. If you Twitter, You'll Love TWITTER DATE!
3. Bankruptcy May Be My Answe
4.Want to rebuild your future?

5. Last Chance to Act Now.
6. This is your LAST CHANCE to ACT NOW!

8. Hurry! Act Now before Time Runs out!!
9. CONGRATULATIONS! Your Reward is Waiting!!

Wow I won the reward without even doing ANYTHING!!

And so many more!

I wonder what they did with all those prizes I never claimed.

I wonder if they found someone to fill all those job positions that I missed out on.

I wonder how many times something can be "The Last Chance" before it REALLY IS :The Last Chance.

I wonder if something says I must respond within 24 hours to win $40,000 in gold, if I would get some kind of consolidation prize if I responded in 25 hours.

I wonder if I mail someone a check for $50 they will send me $1,000 in return just for helping them out of a bind.

Maybe there really IS a great area of oceanfront property in Arizona.

And maybe, Just MAYBE, Money DOES grow on trees......

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Kelly Combs said...

I always wonder how they know what area is MY area. Or "Find out how other (city) residents lost 30 lbs." Like who told them what city I'm in?

There is only one offer that you don't want to miss thatdoes have a limited time. It ends when you do. :-)

Edie said...

I think KW is going to be awfully disappointed to find out he missed out on a new Harley cause you didn't check your email.

Somehow I think my DWV is quite appropriate for this post.

ecram - :o

samurai said...

Liking the new found energy of late. 8)

I've won lotteries all over the world myself. Just can't seem to get the energy up to claim the prizes though.

Sue J. said...

Just don't click on the offers or you may find your computer is unable to function a short while down the road....

The offer you can't refuse is refuse.

WV: patio (Latin for.....? Something I wish we had..... Or maybe it's an Irish name)

2Thinks said...

Gosh, I have heard of that one road that is paved with good intentions. But I can't recommend walking down that road.

My computer is still fritzed out and I didn't even click on the blinking prize, which is why I am still up at midnight reading blogs when I should be sleeping.

I do feel bad though that KW missed out on the new Harley.