Thursday, December 4, 2008

What...Me Ramble?

I'm sitting here typing with nothing to say.
It's time for a post but I have nothing to display.
I guess I'm going to ramble if you think it's ok.
I thought of popping Edie's bubbles but I don't really want to play.
If I was really wise I would use this time to pray.
But my mind is on the fritz and it's running away.

I made a new paragraph so you wouldn't go away.
I read that one long paragraph makes my readers start to stray.

If it wasn't after midnight I could go out and play.
If I sit here too long then night will turn to day.
If i had a horse then it would probably neigh.
And if I had a hen, then an egg it would lay.

If it isn't yet tomorrow then it must be today.
I'm getting kind of tired and my feet feel like clay.
But I'm determined to finish so here I will stay.

If you don't brush your teeth they will start to decay.
yes, I know that was random but I've no rules to obey.

If you do a good job then I'll give you a yay;
But if you make a mistake then please don't dismay.

If you used to be happy, you would say you were gay.
But now people take it in another way.

I'm not a good cook, can't even do consomme.
Not good at crafts either, not even applique.
I don't know how to act so I won't do a matinee.
I need to chooses what to do , maybe write a resume.
Have no idea what do do which is why I delay.
But I can't fight fire, much to my dismay.
You need a back that works and mine refuses to obey.
That's making me sad, off that subject we will stay.

Sometimes I use the dictionary but also the Roget.
I'd probably write better if I had a glass of Monet.
I'm really not picky. I'll accept Chardonnay.

I just put on my PJ's I don't wear a negligee.
It's getting rather late so in my bed I should lay.

Tomorrow will be better than yesterday
Because tomorrow is now and the past has gone away.

Goodbye to my friends, I can no longer stay.
If I don't gt any sleep ----I will be tired and grumpy.
Good Night.
Well, I'm going to bed as soon as I check out a few of your blogs. It has been too long.

See ya,

I wonder why kids buy jeans that have started to fray.
And those jeans aren't cheap, you need much moola to pay.

The matador sees the bull and he yells OLE!
If you buy your lunch at school, then you carry a tray.

My mom had a friend and her name was Faye.
But if they're still friends, well I just can't say.

If it's not the sea or ocean then it may be the bay.
Oh Look, there's a bird, perhaps a Blue Jay.

I really have no message that I wish to convey.
It could really be worse, it could be Saturday.

If the answer is aye then it isn't Nay.


Edie said...

I read the part about the bubbles and how you didn't want to play,
and I thought "oh my goodness, really? No way.
You are such a wit at night or in the day,
I'm really glad I met you and your sister CK.


Chatty Kelly said...

You crazy girl! I LOVED it.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...


Greg C said...

Someone has been into the crazy pills. Get some sleep girl. You have had too much caffeen. :)

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

(shh! I took 2 cell calls and about 8 text msgs while waiting at the MVD...but my phone was on vibrate and I talked so quietly the person on the other end asked me to repeat myself...repeatedly).

Irritable Mother said...

No, you don't ramble. That was all important information, right? *grin*

On Purpose said... all I can are NEVER at a loss for are simply amazing my friend...really!!!

Talkin' Texan said...

Cute post. I found you through Edie's blog. I'll come back and read more when I have more time.
Come visit me at What's Up.

Edie said...

Do you ever wonder what 1st time visitors think when they show up to a post like this? HaHaHa! They can't help but come back out of sheer curiosity. LOL! I'm laughing really hard now at all the possibilities. You do know that I mean this in the most affectionate way...right? :D

Anonymous said...

How come I can follow along so well??
Hi Ho the derrie-o the farmer in the dell!


Edie said...

Just wanted you to know that I was just over in the comments section at A&Ox4 and there was no word verification required. HaHa! I think you need to roam all around the blogosphere telling everyone they need to get rid of it. For some strange reason, they listen to you! HaHa!

My ADHD Me said...

Edie...I can only imagine what goes on in the head of first time visitors on posts like these.
Meanwhile, they can only imagine what goes on in mine! lol

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Pshaw! You are such a trend setter with your ridding me of the Captcha....that's what the word verification thing is called, by the way. And you better not spam me. I am a youth leader with a huge following (breaking yourself while tp'ing gives you lots of street creds with youth, you know) and I'm not afraid to use those middle schoolers. one more p.s. Our MVD has uncomfortable molded plastic chairs rather than standing in line. You take a number when you walk in and then try to guess which MVD worker (who are probably all post office rejects) just called you and gives you .0000006 seconds to respond before calling the next 4 numbers. Sitting, therefore, makes it easier for the toddlers to sprinkle their snacks on you, as you are not a moving target and you are below their level if they stand in the chair next to yours.

Sue J. said...

Was concerned the other day,
When you said "glass of Monet,"
He was quite a painter--
through dots convey
Beautiful pictures of nature,
but, Hey....

My fears I did allay.
As to Google, not eBay,
Did I find wine of which you say
'Tis as good as chardonnay.

Who says you're not funny--who dey?

Chatty Kelly said...

Q: How many people with ADHD does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A: You wanna ride bikes?

My ADHD Me said...

Sue J....haha. I had forgotten about the painter.

CK....alternate answer = Purple