Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Cough Drop Story

I am in the middle of reading a book. Actually I am in the middle of reading about 10 books, but that's another story.

The name of the book is Driven To Distraction, byEdward M Hallowell MD, and John J Ratey MD. It is about recognizing and coping with ADD and ADHD from childhood through adulthood. I think the authors have been spying on me my whole life as I could have been the person they refer to in just about all of their examples. Most people have a few ADHD symptoms, the problem is when you have most of them.

There is one story called The Cough Drop story that I can relate to so well that I am going to share it with you. A lady is talking to her doctor...

"....that is about a cough drop someone left on the dashboard of our car. The other day I saw the cough drop and thought, I'll have to throw that away. When I arrived at my first stop, I forgot to take the cough drop to a trash can. When I got back in the car, I saw it and thought, I'll throw it away at the gas station. The gas station came and went and I hadn't thrown the cough drop away. Well, the whole day went like that, the cough drop still sitting on the dashboard. When I got home, I thought, I'll take it inside with me and throw it out. In the time it took me to open the car door, I forgot about the cough drop. It was there to greet me when I got into the car the next morning."

Now think about that story and add it to just about every aspect of your life. whew....

What was I talking about???


Marla said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the prayer. I will have to spend sometime reading your posts. I can relate to the cough drop story. I would have done the same thing. My mind isn't always with me these days. Not that I am crazy, just getting close.

Chatty Kelly said...

A psychiatrist had the habit of ending his day by dropping in at his favorite bar and ordering a daiquiri with an almond floating in it. One day the bartender saw the psychiatrist coming in the door so he started making the drink. As usual, he delved into the can of mixed nuts he kept behind the bar, but there wasn't an almond to be found. He made a quick decision and slapped the drink down just as the psychiatrist sat down.
The doctor took one sip, made a wry face, and asked, "What's this supposed to be?"
"A hickory daiquiri, Doc."

Chatty Kelly said...

I think everyone has done something like that before. I know I have. Or walked into a room and forgotten why you walked in there. But I think it is the having it happen continuously in many areas that causes the problem.

Call me so we can plan our light night.

Beverlydru said...

Oh Kelly's joke is.... crazy. You two are such a pair.

And you've got me beat if you're really reading more than 3 books at one time. 3 is about normal for me.

Edie said...

I can really relate to that cough drop story. Especially since my doctor lowered the dosage of my tyroid med.

No way can I read more than one book at a time. How do you do that???

CK - HaHa!

Hey are we going to look at Christmas Lights!?? :D!!

Sue J. said...

When it really gets bad is when you have the cough drop in your hand and you can't remember where you're going with just sticks to you until you remember there's something stuck to you. (sigh!)

And since when do they put hickory nuts in a can of mixed nuts?! HA--what a stretch!

Of course, the cough drop could have melted in the car. That would have made for an entirely different scenario. "I kept thinking, Today is the day I will clean up the cough drop that melted, but then...."

I think it's a sign that you are such a great Mom that your kids and their concerns are way more important that a cough drop :-)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Yikes... I think I have a few french fries on my floorboard that look alot like that coughdrop story in my head. Hmmm.. Now you're scaring me. But that would mean I have a denial issue too? I dunno... I have a long list ... so don't feel alone. As for your sissy, I don't think I've ever walked into a room and wondered what I was doing there. LOL (KIDDING)

Chatty Kelly said...

SOPS (Lea) - Never?? You haven't gotten up to go into the kitchen and forgotton what you were going after, so you go back to the original room you were in and BINGO, you remember. I thought everyone did that??


Edie said...

CK - Lea was kidding. LOL.

I hate when I do that. It' such a time waster walking back and forth just so you can remember then forget then remember then forget. If I have walked back once already and don't remember again when I get back to that room, I stand there and visualize myself walking back again to help me remember. Ha! It works!

HisPrincess said...

I read multiple books all the time. Some I finish, some I dont, some just seem to disappear. Hanging out with the odd socks I expect.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Yeah I've done that too... but usually I'll put "somethin" up for safekeeping and then can't remember where I put it? I do that way too often. Sometimes I'll find stuff in thee weirdest places? It's like I hide stuff from myself?
So where is everyone? Mary ya rhyming by anychance? ;)

My ADHD Me said...

RELAX EVERYONE!! As I said...EVERYONE has some ADHD symptoms. That is one of many. There are multiple tests, questionaires etc with symptoms on them. You take some yourself and others are taken by people that know you, such as friends, family or teachers (for children). We've ALL left that cough drop on the dashboard once or twice. lol

CK-A Hickory Daiquiri Doc???? Hey, bring a few of those tonight when we go look at the Christmas lights with Dad.

Edie...of course you're coming, aren't you? Kelly's driving. Be at my house at 6:00 and she'll pick us up. (buckle up!)

CK-Walk into a room and forget why you are there?....daily.

Reading 10 books at once---it's an attention span thing. However, I couldn't do it with novels. Mostly books on self help. I start on one idea and then switch to another. ie..ADHD WITH meds, ADHD WITHOUT meds. Organizing in all kinds of different ways, different Bible Studies (I started the Purpose Driven Life when I started blogging back in May. It is a 40 day book. I think I'm on day 27).

Sue J-- Cashew, Pecan, Walnut, Hickory Nut...if they want to put it in a daiquiri...I'm game.

Sue J are too nice. I try (really I do).

Lea- French Fries are ok...if you kids need a snack...well...hhmmmm...what was I saying?

His Princess...odd socks....they're hiding with those extra gloves and mittens.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed..
I'm glad it's Monday.
I finally have time.
No one using my computer.
And my mind is free to rhyme...

My ADHD Me said...

P.S. As for ADHD tests...That's one test that I can really do well on. I almost always score in the high 90%s.

Greg C said...

Ummmmm, that sounds just like me. I have to email myself at home to remember what I am supposed to do when I get home. The problem is I get home and forget to check my email. But if I do check it, I who sent me this email?

Chatty Kelly said...

Greg's answer made me laugh out loud! "Who sent me this email?" WAHAHAHA!

The funny thing is, I have left my self phone messages before on my answering maching and don't recognize my own voice. "Who left me that message?" OH! Duh.

No more hickory dacquiris. How about a lemon drop martini instead? Better than a cough drop martini anyway. LOL! Not that I'd know. Really.

Greg C said...

Actually I thought you were going to end the story with: The next morning, I got in my car and started to cough and thank goodness there was a cough drop there waiting for me. :)

Edie said...

There's that darned cough drop again. I keep forgetting to throw that thing away!

Greg and CK are making me laugh out loud. I have sent myself emails to remind myself to do stuff and I have called myself and left a message to remind myself of something. Sometimes I send an email from home to remind myself to do something later.

Edie said...

Oh, and I'm just the opposite when it comes to books. I finished The Purpose Driven Life in a week. I just don't like to stop.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Ya know what really gets me.. is when I read an entire novel... and REEEALLY get into it. Then I pick it up the very next day to read more and had forgotten most of what I read the day before? Or months later someone asks if I read this or watched some movie and I did... but can't for the life of me REMEMBER what it was all about? They talk about it like THEY WROTE the dang thing.. line for line! Makes me feel like such an idiot!
And like Greg said, I keep thinking you were gonna have a coughin fit and EUREKA... there is this beautiful forget 3secondrules- cough drop, and you can actually PRY it off the dashboard, and it cures the cough and k seraaaa seraaaa!
Oh YEAH... Now I remember why I'm here ... heheoaoao I came to say TAG you're it. EGADS!! Is this condition CONTAGIOUS? LOL I think I definitely have it now*

My ADHD Me said...

I've tried leaving myself phone messages and emails but I always forget to check the machine.

Lea-Yes. It is contagious. lol

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Your first paragraph cracked me up. Yes, I see what you're saying in the cough drop story. I do this somewhat, and the older I get, the worse it gets. So I'm the queen of lists. Only trouble is, sometimes I get about four lists going!