Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For....Pay It Forword

Pay it Forward.

What FUN!

Someone posts that they are giving away a homemade craft, (actually 3). The 1st 3 comments on their post are the lucky recipients.

What Fun!!

I love getting fun things in the mail!

I'm game. I played.
I won twice!! YEA!!

I'm going to get 2 fun gifts in the mail!

...wait an I have to "Pay It Forward".

"Thank you for your gifts and the talents you have given me Lord. I know you have gifted me with many talents. I am sure that there are talents hidden inside me that I am not even aware of. I also know that if you gave us all the same talents, then our own special talents wouldn't be so special. I suppose that is why when I was standing in line at the craft talent registry, the CLOSED sign came up before I got there. That's ok. I'm not really into making things that end up looking like they were made by a preschooler anyway. (and believe me, mine always do!)

HOWEVER, I played the game, Lord. It's called Pay it Forward,,,wait a minute,,,you already know that. Not only did I play once, but I played TWICE!! (I know, I know...You already know that too!)

Now I have to make SIX gifts to mail out to my very good bloggy friends. I'm going to do it. They are going to open their gifts, shake their heads in wonder , perhaps even hang on to it for a few days and then it will probably end up at the local dump. And you know what, that's ok. They will know that I cared enough about them to try. That's really what it is all about anyway.

Oh, and Lord. Thank you for these people. These friends that I have never met have become like friends I've known for years.


"P.S. God, could you make my colored pencil tips quit breaking? Every time I sharpen them, they break off again. OR are you telling me NOT to enter any more of these contests....yes, that's it. I hear you loud and clear God!"


SO, the first SIX commenters get a HOMEMADE gift from me. (because I won twice). But remember the catch, if you win... YOU MUST PAY IT FORWARD,. Remember, you only have to forward to 3 people if this is the only one you win. Oh, and I don't want any of those comments that say "Nice Post, but I'll pass on Playing". You comment, you play. AND NO FAIR NOT COMMENTING!!! In the wise words of Greg, "Don't Be A Party Pooper!". (AND if you already won before, and THEN you win mine, then go back to your post and pick the next 3 people to Fay it Forward to).

I'm serious here...DON'T LEAVE ME HANGING!!!!! ---from a limb, upside down, with a banana in my hand.......because....
Monkey's Are, Well, You Know.....Crazy!

Oh yeah, according to the rules, you have 365 days to get the gift completed and mailed. Mine aren't that complex. They'll be done and mailed within a week...2 at the most.....maybe 3.... but no more than 4.

So here we go...Who is brave enough to PAY IT FORWARD!!!!


Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Ok...I wanna I sit at the 'puter with a fever and unable to talk and/or yell at my kids to get up. It's 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday...I said I'd be here and here I am with my gameface on. So here I am. Pick me! :P
(what if I don't get 3 comments?)

God's girl said...

Yeah, I wanna' play too. I never win anything, and I figured everyone would be here before me. I'm so excited. Hoorah! Hoorah! The ants go marching four by four, Hoorah! Hoorah! woo hoo! Whistle while you work, ladadadadadada, uh hum hum hum hum hum hum hum whistle while you work...when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, you will win a pay it forward where gifts come true...It's fun to sing at the ADHD, it's fun to sing at the ADHD, daddadadadadadadaddadada, it's fun to play at the ADHD...

I totally know that God will use your talents to bless your friends, and I promise I will hang it up for more than a couple days. You can even draw me a picture with your broken colored pencils. Draw a circle, two eyes, a nose (it's kinda' big...ever notice how just my eyes show on my profile pic. Yep, that's why)...ok, so anyway, then put a happy smile on my face, and voila! You have a homemade gift.

Woo hoo! I won! I won! (I did win right?????) wahahahahahahahaha

My ADHD Me said...

OK, you 2. You are good sports. I only need 4 more players (note to self...NEVER ENTER A CONTEST TWICE!!) My post has been up for almost 3 hours and it was over 2 hours before I had the first comment.
In other words..PEOPLE ARE SCARED!!

But not you 2!

Nope, ya'll are NOT party poopers.

Giving others the benefit of the doubt, this Pay It Forward has been going on a while and A LOT of people have already done it.

Being the good sport that I am, when you play, if no one enters, I will and then I'll call an official halt to the game.

I bet you didn't know I could do that, did you?

Well, Now you know. I can. I CAN!! I CAN!! I CAN!!!

A&OX4-Sorry, you're feeling bad. Did you know I am a "real" doctor? Just ask my son. I don't want to brag though, so my instructions to you are, if you don't get any better, go see a different doctor.

GG-I'm worried. I warned you that ADHD was highly contagious. Take 2 Adderall and call someone and then just talk and talk until they hang up. Then, after that, if there is no one to listen, just walk around humming the Brady Bunch Theme Song.

My ADHD Me said...

OK, GUYS. I need FOUR more.

My ADHD Me said...

If I leave enough comments, people will think that the winners have been chosen and will come and visit and THEN YOU WILL BE TRAPPED!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Trapped I tell you!

On Purpose said...

Just stopping in to say you are very making me laugh and putting a smile on my face! However as I am reading the above comments I am counting and realize that...I think I got myself in a little situation....

My ADHD Me said...

On Purpose- You made me laugh!
And yes, you are now DEFINITELY in a "little situation".

My ADHD Me said...

ok, I have the first 3. I'm half way there.

My Army Brats and Me said...

How fun! I can not wait to hear how it goes. Have a wonderful day.
Love Cindy

My ADHD Me said...

Cindy- You have been paying and paying it forward. I wear my bracelet every day...HOWEVER---you WILL get a Pay it Forward prize from me!

My ADHD Me said...

TWO MORE............

Irritable Mother said...

ADHD, have I told you lately how much you bless my heart???
"You comment, you play." Guess that means I'm in! Now you only need one more. *grin*
May the peace of Christ rule in your heart and mind today!

My ADHD Me said...

Come ON people!!

(thank you thank you thank you Karen!)

Anonymous said...

This is an anonymous commenter. Guess who I am? I am laughing hard and suffering from lack of faith in my uncraftiness. But you are still funny.

My ADHD Me said...

No fair annonymous!!

Don't make me come looking for you!!!
You would have been Number 6......

Edie said...

Wow you got 16 comments! LOL! Only you could force... I mean successfully encourage people to comment when they thought they might tip toe past this post. Haha!

BTW - I still have my last hand crafted gift that I won from you. It is not in the dump.

I'm not playing this, I'm just leaving a comment cause I already played and you won from me, and I want to see what Kelly's un-hand-crafted gift was.

Edie said...

I love your prayer too. God crafted a wonderfully unique You and I'm sure He takes great delight in seeing watching and listening to you. Kind of like when your kid does something that cracks you up. :D

Edie said...

Ha! I can't win cause Anonymous was #6! I bet it was CK. I wasn't smart enough to comment anonymously but she would be, and I know she would have a REALLY hard time restraining herself from commenting cause she's Chatty like that. :)

God's girl said...

Tooooooooooooooooo funny! You ladies totally crack me up. I saw 19 comments and I thought, "wow, they really want to see your craftiness! Don't everyone comment at once."

You are a tricky young lady to post comments yourself...yep...pretty noticed I said young, right?...for sure...definitely.

Isn't the rule that if you comment, you play, so wouldn't that mean since Kelly was anonymous, wouldn't Edie be the 6th???? she thinks she got away with did Kelly:)

Oh yes, by the way, it was 8:04 my time when I posted this morning. It just looked like 9:04. I guess we are a couple hours apart, huh?

My ADHD Me said...

It is 11:15 P.M. here.
At this point, it is looking like anonymous is going to be #6.
Thanks to major detective work and secret computer savvy, if no one else comments, it looks like I'll be hand delivering the 6th person's craft...shouldn't be a problem, eh Kelly????

My ADHD Me said...

Oh yeah....ends at midnight...45 minutes.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

You're playin TWICE? WHOOhOOOO
I'm toadily impressed! heehee
Go girL....
Whatchya gonna make? Huh? whatchya gonna make?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ADHD Me said...

With 28 minutes left to go.....
Does Lea realize she is #6?



Edie said...

LOL! I don't think Lea realized it but I bet she will be happy.

Kelly told me she wasn't anon so it was someone else. Hmmm. Ok it was Linda at 2nd cup or Beverly You Who. Neither one of them showed up today and they usually do. I don't think it's Greg even though he's usually in here too, but I think he tip toed past quietly. Hmmm.