Monday, September 22, 2008

The Notorius Missionary in Spain.

Many of you are aware that Irritable Mother, from Surviving Motherhood is having a give away drawing for her new book. Well let me tell you, I was going to be the winner. I had it in the bag. I entered multiple times (although it wasn't necessary and wouldn't help) I figured it showed my enthusiasm. Yep, I had it in the bag.....

Then under one of my many comments, on her post, comes one that read like this, "I'd love to get your next book. I would gladly buy it. Would you be willing to ship it to a Missionary in Spain who's at her wits end with two toddlers?"

The last time I looked, there were 67 replies, and yet the Missionary in Spain had her comment come right after mine....story of my life. Like I said before, how do you beat a missionary in Spain? Oh, well, of course I did send in 10 requests, so the chances of hers coming right after mine weren't THAT rare.......Even so, I WAS going to win, But then....

Then this lady, this Missionary in Spain shows up.
I went to check out her blog just to see how legit she is.
She is VERY legit. He has 2 YOUNG boys. She is in a foreign country.
She had a fire in her apartment--no injuries but big mess.
He son fell and broke his 2 front teeth.
She's driving a vehicle that is bigger than she is used to and parking is the pits.
She visits Nursing Homes....

Don't believe me? Just go and visit her, I call her the Notorious Missionary in Spain, but her Blog is actually The Carr Family Chronicles.

For Pete's Sake (there he is again. Who IS Pete?) I'm going to do some research and find out who Pete is and why his sake is so much more important than everyone else's.

Anyway, this is really just a plug for an interesting blog that I think the writer could use a little bit of encouragement. We have a great group here and I've read some great things, so lets "pass it on" or "pay it forward".

And yes, I think I totally think I lost my chance to win the book, but if I ever go to Spain to be a missionary, I expect to win something!!

NOW, About these give aways. They seem to be popping up all over the place. Give aways, bonus', free gifts etc. So I am going to jump on the bandwagon. Everyone that adds a comment to this post and/or my next three (that's 4 posts total for those of you that are mathematically challenged) will win a prize. I'm not sure what it will be. Perhaps a copy of my book. I have lots of books on my bookshelves......oh, you thought I meant a copy of MY book written by me....ha, no you didn't. Think about it.

So maybe the prize will be a book. maybe it will be something else. It could be a piece of candy or maybe even a clothespin, or a Shrinky Dink---(if you have kids or at least know someone who does, you know what a shrinky dink is) Maybe the prize will be a brand new PENCIL!. The options are endless.

This is what I will do. I will write all your names down, (only one entry per person, My ADHD Me,---oh wait, that's me )ANYWAY, I will put them in a bowl and will honestly pick out one name for the winner. Regardless of who I chose, that person will win. Whether they have read my blog once and hated it all the way through to even if it is Chatty Kelly who started this whole blogging phenomenon. (I will say, that if the winner is the one that read my blog once and hated it, then they have a better chance of winning the pencil,). Gee, this is almost like Let's make a Deal!
So put on your costumes and enter. Isn't this exciting? Just think! You could win a, a, a, well you could win something......just don't get TOO excited. Don't forget, I never promised you a rose garden.....along with the sunshine....there's gotta be a little rain sometimes......

If you win, you'll have to email me your mailing address,........don't be scared.


Chatty Kelly said...

Okay, I am scared - I'll probably win and the prize will be vanilla, and I like chocolate. *sigh*

And I will go visit the missionary in Spain. Well her blog, not her in Spain. I have little children, I can't go running off to Spain to encourage somebody. But I will visit her blog.

As for visiting your next 4 could blog 4 times today, or you're 4th blog could be 4 weeks from now. You are making it hard to win, now aren't you?

By the way - I won a book the other day on someone's blog, and it happens to be by my favorite bible study writer - Jen Hatmaker. So hooray for me!

My ADHD Me said...

You won! That is too cool. I don't think I've ever won something like that.

I thought I spelled it out for the mathematically challenged but maybe I didn't make it completely clear. The prize is for people that visit this post plus the next THREE posts. That would be a total of four.

That's ok, CK...I'm not only mathematically challenged. I'm also computer challenged and just plain challenged. :)

Chatty Kelly said...

Details, details...whatever.

When you said "You won!" I thought you meant I won your contest - and I was like dang that was easy. Then I realized you were commenting on my comment that I won on another blog. Oh well!

At least I'm in the running.

Chatty Kelly said...

Speaking of Surviving Motherhood, you better run on over there, because she linked to you today!

Edie said...

Ok this has to be your best post yet. Put my name in the drawing. If I come back as Rhonda will you put my... I mean her name in too?

I have to say I really want to win this drawing!! I really do. I just can't wait to see what looney... I mean lovely gift you pick out. Do I get to pick the color or anything? This is really exciting. Did you put my name in? huh? did you? :P

I will go visit Spain. Is this lady Spaniard? My grandma is.

Edie said...

Ok this has to be your best post yet. Put my name in the drawing. If I come back as Rhonda will you put my... I mean her name in too?

I have to say I really want to win this drawing!! I really do. I just can't wait to see what looney... I mean lovely gift you pick out. Do I get to pick the color or anything? This is really exciting. Did you put my name in? huh? did you? :P

I will go visit Spain. Is this lady Spaniard? My grandma is.

Sue J. said...

I don't do contests--hosting or posting. But I will visit your blog, and I know you'll post about who wins what on your blog--and that will be worth it all!

And I will go visit your new friend across the sea, because, you're right, everyone needs to be encouraged out here in the blogosphere! So thanks for letting us know.

I am mathematically challenged. The new 4th grade geometry is looking more like the old high school geometry, and I'm scared!!

Chatty Kelly said...

Remember how you used to put on every blog you visited "Hi, I'm Chatty Kelly's sister" like I was the inventor of blogging and everyone knew me? Well, today I got to say to the Notorius Missionary in Spain: "Hi, I'm My ADHD Me's sister!" It was great!

You did say we could enter as many times as we wanted on this contest, right?

The Patterson 5 said...

I am responding by I really can't count as I already won something over at CK's so please do not enter me. Let someone else have a turn! (I just got back from volunteering with a group of preschoolers and everyone does need to have their turn!) I do want to hear what prize you pick be it pencil, bubble gum or random book from your shelf- it's sure to be a gem and I can't wait to hear!

Irritable Mother said...

I know I have told you before, but it bears repeating: You are such a joy in my life!!!!!
By the way, I am both OLD enough to remember the Herbal Essence commercial, and YOUNG enough to remember shrinky-dinks from my own childhood. My kids don't have them! *grin*
And I love that you have befriended this missionary in Spain. Who has no better chance than you at winning a copy of Finding Joy. Just so you know, I have gotten a few emails from people putting their vote in for you to win. Which doesn't increase your chances, either, but I thought you'd like to know. Pray really hard, and if all else fails, just send me a $13 bribe and I'll send you a book. LOL

Pinkshoelady said...

Great post!
But I like all your posts! You are too funny!
I go visit Chatty Kelly for a Spiritual lift and you for a laugh out loud time!
Not that I don't think your spiritual...I think God loves to make us laugh Hear's one for you...You'll get this one!

Yesterday I am driving to one of the schools I work at and all of a sudden two birthday balloons blow right onto my windshield! Here I am watching this big mylar pink and purple ballooon flap back and forth in front of my face like a big windshield wiper. I start laughing then I realize that...wait this could be dangerous I can't really see good to drive. So I slow down and watch them slide sideways around my windshield, hook onto my passenger side mirror and flap there all the way to school.
Can't you just picture this green minivan with two big birthday ballooons flapping on the side of her car!
I either looked like a very creative and caring mom celebrating her daughter's birthday or a big doofus.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Yep the doofus.
It was even funnier carriying them into the school...what else was I going to do with them...I couldn't leave them there!

I love ya girl...Laugh with me now not at me!


Bonita said...

Wow! I couldn't pass up a chance to win an unnamed something. You don't get that opportunity very often. Maybe you should give away something from Spain in keeping with the title of your post. As long as you aren't giving away children or pets I'm fine with winning pretty much anything else.

Edie said...

Did I hear CK say that you said we could enter more than once!?

Does excitement increase my chances of winning? Cause I can be exciting. :D

I'm with Bonita, no children Puuleeeze! I'm ok with pets. Tobi likes cats, she thinks they are squeaker toys and tries to get the squeaker out. Don't worry I won't let her. :)

My ADHD Me said...

OK, No children or pets as prizes. You realize that you are lowering my options. Back to the drawing board.

Chatty Kelly said...

No one has commented on your fabulous new layout. I, for one, think it looks great. In re-reading that comic, I am surprised that we used the terms "Monkeys are funny" instead of "losing focus." But someone how Monkeys just works!

Happy Day.

My ADHD Me said...

CK, I think "we" (we, meaning you, (thank you) changed the layout after most people had posted).

Great I'm always putting things in parenthesis, now I'm putting parenthesis IN the parenthesis!