Sunday, August 29, 2010

Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round and Round....And One Little Stone Went Into The Air And The Giant Came Tumbleing Down

Sing to the tune of The Farmer In The Dell.

The walls are closing in.
The walls are closing in.
I think I'm going to lose my mind
The walls are closing in.

I'm Oh so very bored.
I wander room to room.
But each room hasn't changed a bit.
It's still the same old room.

I have a chaperone.
It drives me up the wall.
I always have a chaperone.
I have no time alone.

But when I am alone.
I'm bored that no ones here.
And then I want some company
Because nobody's here.

I have to wash my hair.
I cannot wash my hair.
When no ones here, It's not allowed.
I cannot wash my hair.

I get the message now.
Dear God I hear you now.
I promise I will do my best.
I get the message now.

I know what patience means.
I hear you loud and clear.
I pray that I will not forget.
I'm glad that you are near.

I see it now, I do.
I'm not alone with YOU.
You made me see that just right now.
I'm not alone with You! (whew)

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Kelly Combs said...

I love it! YAY!

Edie said...

You're a quick study!

LOL! Loved your little ditty. I'm on my way over to keep you company and sho away the chaperon.

I really hope you're healing quickly.

Thought about sending you an email but would it arrive safely? Would it get lost in transit? Would it be damaged in transit? Would it get buried under the bulk mail? Would you find it? Would you look for it? If it did get buried, would you hurt your back trying to unbury it? So many things to consider. ;)

DWV: throppe

Edie said...

or is that shoo?

DWV: nunwea

Irritable Mother said...

How long does it take you to come up with these things? I love it!!!

The second stanza could be my son's theme song. (My ADD son, not the ADHD one.) Whenever he's bored, he wanders around complaining that he's bored. Maybe I should teach him this little tune. *wink*

samurai said...

Very well done... keep the chin up!

gianna said...

I love love LOVE your song! How perfect! I'm so sorry but when God wants you to learn patience, you are going to learn patience or go crazy!

Ace said...

Wow...can I relate to this. Boredom is my biggest enemy and also my daughter's. It's like the elephant in the room. The wandering....feeling restless....yeah, I get it.

2Thinks said...

Man! the things you miss when your computer connection goes out...I just got back online and came promptly sing! You had me at "and round and round and round and round and round and round and round, one little stone went up in the air and the giant came tumbling down-*SMACK* (which is a loud clap)".

Nothing but memory makers over here, it's dreamy.