Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcome to Virginia

Yesterday Alberquando told me that this year his chorus class is going to do a Christmas concert at The Bass Pro Shop.

I wonder if Jeff Foxworthy pays rolalties.....
"You know you're a redneck when your child's chorus class sings their Christmas concert at The Bass Pro Shop".

(slowly getting back into the steps.......Yes, 2Thinks, I remember Bob.)



Jenny wren's nest said...

Are they dressing up in festive flannel instead of choir robes? My sons choir has sliver shirts and ties and I don't know if he likes it well enough to go out in public.

KrippledWarrior said...

You crack me up. My fav redneck joke is "you might be a redneck if someone in your family died right after saying 'Hey, watch this."
Thank God the Bass Pro Shop still does Christmas.

Kelly Combs said...

Christmas concert...or WINTER concert?

Kurt, retailers still do Christmas just because they want to sell sell sell - not because they love Jesus.

Welcome Back, ADHD. Tonight is Monday, you know what that means? House!!! And tomorrow is Tuesday.

2Thinks said...

Waaahaahaa! That's your laugh I stole, but you make me laugh, you monkey.

I can see them now, the Christmas lights hung from antler to turkey feather, lighting up the taxidermied critters above the singing choir with Billy Bob Bass singing back up from his plaque on the wall, "Don't worry. Be happy."

No, but seriously, this is a great idea. Christmas concert in the Bass Pro Shop would be I.T.'s best Christmas pageant ever! I might be able to get him to drive down for that.

"Good morning, Gill. I seh-ed, good morrrning, Gill." I know Bob would've loved taking Gill to the Bass Pro Shop Christmas concert.

Kelly Combs said...

Today is Tuesday, where is our special guest?

CJ said...

I'm in on House now...haven't seen Monday's episode yet. Will watch it tonight with C.
I love "what about bob". It reminds me of that lady some call, mom.


Anonymous said...

Oh shoot that was me...


Edie said...

I think today's special guest should be ADHD-Jo. We haven't seen her much lately. :)

Just checking in on you. I hope all is well. Praying for you.