Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Knew

I knew.

I knew even before I realized that I knew (does that make sense)..

hhmmm... Monkey's are Funny.

But I knew.
You would have known.
He should have known.
I've seen it before.
He's seen it before.
Even YOU, my bloggy friends have seen it before.

The words may change, but we all know that it will happen. It it inevitable!

It isn't like it's the first time I told him to clean his room.
It wasn't even the first time that day.
As a matter of fact, it was at least the 3rd time that day.
But I looked in there and the mess was still there.

He should have known.
After all, he does know that once it starts, there is no turning back.
Well, he's sorry now.
But it's too late.
The wheels were in motion.

If only....if only...

The only thing you had to do was clean your room.
But you waited and now my thoughts are starting to zoom.
You thought it wouldn't happen, you should never assume.
But the words in my head are starting to bloom.
Your room is a mess, it's the epitome of gloom.

There's even leftover snacks that you didn't consume.
Once you clear the floor your going to need to vacuum.

There's a spiders web, I'll get you the broom.
Your floor's so dirty you could grow a mushroom.

You never even wear that pirate hat with the plume.

There's really no reason for you to fume.
I'm not the one who's room is dingy as a tomb.
It looks like the result of a sonic boom.

Look! There's your old cars that you played vroom vroom,
& From 2 years ago, there that Halloween costume.
There's a piocture of us on the park log flume.

Opps, we're getting sidetracked it is time to resume.
Yes, I mean you, if I didn't then whom?
You thought I wasn't serious, but you should never presume.

One day youll be married and you'll be a groom.
Your wife won't want to live in the temple of doom.

WAIT, don't throw THAT away it is a family heriloom.
I remember when you were a baby, and you were in my womb.
Hey don't look at me like that, the thought is sweet as perfume.

You want to do it yourself?
You want me to leave?
You promise you'll get it done?

Yes, you can listen to your music, even turn up the volume.

(mission accomplished)
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Beverlydru said...

I think you're like the female T.S. Eliot. Nobel Prize wiener for literature. I'm not fixing that typo either. LOL.

Greg C said...

I want to hear a report that he did it and did a good job. My son likes to do things half way. He is good about starting things, its the finishing part that he lacks. I loved the poetry. It reminded me of The cat in the hat.

My ADHD Me said...

Beverly YooHoo- Not fixing that typo WAHAHA.

Greg- Hmmm...a post about him doing a good job on it. That's a thought. He likes to read about himself. maybe that will inspire him.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Well, as long as the means justified the ends... :-).
And yes! the $35 surrender fee is probably why she was in the dumpster in the first place!

Meredith Leigh Knight said...

I love it! That's great.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Wow-very creative, Emily Dickinson! The part about the plume cracks me up because they do save the weirdest things, don't they?

Meredith said...

Dr. Suess would be so proud.....helping.....My mom used the tactic a few times, but I don't remember my room quite looking like that. So funny. Does he know that you took a picture and posted it? I'm taking notes. I might need them in a few years.

Anonymous said...

This, too, is how I drive my kids crazy by starting rhyme to them. My son is a neat freak--we are moving in about 6 months and the day he found out he cleaned out his whole room and packed--then there is my daughter....

Funny Post


Arlington Tea Party said...

*Helping* never worked with my daughter. She was glad to have someone else do it for her. I finally started telling her that if she didn't want me to be in a bad mood all the time, she needed to close her bedroom door.

Hope the room is clean now.

samurai said...

I loved this! I even pictured myself standing among my sons respective piles...

thank you for sharing this. :)

Chatty Kelly said...

My head is stopped up so I can't come up with anything witty to say. I feel yucky.

"Nice post!"

On Purpose said...

Moms always KNOW right?

Blasé said...

It took my wife 5 years to finally clean up her bedroom where one could walk without falling over boxes and such... She is NOT a Virgo.

HisPrincess said...

You know that doesn't work in my house.

I've started cleaning the room and finished...all the while with the teenager watching. She just doesn't care that I go moving her stuff about.

Great poem though. You never fail to amuse!

God's girl said...

My, my, my, aren't you very creative!!! I believe I once recall you stating you are not creative. This would TOTALLY prove that statement to be untrue:)

Edie said...

Oh look, I was the Arlington Tea Party last time I was here. I never know who I am these days. :)

When I read "Nice post." I was like :o

LOL. You can leave as many comments as you want anytime. I really miss my friends.

CK - How you feel better.

My ADHD Me said...

Hey Edie.."how YOU feel better!!"

Sue J. said...

Glad to see the rhyming dictionary's getting a workout at someone's house!

Funny, the room is OK but the "common areas" are a disaster! I have taken to put up signs with friendly characters and reminders instead of me doing the reminding.

As much as our momsense tells us we know, they know just as well. Sometimes, they just need the right kind of rattling....

Irritable Mother said...

Wait a minute!
Is that all it takes?
Just let him play loud music and he'll clean his room?
I really need to give that a try!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Yeah what about that report of how it really turned out?!!!
My idea of clean was not the same as one of our sons. You weren't kiddin about growing mushrooms. I swear to howdy that if I'da thrown bean seed on the floor in his room, theyda sprouted in all the dirt.

My ADHD Me said...

Hey Lea...Who's Howdy?

Debbie said...

You are brilliant. And quite talented.

Edie said...

I forgot to mention that your html is showing. :)

Ooops. Hey CK, HOPE you feel better. *grin*