Friday, September 3, 2010

OK, You Asked For It!!

Did you ever wonder what Wonder Woman's Mother may have looked like?

Hhhmmm after typing that sentence I couldn't help but wonder what Wonder Woman was wondering about herself. How long must one wonder about something before they are given the official title of Wonder Woman. I think I would have to be somewhere in the top 10.

oops, it has been a long time but.........Monkeys Are Funny.

So, we were wondering what Wonder Woman's Mother may have looked like.

I can't believe I'm doing this. Anyone who knows me and many who have just read my blog know I really do my best to avoid having my picture taken. BUT sometimes you just have to "bite the bullet" (wasn't it Wonder Woman who caught the bullets in her teeth? I know she used her bracelets to block most of them......).

Anyway it just wouldn't be right to leave you wondering.

Wonder No More..........

Yes, Yes...I know it puts the Wonder Bra to shame and looks like a Madonna reject. I can hear her now. "Well guys, I like the idea but lets go in the opposite direction and add a few cones...."

It took the first half of the day to shower, wash hair, actually put on make-up (wow!), get dressed and stand there like that (trying not to faint) while Alberquando took my picture. It only took 3 shots. The smile was supposed to be my fake Scarlett O'Hara smile that I mastered years ago, unfortunately I had been holding it frozen to long and it looks a bit like Scarlet after one to many Mint Juleps. *grin*

Whew! Then I was exhausted, took off the brace and took a nap. I may need to wait a few more weeks before I try to save the world from tyranny, injustice, and the "bad guys".

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Jenny wren's nest said...

I avoid posting my picture on my blog also, WAIT A MINUTE i avoid having my picture taken period.
You are looking good glad to see you up and around.

Mocha with Linda said...

I'm thinking that brace would be mighty convenient for nursing moms.

That looks highly uncomfortable. But I'm glad the technology is available and that you are on the mend!

gianna said...

NIce and beautiful! I'm glad you took half the day to look that good! he he he!

Sue J. said...

I read your beautiful letter last night. Then I thought, "Oh, no....what's coming?!" HA! Not what I expected, actually. Surprisingly light on the amount of plastic. When I heard 'turtle shell', I was just imagining the worst. This is pretty sharp, for being a Madonna reject outfit.

You look fantastic. I know you're feeling not quite so, yet, but, considering where you are after a month, this is quite excellent!!

Thanks for making my night last night...made me smile! And, yes, our "TSOM" party is way overdue, and we need to do it in this anniversary year.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

First time I've popped in for several weeks....glad you're...Up? Being fully supported? Honestly, it looks a little like this weird vase my mom had when I was little. Um. Yeah.
(p.s. my "captcha" word verification is ovextled...I think maybe that what your brace does to you?)

Edie said...

I really have to give you credit for that one! LOL! You look great. Even better than the other Wonder Woman. :)

I'm thinking you must be pretty bored to go through all that just for us. I hope you're feeling better soon.


Hmmm, the DMV is missing but it's asking me to type it in the box.

There it is! :D

Edie said...

I just sent you an email my friend. Go look. :)

To help you find it, I marked it High Priority and I wrote the subject in all caps with my name in there too.

I hope you're doing well.

I like today's DWV: reborn
You are reborn!

Ace said...

And I thought underwire was uncomfortable! Thanks for getting all gussied up for us and getting the picture taken. I try to avoid that, too.