Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!
So put on your ears
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!

FACEBOOK..A fun way to keep in touch with friends, old and new. I admit I haven't joined the party yet. To tell you the truth, there aren't too many old friends that I have a huge desire to "re-hook-up" with. My younger days were....well.....as I said, there aren't too many old friends that I have a huge desire to "re-hook-up" with. PLUS, I have a hard enough time getting around to reading all of the blogs written by my NEW friends.

FACEBOOK- Kids love it. It is their way of "expressing" themselves. They can chat with their friends, work on computer tech, and keep up with what's what in their circle.

FACEBOOK- These days many kids are more computer savy than their parents. Or in my case.... MOST kids are A LOT more savy! My computer skills fall in these categories......Blogging, e-Bay and e-Mail. That about covers it.

FACEBOOK- My kids have accounts. How sweet...NOT. Chatty Kelly showed me my son's facebook page. Holy Canoli! Who is this child! Obviously someone has stolen his identity. Who are these people he has as "friends"? I've never heard of them. And since when did my little angel learn some of those descriptive words he's using????

FACEBOOK- A friend of mine is a school principal. He says he occasionally goes on Facebook just to check out some of the students in his school. It gives him an idea of the REAL child behind the sweet smile and the Eddie Haskell demeanor.

FACEBOOK- If you have kids, you need a Facebook account. I'm going to go work on one now. I'm not quite ready to actually USE one yet and I won't be updating it YET. BUT, it's time I see what's going on in the real world. Well, not the whole world, but at least what's going on under my own roof.

I'm not sure if my angel still reads my blog so I don't know if he'll know I'm out there. If he does, that's ok......if he doesn't......that's ok too. Either way, He's gonna have some "splainin" to do!

FACEBOOK- "The times they are a changin".....whether I like it or not.

FACEBOOK- This mom's going to be on Facebook.

FACEBOOK-That's my special guest today, so...

Put on your ears
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star (and today it's also Facebook) DAY!!

(a line or 2 of this clip pushes my PG-13 rating, but most of it is a great reminder to get out there and see what's going on.)

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Ace said...

I joined MySpace first and then Facebook about a year and a half ago. I'm "friends" with my kids on both, but with them over 18 it doesn't do me any good to complain about what I might see. Especially with my daughter. She has a real "they can kiss my ***" attitude. I hope she figures out she's wrong before it bites her big time.

Mocha with Linda said...

That's pretty funny. I just got on FB this summer because my girl was getting it. I've enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Sue J. said...

You can be very discreet in your profile, and you don't have to "friend" everyone you ever knew. But, you may find it easier to keep up with some of us. (We post our new blogs over there, often). And, if you are having issues at home, it is good to know what is going on. Many families have online rules, so join the club!

Would love to be your friend there, but it's entirely up to you. I know you will always be here!

WV: ingses

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Facebook is like crack. You want to stop, but you can't....you just need one more hit! 3 of my 4 kids are on it and most of the youth group I lead is. LOVED the song, but can't share it b/c my youth group follows me and they'd rip me for the PG-13 stuff, even if they say worse :)

samurai said...

I really like Facebook. 8) But you do need to be careful... both in what you share, what you allow to be seen by the world, and the time you spend there. 8)

Debbie said...

I am friends with my kids on FB - even my college kids. I think it's great. I never write on their walls. I like to just be a silent observer!

Edie said...

Good for you! My daughter is 30 so it doesn't do me much good to see what's REALLY going on in her world sometimes. But I can pray more specifically.

I'm FB friends with my ex's ex wife. LOL!

I have only connected with one friend from my past and she is pretty much the only one I wanted to.

My Visual verification is missing.

... okay there it is.