Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means.... 2-24-09

Today is Tuesday.
You know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest....

Recap of JM's driving "minor incidents".

7-07 Got Driver's License. We gave him my 1991 Nissan Sentra that I had driven for 16 years, (best car I ever owned).

Within 13 months of having his license...

1. I showed him how to check oil...forgot to replace oil cap....after driving a day like that, entire engine soaked in oil and alternator ruined (I take responsibility for this one).

2. Hydroplaned, ended up in ditch.

3. Forgot to turn off headlights. Battery dead.

4. Went to spit out window (a guy thing?), missed, looked away for "1 second" to wipe off window, drifted out of lane, over-corrected, ran off road, blew out 2 tires.

5. Hit a deer, knocked off side mirror, broke rear window, cut hand (minor cut...the guy at "Waffle House" told him he didn't need stitches.

6. Learned that when the little arrow is pointing to E that your car won't move.

7. Backs into friends garage, breaks tail light.

8. Stopped at stop sign but didn't see other car coming. Pulled out in front of it..... Little red Nissan is totaled.

2 months later we find him another car.
Great deal. 2004 Chevy Cavalier with 54,000 miles for $2,000. Excellent condition.
Drove it for 16 days.

9. Rear ended a car that was turning....Little Blue Cavalier is totaled.

Court, Fines, Community Service, Driving Class, made him deposit money from every paycheck into a bank account for insurance AND we took his license for 4 months (can hardly believe the judge let him keep it).

ANYWAY, today's special guest, The Playmates 1958, is a prelude to my next post...">


Chatty Kelly said...


Greg C said...

We used to have that record on a 45 and would play it on 78 speed. It is really funny like that.

I won't give my opinion on the car troubles. It happens. I sold my brother my car when I joined the Navy. While I was in bootcamp he flipped it and totalled it. When I got out I asked him why he quit paying me and he said; Why would I keep paying you, the car is totalled. Wow that makes sense.

God's girl said...

Yeah, another day for another entry!!!

It reminds me of an episode of spongebob my kids were watching this morning. Spongebob totally hit everything, ran over pedestrians, drove his driving instructer, Mrs. Puff (?), totally insane! When he took his driving test, he failed, but was excited because he'd get to spend another year with Mrs. Puff (I think that's her name). Anyway, the thought of spending another year trying to teach him to drive was too much for her, so she passed him anyway. (Spongebob definitely wasn't ready to be on the road!)

At least I still have 4 years until my oldest gets to drive...uh, nevermind, I have 3 years...3 months...oh no, they get their permit at 15...so I only have 2 years...3 months...

God's girl said...

That video is hilarious!!!

WAHAHAHAHAHAHHA (I decided since you posted it, I better go back and watch it)

O-kay, now who's the nut???

(Yes, second entry, second entry, go second entry. Woo hoo, second entry, second entry...)

My ADHD Me said...

Rule Check
1.The challenge lasts one month.
2. There will be 3-4 days only that will be put in the drawing.
3. Yesterday was one of those days.
4. (Yesterday really WAS one of those days!)
5. Each person that comments will get ONE ballot entered on each of the 3-4 days.
6. G. G. You make me laugh----but still only have one ballot so far...lol : )

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

But the guy from the waffle house...was he a REAL guy from the waffle house, or just a pretend one with a pretend greasy apron? And a dr in real life?

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

p.s. My first car was a Rambler. No. Really.

Sue J. said...

My sisters and I used to go crazy over this song. I don't remember if we chased ourselves around the coffee table (probably--I think we always did that, no matter what the tune)....it was just so funny.

Of course, the classic joke is that we didn't get the last line--what is 2nd gear and what does that have to do with anything??

My first car had manual transmission (because my boyfriend, now husband, had recommended that, and it was cheaper. Never mind the fact that I had never driven a car with manual transmission!!). Then, I got the joke (only, driving that fast in 2nd gear is cause for taking your car to the garage!!)

God's girl said...

I'm glad you totally defined the rules:) I tend to go berserk without rules...

Edie said...

HaHa! That was cute.

My bf in HS first car was a blue Rambler. We didn't know what a Rambler was before then.

I had a 73 (or thereabouts) Cadillac Sedan at one time. I referred to it as my yacht. It was totaled after a lady ran into it head on while it was parked. I paid $200 for the car when I bought it and got $1500 after it was totaled.

Maybe you should get JM a Caddy. I'm just sayin... :)

Edie said...

I said bf but I meant best friend not boyfriend.

Boyfriend was another story all together. He taught me how to drive a manual transmission and I nearly drove us off Gravity Hill.

Chatty Kelly said...

Actually, Today is Wednesday..if you know what I mean.

My ADHD Me said...

I know what you mean!