Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shut Up and Listen!

How Do You Recognize When God Speaks?

That is the Random Question of the week at Edie's blog.

I don't always answer her Random Questions. I'm not the "Put your Heart on a Platter For the World to See" type of person. Somehow I don't think I got that analogy right. I am too literal and when I picture my heart on a platter, well, let's just say it isn't a pretty picture. I think I better leave the analogys to Chatty Kelly.

ANYWAY, back to the question.
This is one I can answer. As a matter of fact I answered it in an email I sent to Chatty Kelly back in April, before I had ever even considered blogging. I was going through some "issues" and had sent her an email. She later asked me if she could post that email on her blog, anonymously. I had no problem with that so some of you may have already read it. I think a few of you may have recognized it as me and now that I have begun blogging, a lot of you would have recognized it as me. I believe my writing "style" (or lack of style) is a bit unique. Unique--different, individual, unexampled, lone, particular, strange, unprecedented, weird----ok, putting away the Thesaurus....again.

ANYWAY, back to the question (is there an echo in here?)

How Do You Recognize When God Speaks?
Here is the excerpt from the email I sent to Chatty Kelly;

"......I was feeling really awful the last few months. Not eating, hurting all over, no energy and just plain miserable. So very very unhappy. I went outside very early one morning (couldn't sleep). It was around 5:00AM. I was sitting on the porch and just almost reciting (to myself) over and over and over again for God to show me a sign that he was there for me and would help me. I would not shut up in my thoughts though. It was almost as if I was frantic, just saying it over and over again. I kept just asking and asking and not listening. All of the sudden it hit me that how could He answer if I didn't listen? So I just all at once said out loud "Shut Up and Listen!".

After a moment or two I gently said "God, I didn't mean for you to shut up, I meant for Me to shut up".

I SWEAR I heard him chuckle---He knows me so well.

Anyway, I closed my eyes and tried to think of nothing (a very difficult feat for me). I could hear the birds and there was a very slight very comfortable breeze blowing. The temp was perfect. I felt my feet start to relax and felt as almost they were floating. I felt my mind begin to start rushing again but quickly stopped it. Slowly that feeling in my feet worked its way up my legs. Eventually it went up my body, down my arms, up my neck and then to the top of my head. I felt like my whole body was floating. I was afraid to move. I didn't want this feeling to go away. It felt SO good! I felt RELAXED! Yes, that's right, ME! I FELT RELAXED. My brain wasn't buzzing with the millions of things, and monkeys, that are always running around in there. I felt at peace. There is absolutely NO DOUBT at all that the Holy Spirit entered me and reminded me that he's there. I just needed to shut up once in a while to hear/feel him.

I must have sat there like that for 10 minutes. Then I knew I had to get up and start breakfast and get the kids up. I stood up slowly, hating to move, but do you know what? When I went inside, although the feeling wasn't quite as peaceful as it had been, it WAS still there. I did the things I needed to do and felt relaxed while doing them. I NEVER feel relaxed. It was such a wonderful thing. It was a miracle that I needed. I was at the end of my ropes. I was hurting SO badly mentally and physically.

Yes, my back still hurt afterwards but I was able to stand up straight and not crouched over. I smiled at the kids and didn't yell "HURRY UP, HURRY UP". (I still said it, but I didn't yell it).

Well, of course over time the thoughts came rushing back and I still don't feel great, (but I do feel better). And every now and then when I remind myself to SHUT UP AND LISTEN I can feel it. It hasn't been as completely consuming as it was that one time but now that I have been reassured that he is there, I can relax just a bit and every now and then even remember to "Give it to God". (now if I could just get rid of those monkeys!!).............."


When Kelly printed this in her blog, she did leave out the part about the monkeys because it would have sounded SO very odd at the time. But, you know me now and you know about the monkeys and you also realize that if you accept me, then you accept the monkeys too. We're a package deal.

And that, my friends, is how I recognized when God spoke.


Chatty Kelly said...

This was SO good, so excellent, so fabulous and of course that is why I had to blog about it all that time ago.

I did do your Mr Linky for you, cause that is what I do...take care of you. I got your back. At last in blogging. You have to carry your own furniture in stuff, cause I am too girly for that.

Excellent excellent post. And I didn't skim any of it. :P

Edie said...

He is always Here for us isn't He? I really love that you can see His personality, the chuckle. I've *seen/heard* Him roll His eyes and shake His head at me a number of times. I really enjoyed this!

I was going to tell you how to use Mr Linky but CK beat me to it. You have a good bloggy sister.

Thanks for playing!

Speaking of playing.... ehhem ... did you seeeee..... hmmmmmm......

.....I WON! :D (doing the bubble popping happy dance)

Tammy R said...

I love how you put your heart out on that platter and it's
beautiful,thank you.

Don't you love when God draws so close?

Regina said...

You made me chuckle too.

Thanks for the post it was really, really good. I've been here before by accident, just surfing around. I'm gonna bookmark you today. You make me smile everytime I come around. I need to smile more, so I'll be back.

I did the linky thing, but I left my answer in Edie's comment section. Was I suppose to put it on my blog?? I wondered about that when I did it. I couldn't figure out why I was linking. Oh well, maybe I'll do it right next time. At least you have a good bloggy sister to help you.

Sue J. said...

I definitely enjoy hearing this story; you know, some folks call this a "testimony." That's a big fancy word for sharing your great story about you and God.

Thanks for sharing your testimony! Feel free to do so again....OK?

Edie said...

I knew you were competitive. I bet you're over there popping bubbles right now. :D

Hey just an observation here (have you noticed that I do a lot of observing?)... you have quite a ministry developing here. A cheerful heart is good medicine, remember. :)

See ya at the bubble station my friend.

Edie said...

Oh btw, if you do win, I won't try to beat you. I don't mind sharing the glory. ;)

The Patterson 5 said...

I remember that blog and it was sooooo incredibly powerful I ended up blogging and linking (or saying it was from Ck as it may have been b/f I could link) about it! It is a wonderful insprational testimony! Thank you for sharing first with CK and now with us!

HisPrincess said...

What a great story. I might try it. Do you have to sit still? Hmmm. I'm sure I can do it. Just not right now.

Beverlydru said...

Great post. You and Chatty are quite a pair and I can relate in so many ways. It reminds me of me and my sister, and I am encouraged with the hope that we can be closer one day. We are as different as 2 people can be, but we love each other deeply. It's interesting how siblings grow up in the same home and can interpret things totally different. I am the sunny one in our set. She is an amazingly talented person, but much more deep and brooding. And she does not know Christ- which makes a world of difference. I'll never stop praying.

beverlydru said...

I would love to email you some details. I am if you don't mind sending me your email address. Thanks!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I, too, am going to bookmark you. You write like the voices in my head sound...wonder if "they" know each other? I have had a REALLY crappy couple of weeks but am astounded tthat I am hearing so clearly from God throughout. Funny the lengths he'll go to to get me to SLOW DOWN, shut up and listen. Thanks for sharing!

Irritable Mother said...

You know? I bet He DID chuckle!
And I think you delighted His heart as you quieted yourself so you could listen.
Thanks for pointing me to this post. *grin*