Sunday, December 28, 2008

A New Post

It seems like it has been ages since I have actually sat down to write a new post. I had a few short ones lately but some of those had been written beforehand and scheduled. I, like everyone else, have just been SO busy. So here I sit at 2:00AM on Sunday morning with so much to say that it is just bubbling out of my fingertips. However, even though I am writing this post in the wee early morning hours , believe it or not, I sometimes tend to ramble on and on about nothing in particular. Add that to the wee hours of the night and I could end up sitting here and writing word after word, sentence after sentence, paragraph after paragraph, and even page after page and end up not saying anything at all.

What a waste of time it would be to sit here with all these neat ideas and actually not say anything. You would be reading and waiting and waiting for some sort of plot or storyline. When you finally finished reading, you would end up being baffled, confused, perplexed, bewildered, abashed, muddled, and well, my favorite, discombobulated. (ok, ok, I'm putting away the Thesaurus now).

But seriously, you know what I'm talking about when it comes to being discombobulated. DISCOMBOBULATE: To confuse or disconcert, upset, frustrate, to throw into a state of confusion (that's my fave).

So, you can be sure that I wouldn't want my wonderful readers, who bless me with their precious time and then walk away from reading my post thinking that maybe, just maybe, they missed something.

When you sit down to read something I have written, I expect you to walk away with a feeling that you can now take on the world.I want you to take the things you learn from my posts and apply them to your everyday life. LEARN from them, PONDER over them, STUDY them. You even have my permission to do a book study class on them. After all, in this one post alone, there must be loads of important information that could be discussed amongst yourselves.

I feel really good about this. I feel that maybe I am broadening your minds. After all, if you hadn't read this post today, look what you would have lost. I, for one, learned a lot!

So read it, Take it, Carry it with you, Share it with a friend, Talk about it together.

Just remember where you read it first.After all, this post has taught me more things than I thought possible.

And the wonderful part is. I could very well sit down and do another one in a day of two. And that, my friends, is remarkable.


Chatty Kelly said...

You got a new follower - you are up to 13 now.

Why, I'll never know!!! LOL!

Edie said...

HaHaHa!! Sounds like you're feeling a little better too. :) SO Glad!

Now I have to go PONDER this facinating message. Wow, what a great post! :D

Barb said...

Thank you for allowing yourself to be so open and to share such insight and wisdom with us, with such clarity and focus ... it's been totally invaluable to me.

Chatty Kelly said...

Great post - love your blog!

beverlydru said...

You, my friend, are never boring and always make me smile. Hope you're having a wonderful holiday. Hug those boys tight. They are growing up.

Edie said...

You do know that you're likely the only person in the blogosphere who could get away with a post like this. And you may very well end up with tons of comments. Ok maybe not this time, but only because of the holidays and slow down in the blogosphere. See how much you are loved!?!

My ADHD Me said...

December is a busy month. I've been playing catch up myself on reading my blog friends recent posts. No problem there. Sometimes I end up with over 20 comments and only 3 commenters! And, of course, there's always the summer re-run issue....hhmmm....just a though.

Chatty Kelly said...

You know you could write about something you got for Christmas, or what you did, or fun things your kids say or do, or... something.

This blog is like's a blog about nothing. LOL! And look how popular Seinfeld was!

But still, an occasion post about SOMETHING would be okay.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Discombobulate... is kind of a freaky word dontchya think? Not my favorite... that's for sure... BUT A COOL post nontheless! LOL


Jeff and Valerie Carr said...

deep....but I think I lost the message in translation :)

Greg C said...

What was that all about? I am more confused now that when I came in. I somehow knew you were going to say something really important like that. :)

HisPrincess said...


I'm so glad I came to visit for a dose of wisdom!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

knock knock
Anybody home?

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