Sunday, June 7, 2009

One Word

One Word. (which is actually two...)

Chatty Kelly and Edie both posted this meme a few months ago. It was on my list of things to post when my brain couldn't make complete sentences. So, here we are.

One Word....And ONLY One Word.

1. Where is your cell phone? Bench

2. Your hair? Wild

3. Your father? football

4. Your mother? psychotic

5. Your favorite thing? smiling

6. Your dream last night? teenagers

7. Your favorite drink? Diet Coke

8. Your dream? firefighting

9. The room you are in? Messy

10. Your Fear? Telling

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Contented

12. One of your wish list items? Screen-door

13. Where you grew up? Trees

14. The last thing you did? Computer

15. What you are wearing? Shorts

16. Your TV? On

17. Your computer? Buzzing

18. Your life? Disorganized

19. Your mood? Procrastinating

20. Missing Someone? AWOL

21. Your Car? Driveway

22. Your Favorite Store? Kohl's

23. Your Summer? Hot!

24. Your favorite color? green

25. Last time you laughed? Yesterday

26. Last time you cried? No

27. Someone who emails you? Edie

28. A Favorite Food? Pizza

29. A Place you would rather be right now? Fire-Engine

WHEW!! That was harder than I expected. There are so many questions, that one word is not a significant answer for! I had to put my ADHD on freeze in order to stop typing after one word.....of course the directions didn't say I couldn't add pictures!!


Have a great day!.




Chatty Kelly said...

Is Diet Coke one word? Screen Door? Fire engine? Okay, I'll let it slide because you usually have 1 million words, so even just 2 is good. I never knew you liked Kohl's. I see a shopping trip in our future. :-)

I'll have a coffee in hand, and you can have your diet coke.

Have a great day!! I'm glad you had a new post. I was beginning to think you were in a cave. ;-)

Mocha with Linda said...

And you didn't answer "monkeys" a single time!

Greg C said...

Wow we have the same mother. I hate to tell you this but Diet Coke is two words. And the jury is still out on the use of photos.

Sue J. said...

I like the pictures. One picture is worth a thousand words...yet amounts to none, unless there is a word in the picture. Ooh, tricky!

Enjoyed the list...very much you!!

My ADHD Me said...

What if I write it like this...Diet-Coke.

Then again, if that was the case I-could-make-anything-into-one-word.

My ADHD Me said...

Greg- The jury is still out on the mother one also. BUT, I couldn't find a picture of Sybil's Mother to use.

Edie said...

I didn't even notice those two word one words. :)

1. What is your cell phone doing on a bench?

2. I read the Sybil when I was a teen. I liked it too. Oh dear! :o

5. Laughing, that's why I come over here.

6. & 8. A friend of mine (who is likely to drop through my roof one day) told me that he dreamt of dinosaurs chasing him last night. Very odd for him.

10. I've been called Edie M____, MD. :)

20. ???

23. Mine too.

25. Go read your post and then you can change that to today.

27. I'm behind. :)

It was hard for me too. Loved your answers!!

Now I want you to write a story using all of these answers as your subject. You can use as many words as you want. I can't help but wonder about your father being a football and you growing up in a tree. LOL!

Later Tater!!

Bonita said...

Reminds me of that writing quote of never using two words when one word will do. You did a great job disciplining yourself to one word. The pictures really added a lot because as they say, 'A picture is worth a thousand words.'