Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Whirling Dervish

Do you know what a Whirling Dervish is? I didn't, but because I was "lovingly" compared to one by 2nd Cup Of Coffee, (notice how I threw in that linking skill?), I decided I had to Google (more skill) it. I also checked the dictionary and the encyclopedia.

After a bit of researching, I learned 2 things.

First I learned that a whirling dervish is a member of any of various moslem orders who is dedicated to a life of poverty, chastity and dancing by whirling and spinning.

Second I learned that EXCEPT for the fact that I am NOT a member of any various moslem order who is dedicated to a life of poverty, chastity and dancing by whirling and brain could very well be compared to a whirling dervish. Hhmmm...interesting.

I learned something else today. If you are a female firefighter and a tree falls on your house, it is almost completely impossible to convince your husband that you are not strong enough to help saw and haul wood. Regarding my back---ouch. I see doctor visits in the very near future. It's just a matter of time before I'm going to need to make some important decisions regarding firefighting Vrs walking, sitting, standing and or moving. Well, I refuse to think about that today...maybe I'll think about it tomorrow.

Do you every do crossword or other types of puzzles. Sometimes throughout the day I will sit down and work on some of these for a while. It helps when my brain is spinning around like a whirling dervish.

I started out on the easy ones. ie:
The Addams Family butler-5 letters..................................... Lurch.

Not Busy-4 letters............................................................ Idle

Well, they got boring pretty quick so I moved up to ones that are a bit more challenging. Do you want to know how to feel like a complete idiot? Well, if you are like me, you try to do crossword puzzles that are not for beginners. I'm not talking about expert puzzles or genius puzzles. I'm talking about puzzles that are one step up from easy.

Some of the answers aren't too hard. ie ;
Negotiators Skill-9 letters................................Diplomacy.

Baby Food-6 letters.............................................Pablum.

Then it just gets ridiculous. Ok, yes, there are some of you, not to mention any names, Sue J, (who has a picture on her blog of her working on the New York Times crossword puzzle) that could complete these puzzles while carrying on a conversation, cooking dinner and sewing new curtains all at the same time. By the way, that is 2 separate links up there. One is her blog, and one is the specific post with the picture of her doing the crossword puzzle. But this is me. Just your typical ordinary MyADHDMe.....

Some of the questions are, in my opinion, a bit more difficult than just a step over easy.

10 letter word for Ferocity.......................................... Truculence.

Andirons hold them..4 letters.....................................Logs.

7 letter word for an anagram of a name of an African Nation................ Regalia.

8 letter City on the Yangtze River..........................................Shanghai.

9 letter Tibetan Bread Spread.......................................................Yak Butter ???
(is that something like peanut butter?) Sue?

and one of my favorites...

7 letter word for single or double eyeglass......................................................... EPERGNE.
(By the way, Epergne gets The Little Red Line. (you'll have to read that post to understand the significance of the Little Red Line.)
Did ANYONE out there know that an epergne is a single or double eyeglass? must not know, they give it the little red line. Webster says an epergne is an ornamental dish or stand with several compartments for fruit, candy, flowers etc, used as a centerpiece for a dining table. To me it sounds like some kind of skin rash, such as Eczema.

I MUST stop blogging at night when I am so tired. I'm going to nod off right now in the middle of a sentence. Then my head will flop down on the keyboard and hit post or enter at the wrong time. Perhaps some of you would read my blog and think, "Wow, her mind spins around like a whirling dervish. (note how I referred to my original thought? That's what writers do, you know.)Then I'll end up posting something really dumb. That would be just awful.

P.S. Go back up there and read those links. It took me FOREVER to learn to link. Just grin and bear it. By "bear" I mean endure. Not a partly carnivorous quadruped. Did you know that a bear is also a person who believes prices on the stock market are going to decline, especially one who sells shares etc in the expectation of buying them later at a lower price---opposed to a bull, which is a person who buys stocks in the expectation that their prices will rise in order to sell them at a profit. (wow, it's a jungle out there!). Oh, and when I said grin and bear it I definitely didn't mean bare, so please put you're shirt back on....this is a G rated blog!!

Did you know that a Barefoot Doctor in China is a worker trained as a medical auxiliary in a rural area who dispenses medicine, gives first aid and assists at childbirth? I wonder if their are any other pre-requisites other than taking off your shoes. I mean, I had to go to months of classes and training just to be an EMT and these guys just take off their shoes and BAMMO they are qualified?!

So did you go to the link and read The Little Red Line? You know, had you done that in the first place it would have saved me A LOT of typing. So what are you waiting for?


OK, it is morning now. I wrote most of this last night. This morning after I woke up (geez that is redundant I sure didn't do it before I woke up...although it may seem that way.), anyway, after I woke up I re-read what I had written....shook my head in dismay....edited a few obvious spelling errors......and decided to hit PUBLISH POST anyway.

Have an outstandingly, glorious day!

Later All.


Chatty Kelly said...

My head feels like a whirling dervish. SMILE! This reminds me of what I tell you when we talk on the phone...not only do you have ADHD, but you can cause it as well.

I love your blog. I learn so much, and I think you are really smart too. No joke.

Edie said...

I just love you. You make laugh sooooo hard! I learned so much from this post. I learned that you really do enjoy a good challenge and that you are a research artist.

I love this. "Some of the questions are, in my opinion, a bit more difficult than just a step over easy." ....ROTFL... Ya think!?

You even go to the dictionary to look up the words cause you don't believe the person who created the puzzle! LOL!!

I had no idea what an epergne was but now, thanks to your diligence, I do. I am ever so grateful. :D

I am going to continue to stay away from the crossword puzzles and leave them to brains like you who will come back and teach me all those words I never heard of.

You're so much fun. Have a great week!

Chatty Kelly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chatty Kelly said...

By the way, I think that is Sue J's siter doing the crossword puzzle in the picture. If you look at the last picture on that post you will see there is a strong family resemblance.

I deleted my typo'ed comment above. Sorry. But look, your comment number is going up. :-)

My ADHD Me said...

Hey CK, What's a Siter?

Irritable Mother said...

I'm guessing siter is typo-speak for sister! Ha!
Hey, I love crossword puzzles, but I don't think I could handle the ones you have. Yikes!
I most often do them with my husband and our two brains - together with Google (when we get desparate) - can usually get through a puzzle. Oh, and a bowl of popcorn helps, too.

Chatty Kelly said...

Hey ADHDme - YOU are.

My ADHD Me said...

Hey CK, we both are! (also if we keep this up, I'll have 50 comments!)

The Patterson 5 said...

The crosswords are WAY too hard for me and my little brain. I will leave them to the Whirling Dervish brains who obviously can handle more than one thing at once! I love your posts I am definately learning lots of new and smart words!

HisPrincess said...

Oh come you pair of comment cheaters...I'm feeling very inferior!

I make it a practice to not do crosswords that don't have the answers on the back page coz I just get all frustrated and grumpy and no one needs to deal with that!

My ADHD Me said...

Hi His Princess. Of course my puzzle books have the answers on the back page. You don't really think that I knew that a 9 letter word for Tibetan Bread Spread is YAK BUTTER!

Sue J said...

ADHDMe....where to start!!?????

When CK said your blog was about "whirling dervish," my first thought was "The Sound of Music." Sure enough (I played Sister Sophia in the musical in 7th grade--they rented nun habits and everything!--I should know), "She can throw a whirling dervish out of whirl," sings one of the nuns, who is NOT Sister Sophia.

As for the links to me and my blog of the beach, truly, that is my youngest sister with her hubby. And we're doing the Washington Post crossword puzzle, to give the paper its due (BTW, they owe us a few Sunday papers at home). And it really did take like 12 of us to finish it. It's not that I know what these words mean, but the game is using the letters that exist to come up with possible words. (Not sure this makes me intelligent, more like creatively frustrated.)

Siter is the phonetic spelling of 'sitter,' which means one who sits (as in babysitter), which means you both qualify. The other definition is "brooding hen." (No comment.)

I get the same definition of epergne that you do, and I'm not sure why that fits the crossword puzzle. I almost feel as though there was a type in the answer key. However, I haven't locked in on an alternative.

On the other hand, yak butter describes your blog beautifully, as we shine with great smiles after we read your yak-yak.

"How do you solve a problem like.....? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down....."

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J,
OF COURSE! I KNEW I had heard Whirling Dervish before! I actually had the album (not cassette, not CD, not 8 track) of the Sound Of Music. (also have Fiddler on the Roof, Mary Poppins, OKLAHOMA, Jesus Christ Superstar and for when I'm feeling really crazy...Hair).

You know, you're the only person that I pull out the dictionary just to read your comments. Good thing I did or I would never have known you were a phonetician.

I think you made a typo on the word typo. haha. That's like when I said I used the dictionary to spell physics when I really meant psychic but SHOULD have probably meant psycho. Maybe I should take a course in psychoacoustics.

How do you find the words to describe MariA....a flibbertijibbet, a will-o-the-wisp, a clown.

When I'm with her I'm confused
Out of focus and bemused
And I never know exactly where I ammmmmmmmmm
Unpredictable as weather
She's as flighty as a feather
She's a Darling
She's a Demon

Oh great, see what you've gone and done. :)

P.S. So I take it I don't want to put Yak Butter on my toast?

Chatty Kelly said...

You know the lyrics to that song remind me of someone I know. Except your not a problem, your a pleasure. :-) Oh, yak is right!

And I love Sue's type typo! Almost as good as my siter.

How do you hold a moon beam in your hand?

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

I always like your posts! Funny stuff!

I was surprised no one mentioned Sudoku--The puzzle I cannot spell or say. I was really in a fizz over that a few years ago, but thankfully, I got over it. :)

On Purpose said...

Can I admit something to you...not that I think your blog is a confessional or anything...but its always stress relieving to read your blog...I always giggle...and laughing is healing for me!

Thanks for listening..well actuall thank you for reading!

Good night!

HisPrincess said...

Not cheating!

HisPrincess said...

Just getting you

HisPrincess said...

whirling along...

HisPrincess said...

to twenty comments!!!


Chatty Kelly said...

Head over to 2nd Cup and watch her musical video. (Tuesday) It is hyterical!

Why do you have 21 comments? You must not get anymore comments, you will break my record.

Wait, did this just take you to 21? Rats. ;P

My ADHD Me said...

actually I think it is 22

My ADHD Me said...

I now have proof that no one went to all of my links. I went to check the link I had for 2nd cup of coffee and up came the google page with all of the images of various whirling dervishes. (dervishes?). Anyway, I guess I need pay a little more attention to those linking skills.

Or maybe you went to it, but were just too kind to comment on it...nah.

Chatty Kelly said...

But did you watch her video (I need a napkin!)

Sue J said...

OK, I have stunning news!

'lorgnon'--a single or double eyeglass, as a monocle or pince-nez

And it's 7 letters!! Is it possible, ADHDMe that 'epergne' could be wrong? They are both French words....and you know what that means.... Ernest Hemmingway uses the term in "The Sun Also Rises."

I haven't been able to sleep because I just know this doesn't add up.

"She's a headache!
She's an angel!
She's a girrrrrrrrrl..........."

And leave a HUGE comment on 2nd cup of coffee's blog, because she is obviously suffering from delusional thinking.

My ADHD Me said...

First of all CAN I HAVE A NAPKIN PLEASE!!!! LOVED IT!! (2nd cup of coffee).

Sue J,
They may have meant LORGNON but that's not what they had for the answer. I checked the answer page and it definitely said "epergna".

Maybe, just maybe...we are right and THEY are wrong.

She'll out pester any pest
Drive a hornet from it's nest.....

Edie said...

I am so off topic but this appears to be the Chat room. Shouldn't that be over at CK's blog?

Glad you're having so much fun with the bubbles! :) I have won several times btw (just in case you're competitive). Did you notice the pattern as you get close to winning? If you pop all of the same color then that color doesn't get added back in.

Edie said...

There is so much to say! But I'm not generally a funny person, so what a compliment! Fortunately for all of you, I don't enjoy typing as much as talking, and I can't type as fast as I can talk either. As a matter of fact, most people can't type as fast as I can talk. :D

I'm beginning to understand the ways to get lots of comments.
1. Comment on your own posts several times.
2. That brings everyone back to read the comments and comment more.
3. Change the subject in the comments of a post so that it is no longer relevant to the post.
4. That makes people comment even more on the now "off topic" comments turning the comment section of a post into a chat room, and we all love to chat!

You are so smart!

HisPrincess said...

What is going on here?

I'm thoroughly lost and highly entertained!

My ADHD Me said...

Welcome to my world!