Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Groundhog Day? Today is Tuesday. You Know What That Means.

Now how can today be Tuesday?
According to my blog, yesterday was Tuesday.

Accountability--Something you get when you have a weekly post with the day of the week written on it.

I think I'm doing a little better. I have a post in mind that I keep meaning to write but haven't gotten around to doing. It has the "real" reason I haven't been around lately.

"Real"--A Euphemism for the incredible story I will make up to explain why I've been gone.

Deflection--A reason for the Euphemism.

SO, Today (once again) is Tuesday.
Since we all know what that means.
We're gonna have a special guest!

Today's special guest has one and only one purpose.
That purpose is to make you laugh.
It is only about 10 seconds long.
You MUST watch it 3 or more times.

Must-- A word that means I hope you do because obviously I can't make you do it from here.

Anyway, the first time you watch it, you will probably just sit there with a befuddled look on your face. The second time, you may smirk at it, but the third time it will make you laugh out loud, (well, YOU meaning ME, because I couldn't help but laugh).

SO, in the words of NIKE, "Just Do It"

Have a great day!

P.S. To those of you (and you know who you are), for thoughts, words,prayers, and Dr Seuss quotes...Thank you. Really.

And now, per Alberquando's request, The Haitian Weather Man...

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Anonymous said...

oh my gosh...if I have to watch that again...that has to be Joey's favorite!!!


Kelly Combs said...

Thrilling. Okay, full disclosure I only watched it once. I'll watch it a couple more times today as I sit home with a sick 5 yr old.

Kelly Combs said...

2nd time. Still not that funny yet.

Kelly Combs said...

3rd time...hmmm. Maybe I'm one of those people who needs to watch it 4 times. I like the other guy and his courtesy chuckle.

CJ said...

that's what the funny part is the chuckle... or burst of laughter


God's girl said...

Didn't get to read. Quickly stopping in to say "Hi!". Someday soon, I will be back on:) and then I will catch up on your million posts:) Heaven

Kelly Combs said...

CJ/ET - I mean the guy on the couch who gives a courtesy laugh to the weather man.

Kelly Combs said...

Do you notice all your comments (except 1) are by your 2 sisters?

Kelly Combs said...

See you quite blogging and you lose your following.

2Thinks said...

Well you haven't lost me. I'm always checking in to see where you at sista.

And I'm not a blood related sista, either.

So, I don't need a jacket.

What? Do. Not. Get. It. Yet.

5 watches,so far....

Edie said...

You haven't lost me either. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't get it and I followed the watching rules too. I think this is a test to see if the power of persuasion will work on your following. :)

You forgot to say and those who made phone calls. :)

Sue J. said...

"Babe...I've got you, Babe."

It is amusing to see all 3 anchor people in their Ted Baxter coats! Especially Haitian news anchors who must truly sweat it out every day, in studio and out.

Bottom line: I don't get it either.

It's very busy where I'm at, and I have been reduced to red paint and pumpkins that look like singers. What can you say?

I have definitely missed you.

Edie said...

I hate to tell you this but that video isn't going to carry you through the week this time. LOL!

We all miss you. No pressure though, you get well... er I mean, take all the time you need to deflect. :)

Love you!! :D

Greg C said...

Well it just isn't a girl thing. I don't get it. And what does this have to do with groundhog day. Oh wait watching it over and over, I get that part now.

Edie said...

Even on a post that no one gets, you still get lots of comments. ;)

Beverlydru said...

I laughed the first time, even though it was a slightly delayed reaction. I followed the instructions and loved it. : )
Looking forward to your update! (Praying for you)

Kelly Combs said...

Okay, new post. This one was a dud.

Anonymous said...

Wow we have a lot of no-sense-of-humor people in here... ;)