Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Finished A Sentence

I am so proud of myself. A few weeks ago I was on the phone with my sister, ET and I finished a sentence.

I had mentioned to her that my son's girlfriend, Sandra, actually liked my cooking!!

Bless her heart. I can only imagine that she has lived on a diet of Lucky Charms and burritos all her life. Actually, it's kind of funny but she actually prefers the store brand of Lucky Charms over the real ones. I think they're called Fortunate Flakes or something like that. I couldn't remember so I looked in the pantry to see and they were called Rainbow Treasures.
She must have gotten them from Krogers because the Food Lion brand is called something else. Magic Charms maybe?

I don't know. I usually shop at Food Lion. The service isn't as great as Martin's but actually Martin's isn't as good as it was before they bought it from Ukrops. But Food Lion is convenient and less expensive.

Believe me, every penny saved can help. Food is so expensive these days! Everything is. I don't see how young couples can afford to buy houses or even rent apartments when they are starting out. And if they have children.....well....whew!

I'm really glad JM and Sandra have absolutely no desire to have children at this time. They want to wait years. There really is no rush. I was 27 years old when I had my first.

That was a good age to start a family. I know some people start a lot younger and do fine but there doesn't need to be a big rush. Of course if they get married and have kids I won't be a meddling mother-in-law...hopefully. I do hope they let me help. And there really isn't anything wrong with me being in the delivery room. I can recommend I great pediatrician. If they aren't feeding the baby right or dressing it appropriately, I'll need to help them out. Oh my, I hope they don't forget to put a hat on my grandchild when they go out in the cold.

I hope they don't feed him/her solid foods too soon. I know Sandra likes solid foods but a baby can't have that for a while.

Sandra actually does like my cooking.

I made pancakes the other day and she loved them. I think she really does like my cooking.

SEE! I finished the sentence!!

(no applause necessary)


KrippledWarrior said...

Lucky Charms and Burritos ROCK. Without cereal and mexican entrees some men would starve. Being on the left coast since 1975, I have never heard of Food Lion, Krogers or those other places. The only grocery chains I recall from bck in the day are IGA and Piggly Wiggly.

Grand parents and grand children get along so well because they have a common enemy. You'll make a great mother in law.

Sue J. said...

They'll be OK, and they'll love coming over to your house for dinner....

Sue J. said...

Sorry, totally forgot to leave you a WV: shole (unlike the good Dr.)

Edie said...

Oh my goodness I have missed you! :)

And be sure they give that baby some juice too. My daughter wouldn't give her kids juice cause she said it had too much sugar. Now they don't like anything healthy. So make sure the baby gets some juice.

I agree with the Warrior. I love Lucky Charms and Burritos. But not together. Blech! Lucky Charms and Raisin Bran are my favorite cereals.

I recently started shopping at Aldi and I'm saving about 25% on my groceries.

You're gonna be a Great Grandma. Not a great-grandma but a Great one. You have to be a grandma before you can be a great-grandma and as I always tell my grand-girls, "first things first". Remember that phrase. You'll need to use it a lot!

Oh you'll make a pretty terrific MIL too. ;)

Now I'm going to go catch up on what I've missed over here.

Love ya!

DWV: eflessad

2Thinks said...

Bleck, I never liked those dehydrated, crunchy marshmallow impostors. But I am excited to learn that when I move in next door, you will be doing some of the cooking. On those nights, I'll watch t.v. Perfect.

I put my blog back together for ya...

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