Thursday, December 11, 2008

Missed Me!!

Hi. Lea, at the Shabby Olde Potting Shed, is playing TAG. She says she tagged me but I KNOW for a fact that I dodged just in time. I was going to deny being it but you know what happens then. I'll say that she missed me, she'll claim that she didn't. Next thing you know, we are arguing in the street, the other kids take sides, and then someone's mom get mad and makes everyone go home.

SO, in order to keep the peace. I'll Be It.

A Christmas Tag......

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate?
Egg Nog definately

2. Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree?
He wraps them. After spending all that time creating them, he wants the "moment" to last longer.

3. Lights on house / tree are colored or white?
I live in Virginia...White. (but it is fun to go tour the other houses that go of that later this week)

4. Do you have mistletoe?
Why? Do you want to kiss me?

5. When do you put your decorations up?
USUALLY, I have it done by the beginning of December. This year hasn't worked out as well. If I don't hurry up, it will be Groundhog's Day!

6. Favorite Holiday Dish (EXcluding dessert)?
Dressing...... Not Stuffing....(here we go again).

7. Favorite Christmas memory as a child?
I was never a child.

8. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?
After I put some money in the Salvation Army's bucket, the Santa thanked me for helping to give presents to children, that otherwise wouldn't get anything for Christmas. I asked my mother why didn't Santa give presents to the poor children and she responded with, "What do you think?". I figured it out that day.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?
Yes, but it's harder to spread out the gifts as they get older. Stuff is MUCH more expensive.

10. How do you decorate your tree?
With ornaments.

11. SNOW. Love it or dread it?
LOVE it when it's coming down and everything is covered. DREAD it when everything is
slushy and dirty and the kids have been out of school for a week.

12. Can you ice skate?

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?
It was an honor just being nominated.

14. What is the most important thing about Christmas to you?
No brainer. The birth of Jesus Christ.

15. What is your favorite holiday dessert?
Same as Lea's. Home made sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Watching How "The Grinch Stole Christmas" with my kids while decorating the tree. Also, in the evenings, our fire dept rides through every neighborhood in our district with Santa in the bucket of the truck. Usually we have 5-7 pieces of apparatus and it's like a parade. Horns and sirens are blaring. Spotlight is on Santa and the people LOVE it. They come out and thank us and bring us homemade treats and donations.

17. What tops your Christmas tree?
A star made out of cardboard and aluminum foil. JM made it when he was about 4.

18. Which do you prefer, giving or receiving gifts?
I actually really do prefer giving. I also would rather exchange a small thoughtful, inexpensive gift than just something we pick up because we can't think of anything else. (I know, cheesy).

19. Favorite Christmas Song?
"Do You Hear What I Hear?" and "Mary, Did You Know?"

20. Candy Canes, Yum or Yuck?

21. What do you want for Christmas?
A Water Buffalo

22. Do you attend an annual Christmas party?
Everyone comes to my house on Christmas Eve and to my sisters' or brother's house on Christmas Day (and Thanksgiving).

23. Do you usually dress up for Christmas Eve or wear PJ's?
Dress Up.

24. Do you own a Santa Hat?
Yes, and another one with a beard attached and also reindeer antlers.

25. Who do you normally spend Christmas with?
My family, extended family, inlaws, outlaws, etc.

26. What is your favorite Christmas decoration and why?
An old walking cane that belonged to my grandfather. My dad gave it to me after his dad died. It reminds me of my grandfather but also reminds me of Miracle on 34th Street. That was always my favorite Christmas movie. One of my favorite quotes is from it. "Faith Is Believing In Something, Even When Common Sense Tells You Not To.".

OK everyone...TAG...You're It!!


Chatty Kelly said...

I knew the answer was purple. :-D

And for the record, Lea did tag you.

Fire truck Santa came to our house last night!!!!

Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

Why'd it have to be The Salvation Army that broke the Santa bubble for you???


Beverlydru said...

Santa in the bucket of the fire truck. How cool is that?? This was fun to read.

Dena @ Green Acres said...

Loved the walking stick story. Miracle on 34th Street is my fav Christmas movie....the original in black in white, not the new one.

The Patterson 5 said...

Fire Truck Santa was at our house last night too! Very fun! I can only imagine the fun of riding around with him through the neighborhood!

Thanks for sharing your Merry Christmas with us!

Marla said...

It was fun and funny to read your anwers to all of those questions! No Fire Truck Santa's around here!

Edie said...

Could you hear me laughing all the way in VA? You're still the bomb-diggity!

4) WAHAHAHAHA!! Oh wait, that was supposed to be funny right? :D

8) It just proves that you at whatever age were smarter than santa.

10) Now there's a concept! LOL.

12) CK was right all along.

13, 14, 15) Me too.

18) NOT cheesy.

19) Nah-ah! Mine too! Seriously!!


HisPrincess said...

No can't tag EVERYONE. I'm sure there is a rule about that.

Great read though, entertaining as always!

My ADHD Me said...

Edie...I'm sure you meant to comment on #21 instead of #20. My response is the biggest WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can do!!!!!
Thank You SO SO SO much!!! I've wanted one for years and as came through!!!!!

My ADHD Me said...

Edie again....
My responses to your responses...

#4.Why? Do you want it to be?
#19. No Way! Both of them?

But my favorite was #21. You just can't beat that!!

My ADHD Me said...

CK---She DID NOT tag me! I was safe by a mile!

Notorious Missionary in Spain---It was time anyway. Not the Salvation Army's fault at all. After all, what he said was Thank You to All Salvation Army Workers!

Dena-Definitely Black and White. They should never mess with the classics.

His Princess- TAG!! You're It!!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

EVERYONE knows I tagged you -there's NO denying it.
(standing with hands on my hips waggin my finger)-
I hope you'll blog a picture of the famous cane. Maybe You can use it as your SHEPHERDS HOOK for your 1800# water buffalo we're going to all chip in on and have sent to your back yard for Christmas! I'm gonna call the guy about it this afternoon.. don't think it would even cost extra to have it spray painted PURPLE! Better be careful what you wish for... sometimes dreams really do come true! LOL :0 (and that's the truth) thwwwwwwwww
HAVE A GLORIOUS DAY... THANKS yall for making mine full of laughter!
The waterbuffalo is 500.00 and lives in Utah. Anyone in Utah going east... with a BIG truck? ;)

My ADHD Me said...

Lea...Now You KNOW you missed me! You were off by a mile!!

A WATER BUFFALO!! I would be SO happy. All my life I have dreamed of such a thing but the odds just never seemed in my favor. It doesn't even have to be purple (actually I'm not even too crazy about the color purple). If you aren't able to follow through I completely understand but just the thought.....sigh......because, other than me.....

Everyone has a water Buffalo.
HIS is fast and HERS is slow.
Where they got them I DO know (UTAH!)
Cause everyone has a water buffalo!!!!!

P.S. You still missed me. I don't care if Chatty Kelly said she saw you get me. She's just not playing fair either. You all are ganging up! I TOLD YOU THAT WOULD HAPPEN!!

I still want the water buffalo! (and that's the truth...thwwwwww!)

Edie said...


#19 - Yes way both of them. That is just weird.

#20 I mean #21 - :D

I'm not ganging up on anyone. I'm just gonna watch from over here and see who wins.