Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another Typical Day

Thursday night my niece and nephew spent the night at my house. We had a nice evening. The next morning, all was going well. They were playing in the next room as I was diligently cleaning the kitchen..

translation-I was either playing on the computer or reading.

Suddenly My nephew calls out, "Sydney (my dog) bit off my ear!" (actually, they had been playing and she ran by as he was bending over to pet her and her tooth clipped his ear)...ha, that sounds like an alibi from Judge Judy. "No, Your Honor, My dog didn't bite him. His ear got in the way as she was running by..."

Being the concerned aunt that I am, I yelled back, "Well, pick it up and put it back on!".

I glance up from my mean the dishes I was washing and saw he was holding the side of his head. hhmmmm.

I told him to go in the bathroom and I would bring him a cloth for it.

translation-Don't drip blood on my carpet.

I follow him to the bathroom and handed him a clean cloth....He said, "That's a SOCK" Yes, it was a sock, but it was a sock with a hole in it which changes it from a sock to a was clean.
So I cleaned off the blood as well as I could and took a look.

"Hhhmmm" I said.

translation-EEKKKKK! Someone call 911!

Oh shoot. I'm 911.

Calmly I told him to keep some pressure on it.

translation-WOW! That's a LOT of blood!

I sat him in the recliner, tilted it back, made sure he was firmly holding the on it and took a second to decide what to do. It was one of those things that was right in the middle of whether or not to get stitches.

I called my neighbor, a nurse.....I didn't call her a nurse, she actually is a nurse. Anyway, so I called her and told her what had happened and asked if she would come take a look. I hadn't called my nephew's mom (ET) yet. I wanted to decide what I thought it needed first, then I would call her and see what she wanted to do.

translation- I REALLY dreaded calling and telling her.

My neighbor said she had just stepped out of the shower and to please give her 3 minutes to throw something on and she would be right over. I told her to take her time.


She and I both thought it probably needed stitches. She said they might use glue. Shoot, if I had known they sometimes used glue, I wouldn't have even bothered calling. I have some super glue in the drawer....ok, bad idea.

I called ET to tell her what happened. Don't you just love those conversations that start off with, "Don't worry. It isn't an emergency but...."

translation-Which ER should I meet you at?

Oh, and poor, sweet little Alberquando! His empathy almost put me over the edge. "Does this mean we aren't going to get to spend the night at their house?".

As it turned out, his Primary Care Doctor was able to handle it. They did use glue. They said it probably would have needed 2 stitches but the glue made a much cleaner scar. They did a great job too. I doubt anyone will even be able to see where it happened after it heals.

ANYWAY, just another typical day.

P.S. oh yeah, He never even shed a tear.

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Edie said...

I would love to have you around in an emergency. Glue?

When I got my ears pierced it was back in the day that we used a needle and thread. I was playing with the dog and his tooth caught the thread in my ear. It didn't rip my ear but it turned the thread (which I hadn't really been doing very well), I screamed, and it was very clear from the green discharge that my ear was infected. Blech!

Sue J. said...

It's great being in the Reserves, yes?

TRANSLATION: Why does this stuff happen on my watch?

He'll have a great story to share when he gets back to school from break. I'm glad you were feeling up to handling that because that could have gone a different way entirely!

Tuesday is almost know what that means (I hope!)

Mocha with Linda said...

I loved it when you said "Call 911!"

I thought you WERE 911! LOL

It's all a different story when it's your own family!

samurai said...

An awesome post today... hope he is doing well... having many scars of my own... i can relate. Sounds like you did a great job. 8)

Hopefully all of the blood comes out. ;-)

Kelly Combs said...

You left out the part that he is on blood thinners, so that a "minor" emergency with him, can become major because of that.

Wow - What an "exciting day!
Translation: I'm glad it was you & not me!

I take it he went home & not the ER, since his family dr took care of it.

KrippledWarrior said...

I'm glad you had superglue. It bonds skin on contact. I'm also glad you passed on a tourniquet. Buy the time he gets back to school your dog will be a ravenous wolf, or a gangster with a switchblade.
Thank the Lord for heroic Aunts.

Beverlydru said...

I've missed you!!!!! This post is classic (for you). Glad he was fine. I've never heard of this kind of glue. Write on, my friend. Your fans have been waiting for the brand of entertainment that only you can provide.