Friday, November 5, 2010

Jingle Bells.....Uncompromisin' Enterprisin' Anything But Tranquilizing...

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle all the way...

All the way to the mall, shopping center, Target or Walmart.

I received the Walmart TOYLAND Catalog 2010 in the mail yesterday.

I don't do very much toy shopping anymore. My youngest is 14 and most of his "toys" come from a computer, music, or video game store. As for my 19 year old, I don't have a clue what to get him.

ANYWAY, I glanced through the catalog anyway and I cannot believe how much the price of toys has gone up since I shopped for them!!

Remember NERF? You could get a Nerf bat and ball for a few dollars and have hours of fun! Well, maybe not hours. The bat usually broke after 20-30 minutes. But now you can get a Nerf N-Strike Stampede with 60 darts of automatic Nerf-Firing Fun for ONLY $49.97!! Of course if you get the gun you also HAVE to get the Tactical Vest for $29.97.

Fisher Price sells an Imaginext Space Shuttle or Pirate Ship for ONLY $40.00 (actually $39.97). Put a name on it, like The BatCave, and the price goes up to $44.97.

The Little Mommy Walk and Giggle Doll........ $69.97!!

LEGOs seem to be about the same price as when I bought them for my boys. They were the most expensive toys around back then. Now they are on the lower end of the price range AND NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!!

An Easy Bake Oven seemed to be reasonably priced at $18.00, on sale from $28.00. But wait don't forget the Easy Bake Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit for another $24.00!

Video Games and Game Systems are outrageous but they have always been. They cost about the same as they did when I was buying them for my kids. Remember the Atari 2600? I had one of those sometime around 1983 (I think) and even back then it was about $125-$150.

Bicycles seem to have DROPPED in price. There were some nice ones for $88 and $99. Well, that makes sense. Who would want to have to go OUTSIDE to play?

And then there's BARBIE.

And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
And then there's Maude.
That uncompromisin' enterprisin', anything but tranquilizing.
Right on Maude!

oops, sorry...Monkeys Are Funny

And then there's Barbie!
I have never bought a Barbie in my life. Thank Goodness!! She is the most spoiled girl (woman? Young adult?) that I have ever seen! AND SNEAKY!! You can find the Barbie Fashionistas for just $10. That's reasonable, right? And For $25 you can get one with a light- up fairytale dress. But Barbie is Never Ever satisfied! There has never been a woman alive with wardrobe anything close to what is available to Barbie. And for just $49.98 you can get a kit to "Glitterize" her wardrobe.

Would Barbie be happy with a Sedan? No WAY! She HAS to have a convertible. AND a Camper! Come on, how could she hike in those heels?

It's bad enough that she has to have her own pets (and you KNOW she isn't the one cleaning up after those dogs). But now she also needs a $25. Puppy Swim School with Pool. Of course she has her own pool too.

Naturally she also needs somewhere to live. There it is! The Barbie 3 Story Dream Townhouse with Pink Personal Elevator and Furnishings With Lights and Sounds on Every Level! $145.00!

Now that Barbie has everything she is going to want to have a party! Welcome Ken, and 20 of her other closest friends......they'll need new clothes too won't they? If You Give A Pig A Pancake......

Oh what fun it is to ride on a one horse opened sleigh-hey!

Jingle Bells
Jingle Bells
Jingle All the Way
Oh what fun it is to ride on a One Horse Opened Sleigh!!!!!

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My ADHD Me said...

See, Every day is NOT Tuesday!

Kelly Combs said...

Love it. Great, awesome, wonderfl.

Edie said...

Nothing like a strong dose of truth to start the day.

We are robbing kids of the joy of using their imagination. I had a Barbie growing up and the entire living room was her house. The space under the end tables were her rooms and if need be boxes were utilized too.

I made a barbie bed for my daughter's barbie using styrofoam and fabric I had around the house. She loved it and it didn't cost me anything.

Irritable Mother said...

Yes, I remember the Atari. My neighbor/best friend had one. And I was so jealous!!!
As to the Barbie? I remember the year I got a Barbie Dream House for Christmas. (They were only two stories tall in 1981. No lights or elevators. *grin*) I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world!
Yeah, you sure can spend a lot for Christmas. I'm glad my kids know not to expect that! *whew!*

Thanks for the laughs. You always make me smile.

CJ said...

And THAT is why I make gifts by hand!

Barb said...

Someone needs to invent "Reality Barbie", with a little acne, Walmart designed clothes and an older model car in which one window won't roll up (or down) and has some paint chips and dings. If it could leave just a little spot of oil, that would be great.