Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Dreaded W V B

The Dreaded Word Verification Box.... Better known as The WVB.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this term, the WVB is the box of scrambled letters on some blogs that is supposed to help reduce spammers. Like many of you, I used to find the WVB frustrating and more often than not, I ended up having to type in the letters multiple times until I got them right.

HOWEVER, as many of you know, I finally realized that the WVB should not be dreaded. It is, after all, the making of a new language. All over the blogosphere (not to mention the Internet) people have been unconsciously typing in these, so called, random letters without having a clue that it is really a whole new language just waiting to be learned.

I am so proud of those of you that have begun to realize this! And there are many of you out there that have taken my teachings faithfully and even forwarded me a few of their own discoveries. To those of you, I give a hearty "Well Done"! To the rest of you that haven't discovered this secret language, I say now that it is never to late to learn.

I now present to you my latest additions to The WVB Dictionary.

1.slymis- a sneaky woman.

2.singiac- a manic singer.

3.chabio- Fabio's chubby little brother.

4. hinee- (hee hee)

5.dunpe- what has occurred when one has finished using the restroom.

6. zywis- a contraction of the phrase "as I was". For instance, "Zywis walking down the street and saw a pretty butterfly.".

7. drophous- What the FOX television station will do when they decide to cancel one of my favorite tv shows that stars Hugh Laurie.

8. stillmed- The newest medication for ADHD, (not yet available to the general public).

9. teeter- A broken Teeter-Totter.

10. bunifies- To make something "Bunny-Like". This term is used by scientists during rabbit metamorphosis experiments.


11. From Edie at Rich Gifts-
exons- ions that have lost their charge.

Have An Incredibly Wonderful Day!!!!!

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Mocha with Linda said...

Mmmph! The one I sent you wasn't good enough to use, huh?!

Great definitions you have there!

Edie said...

I made the bonus round! Yay! :D

I love this new language. I just don't like having to type it out. :-)

naindurn - What the Robot from Lost in Space said when he had a cold. "Naindurn Will Wobinson!"

Edie said...



sadses - I'm feeling sadses today.

My ADHD Me said...

Mocha-It's saved and remembered...I've just been holding on to this one for a while now, you silly goose!

Edie- Ouch. That one hurt..haha

Sue J. said...

Zywis thinking that Chabio made me chuckle a great deal. Perhaps he will be the host of a "Man vs Food" rip-off show on Fox, in place of, well, we know....

WVB: triese

Triese might, it's hard to top your prowess in creating the WVB language.

Ace said...

I've played the word verification definition game somewhere before. Too funny to see what people can come up with!