Thursday, December 18, 2008

I TOLD him to eat his food...

He had been warned.

He should have known.

The minutes were ticking away.

I must have told him 3-4 times.

It was getting late.

The bus would be here soon.

Once he realized what was about to happen, it was too late.

The wheels were in motion......

You need to hurry up and eat your food.
(pause.....he looks at me with alarm)

Please don't think that I'm being rude.
(he quickly begins eating....but it was too late)

To swallow your food, it must be chewed.
I really didn't want to start a feud.
And I don't want this to alter your mood.
If you weren't dressed then you would be nude.


You took too long and I'm sorry little Dude.
The Beatles had a song that was called Hey Jude.
You better be happy I am not a prude.
Or I would take you court and you'd be sued.
What I want you to do can not be misconstrued.


Well I'm not finished so don't you brood.
I like tomatoes but not if they're stewed.
The beginning of a song can be called a Prelude.
If I liked coffee, if would have to be brewed.
Please don't think that I am being shrew.
But, I have held back and my list has accrued.


It's not coming yet, don't try to delude.
You need to relax, don't come unglued.
Don't forget your books need to be renewed.
I saw your grades yesterday so they have been viewed.
You grades are very good and we never argued.
You know I'll keep checking, it's my job to intrude.


Well , the school bus came and he's been rescued.
I need to go and call my sweet aunt Gertrude.
Then I need to take a shower and have my hair shampooed.
My time alone is something that is really valued.
SO, goodbye every body it is time to conclude.........


Chatty Kelly said...

And you wonder why he has ADHD? LOL!! You are so funny.

Who's Aunt Gertrude? Must be Edie's side of the family? LOL.

Anonymous said...

ughhh you beat me to it ck---who is this Aunt Gertrude..does she have money, will she watch my kids??


Edie said...

... and when he was gone I bet he WooHooood!

Aunt Gertrude is filthy rich and I get it all when she's gone! Kidding. No Aunt Gertrude over here. ...My side of the family... LOL!!

Greg C said...

You are so funny. I do the same things though. Once they get across that line, there is no turning back and I go crazy. I don't even know a Gertrude so don't ask me.

Sue J. said...

I had an aunt named Jude,
And I'm glad you weren't lewd.
Perhaps he'd eat his food,
If you had pasta to extrude.

And what of the shrew, which should have been shrewd?
Perhaps he was shoo'd.

And I know an old lady who swallowed a fly......

Edie said...

I found Aunt Gertrude!!! :D

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Gertrude was a queen
And Denmark was her Land
I think she killed the king
Claudius was her man

But here today I have
My very own aunt Gertrude
But really she's a GREAT,
and In oregon is her neighborHOOD.

I'm off to clean my house
And finish all my wrapping
And when it's clean and done..
I'll be cuddled up and napping

May visions of baby waterbuffalos' dance in your head.

Edie said...

Can't sleep? Count waterbuffalos.

Pinkshoelady said...

Hey girl are we kin?
I had an Aunt Gertrude! No kidding!

She has long passed away and I didn't get any money either. But I did get to say on this comment that I actually had an Aunt Gertrude.

Do I get a prize?

No? OK.

My prize I guess is rteading one of the most fun bloggers out there!

You are a hoot!

Love ya

My ADHD Me said...

Gertrude rhymed.
I DID have an Aunt Arvazine.
NO ONE can beat that!!

Edie said...

I bet you never know what the topic of your blog will be til after the comments start coming in. LOL!!

Have a great weekend!

Edie said...

It's getting kinda lonely in here!

My ADHD Me said...

These guys are all early birds.
I just sent you an email.

Chatty Kelly said...

Some of us had to get up early to go to church....


Chatty Kelly said...


HisPrincess said...

As always you crack me up and make me smile.

Thanks for the laughs, I've loved getting to know you this year!

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Where IS everyone?

Chatty Kelly said...

It's time to post a new post. Please.

Edie said...

I told you it was getting lonely in here. Everyone is looking for you. Where are you? No pressure to get a new post up before Christmas or anything. ;) It's just that we now have this expectation that the chat room should be well stocked with lots of entertaining topics and since you're the administrator of THE chat room... well... I'm just sayin. :D

Kidding, just stay focused on getting your place ready for a wonderful Christmas. We'll wait...
... and wait ... and wait ... tick ... tick ... tick...

Chatty Kelly said...

We won't hear from her until the kids go back to school. She's locked herself in the bathroom and is singing rhyming songs about Monday, Monday, and the wheels on the bus. Probably knocking back some egg nog too.

Just joshing!

My ADHD Me said...



14 Days Til School Starts!!!

My ADHD Me said...

(did someone say "eggnog"?)

Edie said...

I know what you mean. I had all three girls all day today plus my friends daughter. By 9:30 am two things had been broken. I feel like I've been running all day. Oh wait, I have been. lol.

I think I'm coming down with something. That could be why I was so cranky today. :o