Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Little Red Line

Oh my goodness! I have 3 comments. People are reading!! PRESSURE !! Then as I sat down to write I realized I need a title for each new blog. MORE PRESSURE!! I needed to come up with something new, eye catching and funny. When my second son was born his name was Baby Boy T. for 2 days. How can I name my blog when I could hardly name my son. I looked thru book after book of baby names. Eveyone was giving me advise. The nurses were pressuring me, Finally I took the baby book and said I am going to open the book at a random spot and point and THAT will be his name. I cannot remember what the name I pointed to was but it was something like Alberquando. Now please don't let me upset or offend those of you that have that name or have named their children that. I am sure it is a lovely name but, well, first of all I couldn't pronounce actually I'm really not sure it is lovely since I don't know what it sounds like, and number 2, well, I forgot what number 2 was but there was another good reason. Oh yeah, I didn't want to be greedy. You see, one of my sisters hadn't had her children yet and the other was going to have another (I know that because I'm psychic ....Actually I'm really not psychic because if I was I wouldn't have had to go to to find out how to spell psychic) ANYWAY, what if I picked all the good names and didn't leave any to share with my sisters. That would be so unfair, even cruel. I just couldn't do that. The bottom line is (there is always a bottom line but don't always expect me to get there), anyway, the bottom line is that I decided to pass on the name Alberquando just so my sisters could use it if they wanted to. And then of all the nerve....they had their children and didn't even use the name after all. How Rude Is That!! Ok, well they did have girls but they could have altered the name a little bit to AlberquandA. BUT NO, I gave up a perfectly good name just for them and they didn't even use it. Instead I chose Eric. (I know, I'm not supposed to put names in here, so I need the jury to please ignore that last part). Also would the court reporter please delete it from the records....You know they say it is released from the records and the records will be sealed but it's still there. It's there just waiting for the whole world to find out what you named your child. Sounds sneaky to me. I'm very happy with the name Eric but every once in a while I'll tear up and think of little Alberquando...sigh.
Ok, I'm done and I still need a name for this blog.
I'm exhausted! This blogging is hard work.
BTW, I made it to the post office yesterday. Don't you hate it when you type in a word and that little red line comes up under it? It is shouting at you "Hey Stupid!, You spelled that wrong!) I realize that yestUrday should be spelled yestErday. So what if I forgot! BUT NO, it had to scream in my face. Hey I found out something new. If you spell a word correctly but put a capital letter in the middle, then the little red line still comes up. So there you go...the name of my blog...The Little Red Line
Have a great day! I need a nap. whew........


My ADHD Me said...

Mary, Your blog is great. I really enjoy reading them. They make my day!!
(ok, this really is me (My ADHD Me, Monkey's are Funny, I just figured I'd leave a comment to get things started. I know how some people hate to go first)

Chatty Kelly said...

You are cracking me up! I told you the first few times you'd check your blog to look for comments and have none.

Go to other blogs and leave comments. They'll come back, trust me. I'll email you some funny ones.

Good job!

Chatty Kelly said...

p.s. Not only did you put Eric's name, but you also put your own name in your comment. Dude - you are so going to get stalked.

Did you notice I covered the name of your town when I posted your FF picture???? I've got your back, except now your including all your names.

The Patterson 5 said...

Wow I can't believe your sisters did not name thier children Alberquando! I just may have another just so I can use it! This is really a fun blog!

The Patterson 5 said...

Had I been a boy I would have been Lyhugh (Lie-hugh) You could have chosen that one. My computer highlights the misspellings and it's almost everyother word

Edie said...

Hi Mary, I mean ADHD. Don't worry your little secret is safe with me. wink wink. I actually wasn't bright enough to catch on until CK spelled it out real clear for me. :)

Just wanted you to know that your links are working well and I'm enjoying the journey.