Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blog Number 4 which is still actually a continuation of Blog #2!

I enjoy showing my intelligence to the entire world. In my 2nd blog I actually looked up the word PSYCHIC in Unfortunately, it was pointed out to me that when you look up a word, you should also read the definition. I wrote PHYSIC. That is a word, just not the word I meant. A physic is "A medicine that purges"....maybe I did mean that??? It wouldn't have been so obvious except that I actually mentioned that I looked it up and STILL had the wrong word. Thank you to my very good friend for pointing that out. Also, thanks for sending it in email rather than in the comment section. Never-the-less I decided to announce to the world the mistake.
That's what I get for depending on "The Little Red Line".


Anonymous said...

You can go to the "posts" section and hit the edit button and fix stuff after it's already published then just re-publish it. No one will know. ;-)

From Chatty Kelly who isn't logged on.

Anonymous said...

go 2 posts

Anonymous said...
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Sue J said...

That you can edit this stuff after you publish it is so not real life. I spelled Kroger wrong in my blog yesterday. I got the red line, but, you know, the blogger dictionary doesn't do well with proper nouns. So, I blew that off as being a case of online dictionary not knowing major grocery retailer.

Then, I looked at a bag I brought the groceries home in; back on the blog!

These really are hysterical. I hope you were meaning them to be (or not to be....). As I always tell C.K., I'm always reading even if I'm not always commenting.

You just keep writing....that's the important thing :-)