Monday, July 6, 2009

The Day I Saw An Angel ...... Conclusion

If you are reading this now, and didn't read yesterday's post, you really need to go back to my prior post and read that one to catch up. You can click here, The Day I Saw An Angel. I'll wait while you catch up.

OK, So I finally reached the car and what I saw was not good. I had been trained. I had practiced multiple scenarios on dummies and even on real people that were acting the part of the victim. I had ridden along and watched others do the job. I had taken the classes and passed the tests. I knew the time would come when I would be the one responsible. I knew the day would come when the job I did would hugely impact the future of the victim. I just didn't expect it to be on my very first solo run.

For about 3 seconds I stood there trying to size up the situation. I felt my pulse rising. I was terrified that every bit of training I had ever had was going to fly out of my head and be gone forever.

I wiped away as much of the broken glass that I could and crawled through the window. My patient seemed to be in her early 20's. She was hanging upside down, suspended by her seat belt. Her injuries were awful....and all over.

ABC- That's what they teach us to look at first. ABC, Airway, Breathing, Circulation. As I began to check her airway, a voice said "Her airway's clear, breathing is shallow, pulse is weak and irregular.". I looked up and there sitting on the other side of this woman was a motorist who happened to be riding down the road when the accident happened. But this wasn't just any motorist. This was the guy that had been my partner during the entire EMT class. This was the guy that had worked with me through all those scenarios we had worked on. This was the guy that I had worked with so many times that we could almost read each others minds when it came to patient care. This was MY Angel. As I looked at him, our eyes locked, he gave me a slight nod, as if to say, "You got it. You can do it." and it all came back. All of the sudden I knew exactly what to do. All the training kicked into gear and it was as if I had been doing it forever.

We got her as stable as possible while the other firefighters were cutting the car in half so that we could get her out without jostling her any more than necessary.

By the time we were able to start moving her, we had her hooked up to oxygen, neck and back stabilized, and cuts and gouges patched.

The worst of her injuries was the side of her head. That one worried me. I won't go into details that you may not want to hear but just know that I had to keep my hand on the side of her head at all times.

We got her up the hill, loaded her into the ambulance, and watched them drive away. I was helping the policemen retrieve some of the personal articles out of the car, when I noticed the driver of the car standing at the top of the hill. He was wearing handcuffs.

My partner, my angel was finishing up filling out a few forms for the policemen. As he was walking to his vehicle, he looked over at me. he gave me the same nod that he had given me in the car. Then, he gave me a tiny smile, a wink, got into his car, and left.

He doesn't work at the same station that I do. The chances of him being there were close to none. God knew without a doubt that this was going to be difficult. God knew that I knew what to do but he knew that because it was my first time, I was nervous....ok I was scared. God sent me my angel.....and I will NEVER forget that day.


I read an article in the paper a few weeks later about this young lady and the ordeal she and her family were going through. Yes, she lived. Quality of Life??? I'm not sure.

I do know that before the accident, she was a law student and a basketball player at her college. She was well liked and she had a bright future ahead of her.

Well, she did. Then she went to Kings Dominion with a guy that was a friend of hers.
They played. He got drunk.
He got very drunk.
Witnesses said that he was traveling well over 100 mph. Probably closer to 110-120. They say he was all over the road. They said he seemed to miss his exit and did a u-turn in the road. he spun around too hard. They say the car literally flew off of the embankment.

Anyway, the article was about the accident and the reporter was asking the girl's father some questions. He said she was doing a little bit better. That she was conscious and had been able to speak a few words. they were working on teaching her how to feed herself.

At the end of the article, her father was quoted saying"Think. Think before every action you make. Every move you make. If something doesn't seem right, then stop and think because if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. We are all responsible for our own decisions and for the choices we make. Don't throw your gifts away. Just stop and think."

Oh, and one final note, the driver, the guy in handcuffs....not a scratch on him..

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Beverlydru said...

You just know who's blog I had to come to first today! This story is powerful. Alot of depth- alot to learn from and ponder. Well done sista. I see why you love what you do. No way I could do it - ever. I would faint straight out and become a liability as soon as I saw the blood. Thanks for sparing me the details of that part.

Beverlydru said...

PS - I linked to you as queen for the day of cliff-hangers!

Chatty Kelly said...

I had heard this story before, but I still enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it.

Greg C said...

That's the way it usually happens. The person responsible walks away without a scratch. We had to use the stuff we learned at the last place I worked. It was a hot day, and we found a large worker laying on the pavement. We assumed it was due to the heat. They tried everything. The AED was used three times before the Paramedics arrived but to no use. It turned out he touched a 100 thousand volt power line. He was gone but the effort that my co-workers gave was amazing.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

What a huge difference you make in the lives you touch! Thanks for finishing this quickly...I was anxious to hear the rest of the story!

Edie said...

Wow I am so impressed with this. You're getting a standing ovation now, for what you did that day, what you have done since that day, and for writing this story.

God is amazing the way He orchestrates our circumstances. And this story is an inspiration to me.

On Purpose said...

Thank You for using your gifts to make this world a better place...your gift of being an EMT and a writer!

Enjoy your day!

Rebecca Ingram Powell said...

Excellent storytelling! I was leaning up close to my screen the entire time!

Edie said...

Come and see my parade. It's not as good as your story here but there's a fire engine in one of the pics that I know you'll like. :)

2Thinks said...

A story that reminds me of the thinking cap my mother was always telling me to put on.

Thanks for this real life story and for being brave enough to use the gifts God has given you. I hope we have some EMT's like you around here somewhere.


Edie said...

Hey it's Tuesday. Where's our special guest? Oh! It's YOU! What could be better? :D

samurai said...

Thank you for sharing this story today... it has made me stop and think. I am grateful that God had that story for you to share.

God's girl said...

Wow, is it possible I am speechless or simply amazed at you???? Yes, probably both. Thanks for sharing and for giving your life to help others keep theirs:)