Sunday, February 15, 2009


Gelotology-The study of humor and laughter, and the effects they have on one's body.

Research has shown that laughter helps protect the heart.

According to psychologist Steven Sultanoff PhD, "With deep heartfelt laughter, it appears that serum cortisol, which is a hormone that is secreted when we're under stress, is decreased. So when you are having a stress reaction, if you laugh, apparently the cortisol that has been released, during the stress reaction, is reduced.".

Laughter has been shown to improve the bodies tolerance to pain.

Laughter has been shown to boost the body's production of infection fighting anti-bodies, which can prevent hardening of the arteries, stroke, angina, and heart attacks.

A study in Japan shows that laughter lowers blood sugar after a meal and concluded that laughter is good for people with diabetes and "chemical messengers" made during laughter may help the body compensate for the disease.

Laughter improves your sleep.

Laughter is good physical fitness therapy. It has been estimated by scientists that laughing 100 times equals the same physical exertion as a 10 min workout on a rowing machine or 15 min on a stationary bike.

So.....Go ahead............ WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


Chatty Kelly said...

Are you sure it isn't the study of jello? wahahahaha. Or Italian ice cream?

My ADHD Me said...

It could be the study of lots of hair gel.

But no, I'm quite sure it is the study of laughter and the effects it has on the human body.

After all, I read it on WiKopedia. And we ALL know that if it's on the internet it MUST be true!!!

Either way, if you're laughing, it's good.

Irritable Mother said...

"And we ALL know that if it's on the internet it MUST be true!!"
Good for another laugh. Thanks!

The interesting thing is, I know crying is good for you, too. So we need to laugh, and we need to cry. That's why we read blogs, right?
For our health.

Marla said...

I thought it was going to be something crazy on jello! I had the same idea as Kelly! Hahahahaha!

Debbie said...

I love to laugh more than anything! It just has to be good for us.

My ADHD Me said...

Irritable mother-- I like that. Yes, We reads and write blogs for our health!
Otherwise, some people might consider it a waste of time! (I'll be sure to let my husband know). :)

Beverlydru said...

I love this post! I'm extra healthy as I love to laugh and I love to read blogs. The Bible started it with the truth that says laughter is good medicine. I can testify to that.

Edie said...

I TOLD you you had a ministry! Why do you doubt? LOL!

God knew all along that Laughing was good for you. :)

"A cheerful heart is good medicine..." Proverbs 17:22

I believe the workout part. When my friend Angela and I battling over my camera and laughing so hard, we commented on how it felt like a workout.

This is a really great post!

One question. Is it good for your health to spell it out too? WAHAHAHA!

My ADHD Me said...

I supposed that depends on whether you write WAHAHAHA! or WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Since you are 2 hours ahead of me I should be able to make the date on Wednesday. And I will make The Girl do my craft-y thing. Or at least teach me how... :)

Edie said...

My daughter used to believe that everything they said in commercials were true too. I think she still does.

I feel better! :D

Edie said...

I mean "was true" not "were true".

I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Greg C said...

Oh yes, if it is on the internet it must be true, hahahahahahahahahah

My Army Brats and Me said...

Todays visit:) I am getting ready to pick my daughter up and we are going to laugh cuz I need this body to get yuck released.

Love ya Cindy

The Patterson 5 said...

I'll think I'll go laugh a bit to burn off all the Valentine treats I ate last week!

Bonita said...

Apparently, I don't laugh enough because I've been awake nearly all night AGAIN!

This is a cool post. I'll have to tell my mother about it. She laughs more than anyone else that I know.