Wednesday, June 17, 2009

They Were Made For Me!

She knows me SO well!!

Chatty Kelly bought me a package of postcards last week. She said they reminded her of me. haha. Most of them could have been written by me....or at least FOR me!

My professional photography skills are a bit lacking and even though I tried taking pictures of them at different angles, you still cannot read the captions on all. So, I wrote the captions underneath.

I LOVE them!! Already have a few hanging on the fridge.
Thanks CK!!

(all in good fun of course...not really male...or female...bashing)

"Domestically Disabled"
(I actually have a tote bag that says this too)

"Bitter? Moi?"

"Let's ignore our mother's well meant advice."

".....And then she realized they WERE all alike!!"

"Alone at Last!!!"

"Male Refridgerator Blindness."

"She was blissfully unaware of her peril."

"I dreamed my whole house was clean!"

"Pain was too good for him."

"She threw herself eagerly into the paths of unsuitable men."

"And then I ripped his lungs out."

"He couldn't become a distant memory soon enough to suit her."

"Make your own da*n dinner!"




Sue J. said...

No one knows like a sister.... But, you're left with the question of whether you will actually use them or frame them. Or, just shuffle them around and put a different one on display, depending on how you're feeling. If there is "male refrigerator blindness" in your home, it won't matter what you put up there :-)

Greg C said...

Your sister really does know you well. I can just hear you saying those things.

Chatty Kelly said...

Glad you liked them! :-)

Sue J. said...

Hey....Go see "On Purpose" today, if you can. She has some wonderful words about you there today. (You're so right, Nichole!!)

Jenny wren's nest said...

I have a favorite audio book series called Sue Grafton, {Kinsey Millhone Mysteries}, The reader of the audio book, Judy Kay is her name [I think], Well her voice reminds me of how I think you would talk. Anyway you write kind of like the author.

Lea said...

Haaaa those are cute!
I like the "I dreamed the whole house was clean"

The one with her on her pillow saying ALONE AT LAST sorta cracked me up too.

You are a hoot and so is your crazy sister.

Edie said...

Haha! Sue J answered the question that first popped into my mind.

I liked the cleaned house dream too.

But why did you put a * where the "r" belongs in the last one?? *wink* :D

Blasé said...

"Male Refridgerator Blindness"

Whew!..I was afraid it was just ME

Irritable Mother said...

Alone at last...Sounds wonderful.
Yay for CK - knowing what to get for you. *grin*
Thanks so much for praying. I am doing much better now - wrote a post of fuller explanation for tomorrow.
And regarding the ADHD thing - yes - I do get particularly frustrated because I cannot understand my little guy. It just doesn't make sense to me that he REALLY cannot stay focused. I forget that he cannot, and I get upset. Then I am reminded its who he is, not what he's doing, and I breathe deeply and pray for more patience. *sigh*

God's girl said...

Definitely very original:)

Beverlydru said...

I came over for a smile this morning and you made me smile big! Have a great weekend!

Meredith said...

My favorite is the clean house one. I could look like that if I dreamed my whole house was clean...ha!