Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Monday Monday

I LOVE Monday's!

I have incredible respect for moms that can and do home school their children but I KNOW that I am a better mom and even a better person because of that yellow school bus that picks them up on Monday mornings.

Every one just close your eyes for a moment and picture me home schooling....not a pretty picture. Even homework time has been known to send me into a frenzy or at least a migraine. And believe me, Vicoden and Earth Science don't go well together.

Weekends are nice but Monday morning are magical. I go into each of my boy's rooms singing and cheerfully waking them up. For some reason they never seem as cheerful as I am. But I know the remedy for that! If you don't remember it, I told you about it once before.
It's If You hear What I say then You heard what I said.
For some reason I can't get that exact link to come up. It's on the right page though. It's the 6th one down. ( oh for goodness sake....go read're already here anyway) Great, now how do I make this line go away...sigh.
Anyway, as for the song, It works every time! It drives Alberquando CRAZY! And of course another one of my favorites is
The Pretty Yellow Schoolbus. The kids aren't too fond of that one either.

They drag themselves up, usually a bit grumpy...we aren't morning people here. I get them breakfast, they get ready and each walk out the door (Alberquando to the school bus and JM to his friend's car). I give them a kiss, a hug and I love you and I'll miss you....I close the door....sigh....and then I smile. Picture the smile on the Grinches face when he had an "aweful, wonderful, terrible idea" and then his smile got bigger and bigger until it took over his face.
Sad to say, that is me on Monday mornings. SMILING!!

As I've said numerous times, Please don't get me wrong. I love my little sweethearts and am smiling and waving as they come home but I am DEFINITELY a better person for the few hours of freedom that I get every time I see it coming down the street. See what coming down the street you ask????...Oh, you shouldn't have asked. Here I go again....

Oh you Pretty Yellow School Bus
Pretty Yellow School Bus we love you.
And that Pretty Yellow School Bus
Pretty Yellow School Bus Loves us too.
Near, Far, I don't need a car to take them off to school today.
Bus Bus Pretty Yellow School Bus
We know you know the way!
Bus Bus Pretty yellow School Bus
We Know You Know The Way!!!!!!!!

(sorry, you'll have to go to the links to read the rest of this classic tune)

Have a wonderful wonderful Monday!!


Edie said...

HaHa! Love the Pretty Little Schoolbus song! Now I'll be singing it all day. Or a mixed version of it and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. :o

I SO understand about needing to send the kids away to make you a better mom. I didn't handle the homework stuff well with my daughter either. I used to say there was a reason why I was not a teacher!

Happy Monday!

Chatty Kelly said...

Recycled post. LOL.

If you visit my blog comments today, you will see you have lots of people singing "Jesus Loves Me" with you. smile.

Chatty Kelly said...

Slow day at Monkeys are Funny. Only 2 comments (now 3). *sigh*

Greg C said...

I would always sing; The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. I hear what you are saying. I just had to drive my son out of the room so that I could have some privacy. He begged and pleaded to watch his favorite show and I let him but then when a commercial comes on he runs in here so spy on me. :)

The Patterson 5 said...

My dad would sing Zippity Doo Dah on our way to school if we were grumpy and if we were super grumpy he'd roll down the windows and sing as loud as he could right up next to the school! (we also had a very old truck-picture the Sanford and Son truck) My brother's friends in college would hum that song every time my dad would take his stuff down to Clemson or load him back up to go home at the end of the school year. My dad must have enjoyed Monday's too!

Sue J. said...

Monday after a holiday break is even sweeter :-)

And I did.....
Laundry, laundry, laundry
Washing, folding, stacking
Grocery, grocery shopping
Dishes, dishes, dishes
Meals, meals, meals
Blogging, blogging, blogging

And then went off to bells! SWEET!!

Beverlydru said...

Do I get extra points becauseI clicked through to the old post too? I sing, sing, sing, but I rarely make up the words. I just know a record number of silly songs. That are now stuck in my children's heads too. : ) Happy Monday on Tuesday.

Shanita Waters said...

LOL... I'm with you. Homeschooling has a lot of advantages and I take my hat off to all of the parents that can do it but I SO enjoy my little ones going to school, getting out of the house, giving me a break and interacting with the other children.