Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Today Is Tuesday. You Know What That Means

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!

SO, put on your ears
Like good Mousekateers.
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We all know what today is.
We all know what Tuesday means.

But do you know what TODAY is???

Yes it is Tuesday.
But Today...Today...TODAY is TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 7TH!!

So wave bye bye to all those sweet little angels as they so merrily trudge off to school.
Let them know how horribly you will miss them.
Close the door behind them, sigh and slowly let that tiny giggle come out.

giggle......giggle......Giggle......GIGGLE.....hehe .......hee hee ......... HEE HEE '


Cause Tuesday is Guest Star DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mocha with Linda said...

Oh, yeah, all you northern sluggards are just now starting school. :-) This is our third week.

My ADHD Me said...

Leave it to a Texan to call Virginia the north! haha

2Thinks said...

This video was kinda scary, Monkey- especially for us in the Great White North! We're chickens.

No more school daze for me- I'm in a different fog now- feelin' my way to something productive.

But I have been reading about freedom all morning. Freedom that restores the soul. So at least I have some air to breathe.

Best to you today!

Kelly Combs said...

Mine are headed off to school, and I am not exactly enjoying my freedom, but that will come. Next week. This week, I have a tummy ache of worry. But it will all be good.

Sue J. said...

It ended up being a good day. Actually, two good days in a row. At least, at school. At home, things are now all messed up again. Ah, such fun....transitions......

Hope you were able to wave to the bus driver!