Sunday, November 30, 2008

Results of Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner was excellent.
The house was spotless.
The atmosphere was cozy.
Everyone had a wonderful time.
All the children were angels.

And even it it hadn't been..........I sure wouldn't write about it.
I may be crazy....but I'm not THAT CRAZY!!!!!

(But every one did have a great time and CK really did do a terrific job!)


Edie said...

Is that a picture of CK cooking the giblet gravy?

Edie said...

If your arms really do fall off don't worry, I know a really good EMT who will take you to the hospital. She will have a hard time driving though cause she won't have any arms. :P

I hope you got all the leaves up, and for goodness sake, don't let the wind blow them in here!

My ADHD Me said...

Yes, that is CK in the picture. The perfect, relaxed, stress-free, happy hostess, homemaker.

Edie said...

What are you doing still up. Don't you know it's late over there?

Edie said...

Oh, and about the picture...
I thought so. :)

Edie said...

One more thing...
There's no place like home. :D


Edie said...

Yes I'm still up. Wanna come over for a Turkey Sandwich and a diet coke? ;)

Chatty Kelly said...

Love the post! Perfect! And of course there was no STRESS.

My ADHD Me said...

Hi Edie. You stay up even later than I do...of course there is that time difference thing.
Save me some turkey. CK sent some home with us but it got eaten before i even got a taste....sigh.
Oh well.
As for the leaves. They're still coming down but most of them are gone.

CK...As I said..."The Perfect Hostess"

My ADHD Me said...

Including this comment, I now have 10 comments....granted only 3 people.

Edie, everyone of the kids in our family has to host either Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas. I think you missed your last few turns. I am in Charge of Christmas Eve. You are more than welcome to take my place this year.
You don't want to be the "slacker" sister, do you???

Greg C said...

Yes one should never complain when at someone elses house. That wouldn't be prudent. :)

Edie said...

Christmas Eve is easy. No dinner to fix, just snacks, drinks, and lot of presents! LOL! That's when we used to open gifts when I was growing up,on Christmas Eve.

Irritable Mother said...

Just wondering, can cozy and spotless go in the same sentence? Sometimes I think spotless works better with "uptight." *grin*
Anyway, glad you had a nice time!
And speaking of time - I just did the drawing for the Dream Calendar and I picked you!
Email me your mailing address and I'll get it to you.

Sue J. said...

Oh my gosh! Did I just read that ADHDMe won a prize!!!?!

Thanksgiving dinner so great, but, surely, this takes the pie!

I'm glad there weren't any riots and that the angels kept their wings on!

Edie said...


My ADHD Me said...



Ta rah rah
Boom diay

Ta rah rah
Boom diay!!

HisPrincess said...

Glad you enjoyed your dinner!

Congrats on your prize!

Bonita said...

Sounds like a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving to me!