Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means.

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means......

The 80's.
THE decade when it came to music.
Despite Hair Bands, Fluorescent clothing, BIG hair, ripped shirts (flashdance), mohawks, pink hair, pajama clothes, 1000's of Mandona look-a-likes and HUGE jewelry....the 80's was the decade when music became bigger than ever before. I'm sure MTV had a lot to do with that. You remember MTV don't you? It used to stand for Music Television. I'm not sure what it stands for now because I haven't seen a music video played there in a very long time.

ANYWAY, Chatty Kelly and I were talking the other day and she reminded me of a song/video that I hadn't thought of in a very long time. There aren't too many times that you can have a song with pop singers, rock singers, country singers, motown singers, and classic singers all together at once. But this song did. I thought it was awesome.

I'm not sure who all of the singers all, but maybe you can fill in the blanks.

So today's guest stars are....

Lionel Richie
Stevie Wonder
Paul Simon
Kenny Rogers
James Ingram
Tina Turner
Billie Joel
Michael Jackson
Diana Ross
Dione Warwick
Willie Nelson
Harry Connick Jr
Bruce Springsteen
Kenny Loggins
Steve Perry
Daryl Hall
Hewy Lewis
Cindi Lauper
Bob Dylan
Ray Charles

I also noticed a few in the crowd that didn't have solos, like Bette Midler, The "other" Jacksons,
The Pointer Sisters, The "other" guy from Hall & Oats, and someone said Dan Akryoid was there...I'll need to go back and check on that. .

I used to think Cindi Lauper dressed cooler than anyone I knew. lol (seriously)
Although I like Bruce Springsteen, I don't think this song really suited for his voice.
Bob Dylan-I went and saw him in concert. i truly couldn't understand a single word of ANY of the songs. Even the ones i knew!
I used to LOVE Steve Perry (Oh Sherry)
Kenny Rogers Looked better then than he does with his face lift.
In those days Michael Jackson was cute.
Dione Warwick has a beautiful voice.
Billy Joel has always been one of my favorites.

We Are The World....



Blasé said...

Best thing "Whacko" ever did.

"The Boss" stole the show..imho

Sue J. said...

Harry Connick, Jr.?! I don't think so, actually. Al Jarreau was in there after Willie. Kim Carnes ("Bette Davis Eyes") was the third of the trio with Huey and Cyndi. Harry Belefonte was in that back row along with Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac.

Sue J., why do you know all this stuff? When I was station manager of my college radio station, we did a parody of this called "(W)VIC for Alpha House." It was actually a serious re-do of the song, and we played it during our fundraising campaign for the local Alpha House chapter--which was a charity that took care of kids (NOT a frat house).

I was Dionne Warwick! Somewhere, I have that on VHS. Not easy for me to upload to You Tube, so I'm not sure you'll see that one.

Thanks for a great memory....I'm off to the "archives" (of my closet).

samurai said...

There are times when i miss the 80's. VH1's series titled "I love the 80's!" is really cool.

Chatty Kelly said...

Interesting reading here:

Prince was a no-show. John Denver wanted to participate but was turned down..."Too country." (Yet they let Willie Nelson come???) Linda Ronstat was sick with the flu & Pat Benetar was pregnant and couldn't come.

Ah, very cool.

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J- Of course! Al Jarreau! I had a question mark beside him and for some reason the name Harry Connick Jr came to mind!. I thought that was Kim Carnes but wasn't sure. Does anyone know who the last guy I have the question mark by was?

Dionne Warwick! How cool is that! I hope you are able to download it.

Blase- Part one- I agree. Part 2- I like Springsteen but just didn't in this...IMHO haha

Samurai- I watch that too. It brings back fun times.

CK- Very interesting. I can't believe they thought Denver was too country but Willie Nelson wasn't!

Greg C said...

Well why wasn't I invited. I can sing that song. I always thought that if all those performers just put all their money in one account they could probably feed most of the starving kids out there. Just my thoughts at the time. I did like the song though.

My ADHD Me said...

Greg- Probably if just 'one' of those singers did that, he could have at least fed half the world.
(but buying the elephant man's mask is important too! haha)

Mocha with Linda said...

Your comment on my post made my day. Really!

But while I agree with you about the wives of the soldiers, my mom wasn't one of them - she and my dad didn't meet until college after the war!

2Thinks said...

Got something for ya over at my blog. Read the Award Share post w/pink roses in a cup button.

Bonita said...

Thought of you the other day when a word verification word was "demon". I didn't think of you because I associate you with demons, but because I thought you'd laugh at that word.

Irritable Mother said...

The OTHER guy???
You called John Oates the OTHER guy?
Clearly, you are not aware that I had a major crush on him when I was a teen, or you would hold him in higher esteem than that. LOL!

What fond memories you have brought to the surface today. Thank you!

HisPrincess said...

Takes me back....

And you are right. Cyndi Lauper was THE best dressed chick in the 80's! Remember the head bands? And the matching socks and bangles?

Those were the days.....