Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Somethings Missing

Yesterday was Tuesday.
I am quite sure that meant SOMETHING
I just can't remember.
Someone was knocking at my door sometime early yesterday morning.
I was just SO tired that I didn't even answer the door.
I wonder who it was.
Maybe it was just my imagination.
Maybe it was a guest.
It could have been a special guest.
If so, I'm sure they'll come back next week.

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samurai said...

A little bird told me that something was going to be here... and i come by and it's not here... so... i hope all is well with you. 8)

Sue J. said...

Glad to know you'll be back next week. I actually tried to catch up on blogs last night and could tell something was missing.

Glad you are feeling well, too!

WV: cructa

Sue J. said...

Oh....gotta give you this, too:

WV: kaesseri

"Whatever will be, will be...."

KrippledWarrior said...


2Thinks said...

Just checking up on you. See you on fb! Yippee!