Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means!!

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a Special Guest!

So put on your ears
Like Good Mouseketeers
Cause Tuesday is Guest Star Day!!!

After my last 2 posts, especially the comment section, there is only one song that comes to mind
for today's Special Guest




Mocha with Linda said...

I refuse to click on it. It's already in my brain just seeing the title!

Kelly Combs said...

I can write a blog post on what's wrong with that video, starting with the guy in orange behind the lead singer trying to look useful, and finishing with the prison pants the other guy is wearing.

But liked the song, and I noticed you were number ONE in the comments lately. haha.

My ADHD Me said...

At least orange shirt seems to add in a lyric or two. Not to mention he's got the "groove". Prison pants is just standing there smiling at orange shirt.

Kelly Combs said...

Don't look now, but the guitar player stole your sunglasses. *snort!*

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I'm with Linda...I'd have to sing Gilligan's Island all day to get it dislodged! Sorry I haven't been by in awhile....miss catching up! Still wanting to skydive? I'm on meds that they would frown upon that, but it would still be a blast to do a blogunion...

Sue J. said...

I didn't know about "One" until....? College radio?! Maybe I had heard it before but didn't attribute it to Three Dog Night. In 1972, 3, 4, whatever, it was "Joy to the World" and "Black and White". "One" was too sophisticated (and rockin') for my youthful listening palate.

I, too, have it in my head. But, I'm not sure I want to see all those colorful pants in motion....

WV: miteccu (sounds like a foreign dictator....otherwise, there are tiny bugs in the hospital)

Debbie said...

Wow! What a blast from the past:)

Edie said...

I really enjoyed listening to this! And had a really good laugh at the same time.

I think the lead has pretty hair. Not the style, just the hair.

I used to have some jeans much like those prison pants. And I actually wore them out in public too. :o

I was wondering if anyone else was going to sing. They all went a little wild when they got to sing "NUNBER!" haha!

I also wondered if the person on the piano was a female until the very end when we get a glimpse of the mustache.

You're still "NUMBER!" One in our hearts.

DWV: cadhing

Edie said...

Okay I have read and commented on all your posts as far back as Whitney Houston and the National Anthem (which was great).

I have watched this video three times now and it's REALLY past my bedtime so I'll have to come back another day and play catch up with the rest of whatever I've missed over here.

Catch ya later my friend!
DWV: aliestio - Spanish or Italian for Catch ya later. I should know cause I'm both. :)

It was fun but gotta run!

Edie said...

Hey my friend! I got the most wonderfully long letter from the most wonderful person in the mail this week and it totally made my day! :D (The person wasn't in the mail, the letter was. The person is just wonderful.)

I'm going to have to send you a letter to tell you to read your comments. LOL!

DWV: eenti - Eenti, meenti, mineti, moe; I'm sad to say it's time to go.


♥U girl.

KrippledWarrior said...

Sorry for being inabsentia for so long. Check my blog post for today. I have a photo I'd like to show you.